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  1. Best place for Perspex in Sheffield,thanks in advance.
  2. Clarke off to Sunderland,maybe Wigan and Hogan in,Both expected to be announced tomorrow.
  3. Wilder's admired him for a long time,like abbeyedges says many a eyebrow was raised when we signed Leon Clarke,if it happens let's see, he could fire us into the Premiership or be a total flop.
  4. By all accounts he's having a medical at Shirecliffe this afternoon.
  5. Could Gary Madine be on his way to BDTBL,would you want him,would he be accepted?
  6. Hi,i've not personally used them but know several people that have and as you can see by their web site that they are very competitive, you definitely need bleed and i'd would say your better off with A6,as for experimenting with individual prints you'll do well to find many printing firms that have the time to do this the only thing i could suggests is drop them an email,you never know. If you go to the link and go to the bottom of the page,product spec and click on the artwork spec this should answer most of your questions. Hope this helps.
  7. Try asking on here always found them very helpful. https://www.ukplumbersforums.co.uk/
  8. I was born at Broomhall flats in 1972 and lived on the 4th floor,we moved to Pitsmoor in 1976. I don't have many memories of the place but i do remember the wooden fort/climbing frame in the middle and it had a smell of dried pee also remember the adventure playground. Good memories to be fair. I had 2 Brothers Mark and Darren and 2 sisters Dawn and Tracey.
  9. Ched gone to Fleetwood on a season long loan. Surely CW must have someone else coming in.
  10. Yes they do. If you are traveling along Holme Lane towards Hillsborough Corner you can't turn right onto Middlewood Road. Trust me i've had a fine for doing so!!!
  11. Would love to keep him but £12m is good money for a player who in my opinion was good in patches last season but he didn't set the league on fire. He could possibly be loaned back to us for the season,i'm sure there will be a sell on clause too. I'm pretty sure Wilder wouldn't agree to the deal if he wasn't promised a good chunk if not all the money to reinvest in the squad. UTB.
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