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  1. petemcewan

    Light switches wiring diagram required

    Johnny87, Have you done it yet?
  2. petemcewan

    Light switches wiring diagram required

    The switch plate of a two-way switch will have one common terminal and two terminals L1 and L2 usually as a single ganged box. The switching is made from common to L1 or common to L2. http://www.sparkyfacts.co.uk/Wiring-Diagrams-Two-Way-Lighting-Circuit.php So if you wanted you can have a switch feed (live ) to the common and a switch wire L1 or L2 to the ceiling rose . It then acts as a single pole switch.
  3. petemcewan

    Mind blowing image of a black hole.

    Hawkin's radiation allegedly escapes from a black hole.
  4. petemcewan

    Light switches wiring diagram required

    B That's always a safe option. The 18 th Ed of IEE Regs, says any wire that is live at any time must be identified as such .,
  5. petemcewan

    Light switches wiring diagram required

    Obelix is right. Flow his instruction. Here's the diagram If its a modern installation, it will be wired in flat three core and earth, with a three-plate ceiling rose. The lights should switch on and off from either switch position. The yellow is live and should be sleeved red.The CPC (earth) should be sleeved yellow and green. It's called " Two-way switching ". http://www.ultimatehandyman.co.uk/how-to/light-fitting/two-way-light-switching The diagrams that you have given makes it look like an odd arrangement. Two-way switching with single way switching available.Single switching of either lamp by the appropriate single pole switch in the two-ganged box. If I'm right it's an odd arrangement-hence all the wires. It's always difficult to disentangle what is being described unless one is actually on the spot. Modern lighting installation uses the three plate ceiling rose method. Looping in (which provides a live feed for the next ceiling rose) at the ceiling rose. Ordinarily, one would only need two single ganged-two-way-switches ,for a two-way lighting system. Tip. Never work on the circuit unless it is properly isolated-eg, dead.
  6. petemcewan

    Music Thread (with Youtube)

    master class. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ffs-HyBwG6Y
  7. petemcewan

    Does anyone ever actually take notice of ads?

    A must read. Vance Packard. The Hidden Persuaders. Advertising is everywhere. Modern Capitalism relies on it. Keep the people striving for things they do not need.
  8. petemcewan

    Sepsis A Global Epidemic

    Sepsis is a global epidemic. 40000 deaths in the UK. What on earth is going on? Possible cure and treatment.Thiamine, Vit C and Hydrocortisol -and admittance into the ICU ward and antibiotics tailored to the specific bacteria...The right proportions are critical. I'm not a Doctor, but if it is me in the bed then my advocates are going to insist that I get the above treatment. The NHS is completely challenged when dealing with Sepsis. A close friend of mine died of Sepsis in the Halasham -January 2019. If you are elderly and frail and are admitted into a hospital in the UK with a diagnosis of Sepsis, you will not necessarily get Active Medical Intervention as part of your treatment plan-you may only get palliative care. The UK NHS is not a world leader in the treatment of Sepsis. klebsiella is an organism responsible for causing Sepsis. The organism can be acquired as a hospital born infection. My advice to anyone over the age of 65 is to nominate a Health Care Power Of Attorney.
  9. Woodview, I think the action taken was "fair and proportionate". Tim (post 370) makes the points about the training he was undertaking and the profession he was embarking on.
  10. The world is so full of hatred violence and intolerance, It makes me sad to read of this kind of homophobia. I'm a Christian and a homosexual. l'm well aware that there are Christians and Atheists who hate me. I really don't care what they say about me privately or publically-life is too short . As far as I'm concerned homophobes can think and say whatever they please about me . I draw the line at them trying to kill me. "The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to hetros. That doesn't mean tha God doesn't love heterosexuals. It's just that they need more supervision" (C.L. Lavner). If we were to take the Bible literally then we are all damned.
  11. petemcewan


    Dozer Respect to you.
  12. petemcewan

    Increase in knife crime.

    That knife is for killing someone. Get stabbed with that and you are dead. What on earth is going on in his head that drives him to carry such a weapon? To me, there seems to be a degree of premeditation at work. " I'm carrying this knife and I'll kill someone with it" The kid is a danger to the public; he's not just got a pocket knife-he's got a killing weapon. The boy needs to be psychiatrically profiled and treated accordingly. He definitely needs to be got off the streets.
  13. petemcewan

    Increase in knife crime.

    This weekend we all heard the heart-breaking news of the murder of Yousef Ghaleb in Manchester and Jodie Chesney in London. Young lives cut short through senseless violence.
  14. petemcewan

    Should The Death Penalty Be Brought Back?

    No, it should not. It would be a retrograde step for society. It doesn't work as a deterrent. It is simple just morally wrong to judicially kill another person.

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