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  1. First discovered it yesterday afternoon and predicted it would cause congestion, and so it's proved. A look at Google traffic showing queues approaching from the university and Wicker at the moment . Not only is there already a cycle lane on that stretch of road, but if you're coming down Penistone Road the signed cycle route directs you through Kelham Island, thereby avoiding Shalesmoor entirely. Absolutely beggars belief.
  2. The way they designed the car park at St James is farcical - it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that having a give way which everyone has to navigate at the end of the access road would cause congestion. Several times I have queued for 10mins to get in, only to find that there are plenty of parking spaces available. If they added an entrance on each side as you drive in, that would be a big help and reduce the amount of traffic backing up on the main road.
  3. I parked on Division Street yesterday and went to pay at the machine. Put my £1 in for the full day, only for the machine to decide it was Monday and tell me my £1 would only allow me to park for 30 minutes! I looked at tickets displayed in other cars on the street, and most of them had 'expired'. Called the council who said the wardens were aware of the situation and to pay £1 and display the ticket, even though it 'ran out' after 30 minutes. You'd think the council would check the machines are working properly before taking the old ones away? Some people had decided not to bother displaying a ticket which I assume would mean they'd be fined if caught by the wardens. Where they would stand regarding an appeal is anyone's guess.
  4. As shown by the nightmare when it was closed a few weeks ago, Hollins Lane is vitally important to prevent Malin Bridge grinding to a halt. The council would be mad to try to restrict that route, even if residents are complaining about 'rat running' (if a car is taxed and insured it can be driven on any public road etc but that's another issue).
  5. Never rated Betty's or the Devonshire Chippy and looking at Google reviews nothing much has changed - when I was at uni I'd walk past both of them on my way to Brenda's on Earl Way behind the Moor, which was in a different league.
  6. I really don't understand why people find Park Square so difficult. The way the markings are laid out means that if you're in the correct lane as you enter, you never need to change lanes once you're on and you simply filter off at your chosen exit. It's the people who can't work out which exit they want that cause the issues on there. Brook Hill on the other hand is a complete nightmare.
  7. I always take mine to Autotechnic, on Amos Road near Meadowhall. Great guys who always take time to explain the work they've done.
  8. Have a relative who works there - she hasn't actually gone on strike but there's been a lot of unrest since the new head arrived. The basic problem is the kids are being put under too much pressure to do English and Maths which is not being offset by enough playtime. For instance, one break for the early years children has been taken away - some of these kids aren't even 5 yet. Yes, kids have to learn English & Maths, but they're still at the age where learning through play is a big part of the curriculum, which the new head either doesn't understand or doesn't believe. In answer to your question, I believe the strike continues tomorrow and then for two days next week. Some classes are operating as usual as not all teachers are striking.
  9. You could try heading over the tops and catching the train from Dore station. Less traffic, but I suspect you might struggle to get a seat on the train. Not sure how many trains actually stop there either, but maybe worth looking into. Disgraceful in this day and age how two major cities 30 miles apart can be so difficult to travel between. As you say, driving would soon wear you down with the amount of traffic there is to deal with from Glossop/Tintwistle onwards.
  10. I suspect the closure of the Snake could have been the reason why some moron in an 18-wheel artic decided to attempt the Strines road yesterday and promptly got stuck on the hairpin a mile before Midhopestones. It caused utter chaos with around 40 cars stuck behind it. The lorry was from Stockport so the driver should have known better and read the width limit signs.
  11. NCP - say no more. Absolute rip-off merchants. I was fleeced by them in another city and have never used their car parks since. There are plenty of other places in town to choose from which have more reasonable charges.
  12. I'm surprised they're resurfacing the whole thing, as although some parts are in a shocking state, others are still smooth enough to be left for the time being. I'd say Knowle Lane to Abbey Lane is fine as it is, and Hunters Bar down to Summerfield Street is okay. The bits I'd resurface are Hunters Bar to Knowle Lane (the worst bit) and Summerfield St down to Moore St roundabout. Yes it will cause disruption, but the bottom section can easily be bypassed using Psalter Lane/Cemetery Road.
  13. I'm confused by this as several other people I know have complained about parking changing to pay by phone, one of whom gave up trying - the current baffling road situation in town didnt help either (Cambridge st direction has been reversed??) but thats beside the point. On Saturday I parked on trippet lane and yesterday on regent street near St George's church and paid with coins as normal. Planner1 can you shed any light?
  14. I was involved in a stupid incident last week at Hillsborough corner. I was crossing Bradfield Road on the green man heading towards Subway when a car made an illegal left turn from Middlewood Road into Bradfield Road (through the green man) and then blasted his horn and abused all of us who were walking across the road to say he got some back from several of us was an understatement As for the crossing the OP mentioned, people should be wise enough to know that they can't just walk out but unfortunately some don't care.
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