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  1. To The Daddy, Thank you for that link to the Video. In you opinion.What do you think they are trying to achieve, by subjecting those children to that procedure?
  2. https://www.livescience.com/coronavirus-variants-after-omicron-2022?utm_source=SmartBrief&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=368B3745-DDE0-4 To be honest, I'm sick of this kind of scenario ..If any of what is described comes to pass:we will never be out of this damn pandemic- and all because some ar.. let a virus get out of the Lab. Just an aside. Tinkering about with deadly pathogens by "mad scientists" is taking place all over the world.However, I've yet to find any written comments- emanating from the scientific community- desiring such "tinkering " to be banned. Hey Ho on we go.
  3. To the Daddy, This will put the pussy cat amongst the pigeons. It will end when the bogus concept of asymptomatic transmission is debunked.
  4. Anna B. "Partly autobiographical ,mostly an explosive voiding rheum on the idiocies of contemporary science and culture. Mullis gives us a piece of his magical mind". London Review of Books I bought it when it came out. I was interested in Mullis's ideas on the effectiveness of PCR in detecting infection with HIV.
  5. Axel You might find interesting the book "Dancing Naked in The Mind Field",Kary Mullis". First published in 1999 Great Britain,ISBN 07475 4553 7.
  6. The Daddy. It's unfortunate that Covid measures have weaponized every busybody under the Sun. Tell them to mind their own business. Don't get into trouble. You don't want to bet banged up at Christmas.
  7. OnewheelDave I had my booster(Moderna) this morning. I enquired of the young women administering the vaccine, "Do you aspirate the needle as part of the injection procedure"? She looked rather puzzled," I'll have to ask". She came back and said,"It's not necessary". I went ahead with the vaccination. I stuck my arm out and crossed my fingers. I think you made a good point about aspiration.
  8. SheffieldBricky. I've put this link on for you. If you care to read it, you will see how this Pandemic provides ample opportunity for a government to slide into authoritarian rule . https://academic.oup.com/jlb/article/7/1/lsaa064/5912724 I'm fully vaccinated (3). Those CDC reports make for disturbing reading. Take care and stay well.
  9. Jim Hardie; I get your point. There is a big difference between "caused by " and "died with".
  10. Chekhov. Some good points you have made. Just a question for you. In your opinion,what is it that the authorities want to achieve by imposing vaccine passports and (possibly) compulsory vaccination? Apparently there has been one death today attributed to the Omicron Variant .
  11. https://jme.bmj.com/content/47/2/78 I've put this link on the Forum for the ethicists who have the patience to read through it. For those people against "Compulsory Cov 19 Vaccination", the moral imperatives-in the article- supporting compulsion are what you will have to engage with. The philosophy driving the proposition is the most repugnant brand of Utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is the last resort of scoundrels. I'm against compulsion. I attribute a greater degree of altruism to people than the article credits people with. And good luck to everybody on the Forum, as you engage with the State :in the struggle to have control over what medical interventions you may be compelled to undertake. Note: bodily autonomy trumps any obligations to support the imperatives expressed by government. Next ,it will be everybody has to give a kidney-or else! Or mandated vasectomy-aaarrrrg !
  12. Another variant . Are we going to go to plan "B" ?
  13. Carbuncle, Thanks for those facts. Hope springs eternal, that medical science will make a breakthrough in the therapeutic presymptomatic treatment for Covid 19. https://www.sciencefocus.com/news/molnupiravir-covid-pill/ You might find the above link of interest. Respect to you.
  14. This treatment looks promising. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-59178291 The pill is a Protease Inhibitor. A question for any Virologists contributing to this Thread. Can what is known about antiretroviral medications; help in the discovery of pharmaceutical for the pre-symptoms treatment of Covid 19 ? If you can destroy the: Protease of a virus, stop it getting into cells and making its Genome -you've got it beat.
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