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  1. Yes, the Hillsborough branch isn't new. I emailed them about the staff in the West Street branch and got no reply.
  2. I went to Cobblers and Keys last week to get some boots resoled and found it gone. Anybody know where the staff went? There was one bloke in particular who always did a superb job and could resole anything, even boots with nailed soles.
  3. Anybody know whether the Royal Oak in Burngreave is still open? We're thinking of venturing up to Pitsmoor for a Royal Oak/Mangla double header but Google says the pub is 'Temporarily Closed'.
  4. They've now filled in the hole, removed a large area of damaged road surface and gone home again. The ring road won't be back to normal today .....
  5. Nope. They've fixed the pipe, half filled in the hole and gone home. Look like it won't be sorted until tomorrow.
  6. That red and yellow Mainline bus is plying the 81 route. I've seen it several times now.
  7. H.L. Brown on Barkers Pool and Browns on Pinstone Street both do mechanical watch repairs. H.L. Brown does them in house and Browns send them off to a repairer in Leeds. Or at least, that was the situation a year or two ago.
  8. Actually thats air quality at one particular measuring point. The bigger picture for Sheffield is here: https://uk-air.defra.gov.uk/forecasting/locations?q=sheffield&day=1#map_summary Air polution is currently low to moderate.
  9. Work also seems to have stopped on the block of flats on Infirmary Road where the Hungry Wolf used to be.
  10. You only have to apply a little common sense. For much of the year, especially with a summer like this one, nobody lights a log burner or a coal fire at all. During the winter people light them on occasional evenings to provide a cheery glow in one room of the house. Over the course of a year, is it really credible that this contributes more pollution than road traffic? On this issue some people have an agenda and as a result you can expect to hear 'alternative truths'.
  11. If you're interested you can read the air quality statistics for Sheffield here:- https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/content/dam/sheffield/docs/pollution-and-nuisance/air-pollution/air-aware-campaign/Clean%20Air%20Strategy%20December%202017.pdf The pie charts on page seven show that 15% of pollution in Sheffield derives from domestic and commercial sources combined. Commercial includes shops, offices, restaurants, pubs etc, everything from your local takeaway to Meadowhall. Thats a big chunk of the 15%. Now consider that most houses in Sheffield burn a fossil fuel (gas) on a daily basis to provide hot water, heating and cooking. Thats another big chunk of the 15%. There are other minor sources of domestic pollution such as barbecues and garden fires. Subtract all these from the 15% and suddenly the contribution of people lighting the stove on occasional winter evenings looks pretty negligible. The pie charts, incidentally, show that Road Traffic accounts for about half of Sheffield's pollution.
  12. You can prove anything with statistics of course, but this one seems highly unlikely to me. We're approaching the end of a glorious summer and I doubt a single log burner has been lit in Sheffield since April. Hard to see how burning wood and coal contributes 38% of emissions. I suspect that statistic relates to one specific place at one specific point in time.
  13. There is an old gas streetlamp on Oakland Road in Hillsborough. Recently the top section disappeared and I assumed it was gone for good. Then last week I noticed the top was back again, completely restored with a working set of gas mantles inside. The same thing has happened to another gaslamp between West Street and Devonshire Green. Is this some revolution in the Council's thinking? Normally heritage is something they can't wait to be rid of.
  14. I was stuck in one of those interminable queues through Mottram on Saturday morning. When we got past the lights at the bottom of the long hill I realised that halfway up it there was a car broken down in the left hand lane. Feel my pain.
  15. You would hope so wouldn't you, but I'd wager that if push comes to shove, its the Council (i.e. us) who will be the losers. Look at the way Hammersons gave the council the run around over the New Retail Quarter, or the way Next made them look fools over the location of the Next Home store, or the way John Lewis has them dangling from a string over the SRQ now. History suggests that when the council messes with the big boys, the big boys win.
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