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  1. Yes. I’m amazed this hasn’t happened tbh
  2. I saw a graphic last week (can’t remember where). It showed that the majority of our rail franchises are government owned, just not our government.
  3. There is a figure somewhere quoted, of £s spent per person in the north v £s spent down south for transport projects. The gap is alarming.
  4. In conjunction with SYP. But it’s SWFC who are responsible for the planning
  5. FYI swfc are are responsible for road management before / during / after games, not SYP. If you use Twitter there’s an account called swfc police. They are quite helpful if you have questions surrounding match day operations.
  6. Ridiculous isn’t it? 4 people in hillsborough want to go to town. £6ish in a cab, over £2 each on tram? no brainer
  7. Yes. It’s Gill Furniss. Parliamentary House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA Tel: 0207 219 0364 Email: gill.furniss.mp@parliament.uk Constituency Constituency office Tel: 0114 234 9079
  8. Makes me laugh these days when they talk of pollution, congestion, too many cars on the road etc. They place heavy parking fees, consider ‘congestion charges’ etc to try and deter motorists. Heres an idea... Provide good public transport and people might just leave their cars at home. How many people commute from oughtibridge and beyond into Sheffield? A rail link would take so much pressure off the roads but, of course, cost is the issue. Well councils and governments can’t have it both ways. They find how many £billions for cross rail / cross rail 2 (being planned) even a new tunnel under the Thames perhaps. The cost of extending supertram would be minuscule in comparison. Tram/train has already proved a success in the trials, get serious about extending it now - because as it stands it won’t be too long before our roads will grind to a halt.
  9. You misunderstood what I was saying. The way AB worded it was M’hall has now been chosen, but it hasn’t. I know it was in the original planning.
  10. I’m lost. I’ve heard nothing about it going through Meadowhall. Is that the chosen route now? I haven’t read that anywhere.
  11. On a similar vein ..... Back in May I received a speeding ticket (fixed camera) from when we on holiday in France back at Christmas. 5 months after the event. Still had to pay
  12. Absolutely. It would serve a far larger area of South Yorkshire with excellent links to other rail, road and tram. I really don’t understand Sheff Councils thinking on insisting it comes (at a snails pace) to midland station instead.
  13. It’s mind boggling. The fact Tony has been tending the memorial for nigh on 50 years and his story goes untold. No one on earth knew his story and his dedication to those 10 men. Yet only 6 weeks before the 75th anniversary of the crash, a chance meeting between him and Dan leads to the spectacular events of today. Just an amazing tale and a brilliant day. Im guessing Tony will sleep well tonight and so he should. X
  14. Sounds quite extensive. Mate is at Odeon which is in darkness. Shops with no power and cash machines out also
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