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  1. It’s mind boggling. The fact Tony has been tending the memorial for nigh on 50 years and his story goes untold. No one on earth knew his story and his dedication to those 10 men. Yet only 6 weeks before the 75th anniversary of the crash, a chance meeting between him and Dan leads to the spectacular events of today. Just an amazing tale and a brilliant day. Im guessing Tony will sleep well tonight and so he should. X
  2. Sounds quite extensive. Mate is at Odeon which is in darkness. Shops with no power and cash machines out also
  3. Blue Day

    Tram Trains thread

    I mentioned this earlier. I went on one of the new trams to town and they make a hell of a noise.
  4. Blue Day

    Tram Trains thread

    Went on a new tram/train at the weekend. Don’t use trams much. My God aren’t they noisy??? The grinding / braking noise from the wheels. Urrgghhh
  5. Blue Day

    Tram Trains thread

    That monthly SY travel pass at £86 is very good value. About £4 a day mon - fri. Back in 1995 I used to work in Doncaster and commutes from hillsborough, I was paying about £50 back then for the same pass.
  6. Yeh don’t think there’s a direct bus. Taxi would be about £6 at most?
  7. Blue Day

    Tram expansion in Sheffield

    Funny isn’t it. Extra capacity required so we widen the road. However if we left the road and spent on public transport, the roads would eventually be so busy people would look to the alternative.
  8. Blue Day

    Drivers on the Stocksbridge bypass

    Exactly. Barmy idea
  9. Blue Day

    Drivers on the Stocksbridge bypass

    lol. Yeh let’s force lorries and coaches to do extra unwarranted mileage just so car drivers can cross the woodhead 10 minutes quicker
  10. Blue Day

    Drivers on the Stocksbridge bypass

    As a lorry driver of some 30 years I’d disagree with you.
  11. Blue Day

    Drivers on the Stocksbridge bypass

    In the rear view mirror
  12. It’s supoosed to reopen at 4am tomorrow (Monday). There will still be a one way traffic light system I believe so may be delays
  13. Blue Day

    Drivers on the Stocksbridge bypass

    It’s been 50 for a couple of years now.

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