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  1. Ok. I get ya. Keep ploughing on with the same message. It’s good to have another side to the argument even tho it seems not many agree. Walk or cycle eh? In Britain. For up to 3 miles each way. Hmmmmm
  2. Agreed. It would. However cars stuck in queues will add to the pollution, no?
  3. I’ve no idea, I never said it did. Is that how we judge traffic queuing? If it doesn’t gridlock the city then it’s ok?
  4. Sad news. It did look bad. Hope they can recover
  5. The queue mid afternoon down Netherthorpe? That was all the way up to the roundabout. That’s a very busy road and it goes to one lane now at the bottom for people heading to hillsborough
  6. And the people trying to get home will use side roads more and more.
  7. As I understand during the pandemic, we’re supposed to be keeping away from public transport where necessary. So make it even harder for drivers eh? Great thinking that.
  8. Come on, own up, who’s stupid idea was it? Remove a car lane both ways to install a cycle lane, even though there’s already a cycle lane there?
  9. Company called Ancient Wisdom, they’ve confirmed it on their website. Hope they recover
  10. Exactly. Did people forget to get an MOT every year too?
  11. You cannot ‘pass on the tax’ if you sell or buy a second hand car. That’s been the case since tax discs were abolished.
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