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  1. Hi all, This is an old thread now but I am new to family research. There seem to be some knowledgeable Oldale people on here. I have seen some superb work on the family and have based my tree on those. I have made contact with some Oldales in Sheffield and they have been invaluable in helping and sharing. It would be great to contact more family members, particularly to see or have photos as for me they bring a tree to life. My line is William Oldale 1851 GG Grandfather Fred Oldale 1878 Great Grandfather Elizabeth 'Betty' Oldale 1913 Grandmother (Married name Hunter) Rita Hunter Mother (Married Barker) Andy
  2. Hillsbro Thanks for the link, the search continues! Andy
  3. First of Hillsbro thanks the the rapid reply, I am afraid I made a keyboard error on the birth year of Ellinor it's 1857 and the maiden name is Barton. I have the line going back several generations. My great grandmother was a Barton and Ellinor was her sister. Father was Samuel b1837 mother Maria (Unknown female) I have the line back 8 generations now, hailing originally from Norfolk but this is a stopper for me. I work shifts so it's hard to get to Sheffield Archives. Thanks for your help! ---------- Post added 10-01-2017 at 19:28 ---------- By the way 1983 is the year of death I have for my Grace Tebbutt but I have nothing more other than a nice photo of her in her Mayoral gowns
  4. Hi I recently started a family tree and Dame Grace Tebbutt born Mellar is a relative. She was Sheffield's first female Alderman (Lord Mayor) I wonder if anyone out there has any information on her or her family, her husband was Frank Tebbutt, both were involved with Sheffield Clarion Club, being live in stewards at the hut. I have drawn a blank on Google apart from a few articles about the Clarion and her being Lord Mayor. I believe her Mother was Ellinor Mellar b1867 but I have no Father. They had a daughter called Irene. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I see there are posts out this but they are quite old. Anyone out there who has recently had one fitted recommend anyone?
  6. It looks very serious, I was driving down when a police car came and blocked inbound traffic, there were several police cars at the roundabout end and an ambulance.
  7. That's what I want to know really. I have a bookmarked site that gives the instructions (at work so can't re-search for it) It involves using an 'All in One' remote and then altering a line in the firmware from 0 to 1 to enable. Some people have even done it with Nokia mobiles with infra red capability! I am just scared of ending up with a broken TV You want the link? andyb
  8. I have just bought the an LG32LD450 TV, it has a USB port that allows you to view photos and play music. I have done some Googling and apparently there is a hack that opens up the port to play video in many formats! Has anyone out there done this? I just wonder how scary it is andyb
  9. Followed one this morning down from Crookes, great signals letting other road users know his intentions...but then blew it by blowing two red lights
  10. A regular haunt, it even comes up as a mobile camera on my satnav when I pass under it!
  11. I found the pair of brass nameplates saying 'Osprey' when clearing out an old factory unit. Does anyone have an idea what they were from? A steam hammer? Press? or a stream engine or some sort. Are they collectable? Please see the photo at the link below. andyb http://www.hallamdojo.co.uk/Name%20plate.jpg
  12. I couldn't agree more alchresearch, start with Meadowhall, it makes me so angry seeing all the lights on in the car park and the centre itself way after they have closed every day of the week.
  13. Good news for me, a massive (lit) intrusion on the local amenity. I would like to see how many current Non-Nimbys that are quite happy to help to try and get these imposed upon our area, because they won't see them. Would come out of the closet if some were slated for Ringinglow?
  14. Very interesting reading............http://www.protectsheephouseheights.co.uk/pdf/07_1214pe.pdf andyb
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