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  1. Worrying that radio Sheffield have announced a hourly service on the halfway line today. I’ve updated them but won’t hold my breath.
  2. pte site lusting all services in South Yorkshire https://travelsouthyorkshire.com/servicechanges/
  3. Spec savers in Sainsbury’s archer road
  4. There are change to SOME stagecoach buses from tomorrow Wednesday 8th April some will be hourly eg 25 some with drawn eg X6 updated tt in tsy website https://travelsouthyorkshire.com/servicechanges/#section8
  5. Sorry for delay in posting these. I’ve started a new thread so they are easy to find click on Sheffield for our time tables All bus routes in South Yorkshire are on emergency timetables from immediate affect. Here are the pte time tables for all Services Please check very carefully as there are major changes first bus are using a basic Sunday tt with early extras but a early finish. Some services aren’t running , some are working short: there are some TM 218s that work city - Totley presumably to serve psalter Lane. Remember is your journey really necessary ? and is it in line with govt guidelines ? Keep safe please help your driver to help you speak clearly some assault screens have been modified , use contactless https://travelsouthyorkshire.com/servicechanges/ https://travelsouthyorkshire.com/servicechanges/
  6. Is it locked ? might be worth reporting via fix my street
  7. update lines reopened but residual delays etc Major rail problems Sheffield Basically due to a track fault no trains north of Sheffield till 1300 https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/service_disruptions/today.aspx
  8. Would be very surprised if it’s full when it arrives at Alton towers never mind full at STI
  9. 16’5 that’s high who operates that
  10. Services to chesterfield from Sheffield both directions delayed http://m.nationalrail.co.uk/pj/disruption/details/00798DB9AF894331BAB7D4A7DAC5125F
  11. Just be aware owing to the major incident at Whaley Bridge the Sheffield - Manchester Railway Lime (Hope Valley ) is closed - all passenger services https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/service_disruptions/today.aspx
  12. Someone asked me if the charictors In clock in orchard square still perform. They used to all come out at a quarter past the hour. I stood there at 215pm yesterday and nothing happened Was it just a blip or do they still perform ?
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