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  1. Big thanks to Richard At fairy’s bathrooms south Road Walkley. Well priced. High quality materials fantastic service were over the moon. Thank you
  2. For a log burner and chimney works try ember stoves crosspool Sheffield 20, sorry don’t have number handy
  3. Exactly what she did at Hallam primary took all the fun away but of a hitler
  4. Think it’s the same headmistress who was sacked from Hallam school few years ago she made a great school very miserable sounds like she’s doing same again
  5. Lots of agro between teachers and new head are classes open tomorrow?
  6. Should be ok with this firm I've seen them around for last 30 years so not one of the out of town lot who get to top of google first page and rip everyone off
  7. Green and white dulux weathershield gloss stolen last night from van parked on Lydgate lane Crookes thieving <removed> stole tools 4 weeks ago peeled my van door off. Any info appreciated
  8. Anyone heard of or used this company for insulation
  9. Rons top of school rd Crookes top grub. Top man. Wawaw
  10. It happened after 11pm close to junction at lydgate lane there is CCTV at Anne McNamara house appartment block close by just waiting for copy but can't see me being that lucky. Not sure what car type was involved just plenty of silver paint. Many thanks guys
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