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  1. Not really - the problem is after my wife drops me off she then goes to the Childrens hospital. So it would drastically increase her journey time.
  2. It does but I think it could be manageable - the office operates flexible working so probably looking at getting the train about 7:30. Worried that tram may add a bit longer to the journey.
  3. Howdy folks. After a bit of advice or experiences to be shared about the above situation. I currently live off Fox Hill Road, and am looking at the potential issues with commuting to Manchester. I've done some researching but just wanted some fresh information. I think my theory for the journey is - Wife drops me at the station, the other end in Manchester is a short walk, but the journey to the station is hell. especially in rush hour. Does anyone have any suggestions, also how is the train? packed? never a seat? always late etc? Driving has never entered my mind as I know how difficult it would be to get to the centre. So yeah just hoping for some communication about how the journey is if anyone does it? many thanks
  4. aahh fond Memories of Menzels - all the cheap suits and HRT you needed under one roof! I remember the bar staff asking me - Are you sure you can afford this round? I then ordered about six more cocktails, waited for them to fanny about making them then said "oh no i cant" and walked out - sounds like it hasn't changed much!
  5. To answer your question - Uber. You can now even pre-book with them.
  6. Was this the guy with the walkman? Used to buy him batteries and food sometimes.
  7. I had my scooter nicked from outside a friends house off foxhill road - police have done nowt - their was work being done on the pavement the week it went missing and no sign of the workmen since - dunno if its related but everyone i've told seems to think it would be them - will the council be any help?
  8. I'l definitely think that next time i'm cycling to Cornwall!
  9. Hey, i was after a bit of advice to see if anyone in my area knew of any good domestic cleaners? I live just between Fox Hill Road and Lyminster road. In a three bedroomed house. Just after general recommendations and prices. Happy to provide more detail if required. Thanks
  10. Why didn't they pic a Sheffield Lyric though? "I'm hot, sticky sweet From my head to my feet, yeah" Beautiful south are sooo zzzzzzz
  11. Some of these may be a little out of date but..... http://www.eatingchallenges.co.uk/tag/sheffield/
  12. Hello - I was after suggestions for a surprise party venue for my Mrs. Several people will be travelling so City centre would be ideal. I don't think we'd be having food just a good load of booze and a decent dancefloor. Can anyone recommend anywhere? Ideally free, preferably cheap, but rest assured they'd make a killing on the bar lol. We'd be looking at late September:help:. ---------- Post added 29-03-2016 at 10:34 ---------- ...*bump*...
  13. Sadly because of the soft left ideology that this nation and the media in general are taking on - look at the New year attacks in Cologne - and other places that weren't reported for days. Then the subsequent stories stating that only one of the perpetrators were of Asian decent - then the further reporting that this was rubbished. Unfortunately facts are no longer looked at when it comes to race.
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