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  1. The club announced last week that the restrictions would remain in place for last Saturday’s game. They have a meeting with the council this week to try to come to some agreement going forward
  2. I’ll hazard a guess - he installed front and rear cameras so as to show off to his friends his driving ‘skills’. maybe
  3. I was a prison officer for 3 years at Doncaster Prison, for what it matters?
  4. In no way am I defending the driver here, but throwing away the key for an error of judgement like that? Yes he was wrong, yes he’s paid a penalty - maybe 16 months wasn’t long enough but still........
  5. Carson on West Street? Stationers / printers near Rockingham St Actually, have they closed down?
  6. It’s been rumoured since Adam was a lad. Not sure how much, if any, truth there is in it.
  7. Never use Uber personally. I stick with City, never had a problem.
  8. Yep. It’s on twitter, been raided again
  9. They were in the Taylor report, if you care to read it
  10. Actually the Taylor report did recognise that fans were arriving at the ground later than they did the year before - same fans (Liverpool). Taylor alludes to 2 factors, traffic problems on the M62 and the unusually warm weather meaning many fans delayed going to the ground. However. It does not apportion blame on the fans and nor should it. The club / stewards / police should be able to cope with a late arrival of a large number of supporters. They failed massively.
  11. If you read the Taylor report, the capacity for the Leppings Lane end that day was (roughly) 10,000. In the inquiry it was found that the number of supporters that entered that area of the ground that day was about that figure, give or take a few. So the misleading information that went around at the time of ticketless fans caused the overcrowding was disproved quite quickly. His biggest mistake wasn’t opening the gate - someone could have been killed in the crush outside. His biggest mistake was not closing the tunnel that led to the already full central pens, that was done on previous occasions and fans were directed to the end pens where there was plenty of space.
  12. I feel the verdict is correct, going on the evidence etc I’ve read. however, I feel deeply sorry for the families of the 96. They aren’t going to get what they desperately wanted (and many would say deserved) and that’s for someone to be found guilty of the deaths of their loved ones. They know what happened, they know the fans were not responsible, but they will live the rest of their lives with some anger and resentment at being let down by our justice system. It should NEVER have taken 30 years to get someone in court on these charges, perhaps if the coverups hadn’t taken place and a trial had taken place all hose years ago the outcome may have been different.
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