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  1. KIdorry I've had a lot of experience in this area. It's not acceptable to have to wait so long for the results-every day counts in the treatment of cancer. I'd advise you get on to the Clinical Director in charge of your treatment. Weston Park is usually very quick off the mark in terms of its care for its patients. Dr Crossley was in charge of my partner's treatment. Myself and my partner's brother, lobbied continuously and vigorously for results to be made available to us as quickly as possible. The Clinical Director is the head "honcho " and the buck stops there. Don't be fobbed off by anybody. Believe me, it isn't easy being pushy in such circumstances-but your health and life depends on fast and accurate results and in addition, the results being passed on to you A tip worth knowing. Get the telephone numbers of the Secretaries of your Doctors and Radiologists .They are the "gate keepers" to the whole treatment process. Also ask for the Radiologist's full report-not just the Doctor's interpretation. Never be afraid of seeking a second opinion. My sincere wishes that everything goes well for you.
  2. It's that time of year again. Free vaccinations.Hope they've got it right again. http://www.science.gc.ca/eic/site/063.nsf/eng/97681.html For those in the right category it might be prudent to get the Pneumonia vaccination. I had it in 2002 and it last a lifetime .
  3. Mikes 10 Fascinating stuff, Entanglement,hidden variables,supposition,and decoherence -thrown into the mix. So there we have it.Understanding the Universe ? It's a Wavefunction . And there are multiple universes which are completely inaccessible to each other. The things that happen in each of these universes have absolutely no effect on what happens in our universe. So is that the end of the story ? Of course not. There are battalions of scientist who think Quantum Theory is incomplete. Mikes 10,we can wait for the next thrilling instalments to emerge.
  4. Astrophysics in the kitchen. https://www.sciencefriday.com/educational-resources/build-a-cloud-chamber/
  5. I wear the rubber grippy things. They work perfectly well in town. They work on frozen grass as well. Micro spikes are to long for gadding about Manor Top . Winter tyres and chains for the car, But Myrtle Road is a challenge in ice and snow conditions.
  6. El Cid Your guardian angel has come up trumps for you. All the best to you for the future.
  7. Annie Bynnol Again with respect. You want me to write the credentials of SJC-et al , that's absurd . "Real astrophysicist " . You better put that to SJC . The references are provided by SJC. Put your question directly to him. I'm sure he well oblige you with a reply . I put the content of the email sent to me as points for discussion on the Forum. It is not up to me to justify every dot and comma of the propositions presented. Your questions are rhetorical -you can easily find the answers to them for yourself.
  8. Stifflersmum. SJ says that Mass is an Extensive term . I don't think he mixes up the difference between Intensive and Extensive terms. https://www.ck12.org/chemistry/extensive-and-intensive-properties/lesson/Extensive-and-Intensive-Properties-CHEM/
  9. Annie Bynnol, With due respect. I can follow the explanation and the deconstruction is in plane sight. To deconstruct an equation one must do it mathematically-that's what SJ has done. It is not up to me to establish the credentials or write a bibliography of the individuals involved in the discussion. There are enough references and links for the readers to enlighten themselves-at their leisure-as to the antecedents of the contributors. If I was to embark on the course of action suggested by you,well,I would be writing on here forever.So I'm not going to do what you suggest.
  10. My profound apologies. I completely overlooked that . Hope it now does not breach any of the Forum Rules.
  11. Trying to add to the high standards of The Forum. SJ appears to have done a good job on deconstructing the Equation. After all, maths are maths.
  12. Apelike, You may find the discussions on this link of interest to you. https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/does-the-heisenberg-uncertainty-principle-make-human-teleportation-impossible.381722/
  13. Apelike, I do apologise. I subscribe to the site in the link. They do charge for access to their articles. I included it so people could follow it up if they wished to subscribe. And in addition ,so it is clear that I'm not making it up.
  14. Now exactly what kind of work will these Cyborgs be undertaking? Will they be the :Binmen,the Post Person, the Bus Driver ,the Butcher,the Baker,the Candlestick Maker ? Just what kind of economic paradigm will enable Lovelock's Cyborgs to come to pass? Will they be the wage slaves of the future? The driving force for technological change is economic-you just have to read Marx to know that. Lovelock doesn't address the economic factors that need to be present,or to precede the emergence of Cyborg world. Is humanity doomed to be dominated by a class of super intelligent Cyborgs. We can't all have surgery and implants on the NHS. Just look at Lovelock's politics,he's part of this lot. Quote: "Movement, cults, commerce and globalization. At the centre is a radical technophilia that finds representative expression in posthumanism, an Internet-based social movement driven by an extreme scientific utopianism." Source: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/10350330220130368
  15. "Novacene" by James Lovelock. What on earth is he on about ? Anybody ?
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