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  1. I do hope that this is not too far off topic. In the future it may be possible to immunise against getting certain types of cancer. A major obstacle to be overcome in the successful treatment of cancer,is the mopping up of the cancer cells that get away after chemo,surgery and radiotherapy.When that is achieved it will be a major advance in the treatment of cancer. I imagine the anti-vaccination people, will have a whole host of objections to raise against vaccines being used in the battle against cancer. " preventing up to half of all cancers’ If we can ever cure cancer completely – that is an open question which I cannot answer. We have a good chance of drastically reducing the incidence of cancers, but what we see at present is that the incidence, or occurrence, of cancer is increasing globally. The mortality of cancer patients is slightly decreasing, but the increase in incidence is not compensated by the decrease in mortality. There are still a large number of cases coming up every year, and if we really want to do something against cancer in the future, we need to stop the increase. We know there are a number of cancer risk factors that can be avoided. At this moment, we also know of about 20% of cancers where infections are involved. We can not only effectively immunise patients against these types of cancer, but virtually eradicate it, in particular Hepatitis B (a cause of liver cancer) and Human Papillomavirus (which Prof. zur Hausen discovered is linked to cervical cancer) where we have vaccines that are presently available. " https://horizon-magazine.eu/article/will-we-ever-cure-cancer.html
  2. chilling The breathy charm of his playing is the personification of Cool.
  3. CDC's take on multiple vaccinations. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/concerns/multiple-vaccines-immunity.html It's worth knowing a little about the Immune System when looking at the science of vaccination. There's plenty of stuff to get stuck into in the "Related Scientific Articles"
  4. I highly recommend using the support networks provided by the Cavendish Trust in Sheffield.
  5. My Partner had chemo at Western Park, He went for some Hypnotherapy at the Cavendish Trust. It worked for him .He didn't get any side effects. It doesn't work for everybody. It depends on how sensitive you are to the therapist's suggestions. I wish you all the best throughout your treatment. My partner and I found it best not to listen too frequently to other patients talk about their side effects,
  6. If it's not the oven element it might be "Earth Leakage ". The Consumer Unit has a RCD -if that trips then the whole lot of protection in the unit is isolated.
  7. is this real or not. It says it's real. But the clue is in the word "Processed".
  8. Kiddory, I was told by my Consultant friend that the vacs don't guarantee that you won't get the illness.What they guarantee is that the symptoms will be attenuated ,and the killer complications will not get you.
  9. Padders, I know exactly how you feel. I'm recovering from a nasty cold. I'm asthmatic, and the virus gets to my upper respiratory tract and inflammation makes breathing difficult. Soon as I feel the symptoms of a cold ,I wash my nose out with a solution of warm water and bicarbonate of soda.It seems to stop the symptoms from progressing to my chest. I've had my flu jab . I'd advise that any person over the age of 60 ask their GP for the Pneumonia ( Lasts the rests of your life) Jab. At the moment I'm wheezing like an old horse but I'm not having to reach for the Ventolin every two hours. I'd go to the GP and demand you get your vaccination.
  10. KIdorry I've had a lot of experience in this area. It's not acceptable to have to wait so long for the results-every day counts in the treatment of cancer. I'd advise you get on to the Clinical Director in charge of your treatment. Weston Park is usually very quick off the mark in terms of its care for its patients. Dr Crossley was in charge of my partner's treatment. Myself and my partner's brother, lobbied continuously and vigorously for results to be made available to us as quickly as possible. The Clinical Director is the head "honcho " and the buck stops there. Don't be fobbed off by anybody. Believe me, it isn't easy being pushy in such circumstances-but your health and life depends on fast and accurate results and in addition, the results being passed on to you A tip worth knowing. Get the telephone numbers of the Secretaries of your Doctors and Radiologists .They are the "gate keepers" to the whole treatment process. Also ask for the Radiologist's full report-not just the Doctor's interpretation. Never be afraid of seeking a second opinion. My sincere wishes that everything goes well for you.
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