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  1. What on earth is this high whistling noise around Hillsborough? For those of us that are auditory sensitive this noise is acutely sensitive - a high pitched whistling sound that is pretty unbearable at the moment. Where is it coming from? It is so loud 😡😡
  2. We have dropped quite a few at RSPCA who say they always need them
  3. Interesting that they are cutting them only at cross road type areas - so at top of Hallowmoor Road by the traffic lights but not down the rest or along. Dykes Hall Road right up to the Horse and Jockey is particularly bad at the moment.
  4. A little hard to drive straight through when you have seen the tariffs, assume that because there less than 1 hour will only pay £2.20 - and only find out 53 mins later that its £3.70. Big Tweet campaign I'm planning tomorrow unless they reply to my complaint - which to be fair, Ive only just sent a few minutes ago.
  5. An interesting rip off at this car park yesterday when I popped into town. I intended being there less than 1 hour and was - only 51 minutes. The ticket machine noted the charge as £2.20 for up to one hour. I paid via MasterCard and noted on the receipt the charge of £3.70. I stopped at the gate and rang customer services about the extra £1.50 charge, only to be told that they had applied a Saturday "all day rate" as this is what happens on a Saturday. So, £1.50 more for less than 1 hour on their weekly charge. Pretty disgraceful I think.
  6. Congratulations to the comments of the last one to post. Wholly agree. Cant believe this is still going on after all this time.
  7. Thanks Alisonmanic. I see we are both Mystic and in similar gyms (Stericbel) !!
  8. Not been on the Forum for a while but just wondered if there was still a classified section as I cant seem to find it. I have loads and loads of old Cricketing magazines that I want to get rid of. Mostly they will be given to a good home for a donation of the collectors choice to my charity, The Motor Neurone Disease Association. Recipient must collect however. Many thanks
  9. HI Ghozer - I would have to agree with you. Not come across it before though. For instance, it has happened previously with Sheffield Theatres etc booking service, and because it was a health related issue they refunded the booking fee as well, and did claim it back from the band. Clearly a lesson learned
  10. I worked in Sheffield during the 80's with adults who had a learning disability (allegedly). There were long stay units and asylums like Grenoside Hospital Thundercliffe Grange, Hollow Meadows, St Josephs Hospital at Walkley amongst others. I was a newly qualified health and social care professional and what I saw astounded me. Segregation of sexes, people who actually did not have any sort of learning disability but who had been "admitted" to these units because they had given birth to an illegitimate child. Case notes used Victorian terminology like "Cretin", "Mongol", "Imbecile", - all of which relate to definitions under the formal IQ scoring system at the time. Truly horrendous, truly abusive and truly not human. What was amazing was the Sheffield grabbed this in 1984 and became a leader in getting these people out of their abject care system, out of institutionalisation and gave them a chance for a better quality of life. In hindsight, we have gone full circle again though - the funding that is afforded to Community Care today just cannot meet everyone's identified needs. Social Care is in crisis - there is something around called the Barnet formula, s=which shows that if people keep living longer etc, then by 2024, the whole of Barnet's budget should be spent on meeting the social care needs of people within its Borough - and that's before paying for schools, bins emptying, and indeed any other aspect of Council spending. So scary and needs urgent addressing.....
  11. What is in place here I think from Social Services is a process called DFG - or Disabled Facilities Grant. The application process has changed recently due to the introduction of the Care Act from April 2015 but essentially, you can apply to the Local Authority for an OT assessment - they will then look and decide if the work meets the criteria that they set for funding. If it does, there is then a "means testing" process which takes into account the level of any income, savings, value in property etc. A self referral can take a while for your case to be allocated to an OT, and then there would be an assessment of eligibility. In my experience, the whole process from application to eventual agreement, even if you are eligible can take up to 18 months, so start it very soon, if you are struggling. Please double check my response with Citizens Advice though.
  12. Is it a bit like the Big Issue sellers who are pretty genuine though? How many of us avoid eye contact with them just so not to buy the magazine? How many of us walk across the street to avoid the plethora of Charity Chuggers? How many of us just want to walk through the streets without being accosted every few seconds? BUT - where does humanity kick in. There was a parable around this, I seem to remember from school.........
  13. An interesting one this, and I've not come across before. So I bought a ticket through a well known and famous on line ticket agency for a gig in Sheffield that has now been cancelled, due to the lead singer having a cyst on his throat. Apparently, because I bought through this agency, to get an early ticket and choice of seat etc, I am entitled to a refund of the ticket cost for the gig, but the booking fee of £3.50 will not be refunded? OK, so it probably states this in the small print and Terms and Conditions but seems pretty mean to me. Anyone any experience of this? Seems like theft to me
  14. Sorry Rob but so not true. Pricing for the things I bought from Amazon was same as in shops with a slight discount and postage minimal on them - and they manage to deliver to promise unlike RM!! Not my experience at all today or on the other example I mention. The irony was a delivery by RM courier van to my home for a parcel - for my next door neighbours who are away this afternoon, and first on our street from RM since 22nd. The same RM great guys then turned up some hour or so later with my own street first delivery since 22nd - and with their admittance - have not delivered since 22nd. SO - don't give a monkeys now about Amazons courier services - they are clearly there to undercut you guys and beat you on delivery charges , and by delivering out of hours. Do you really think your service will last when others can undercut and provide a customer service that RM is clearly not capable, or judging by some of the responses, willing to deliver?>> I know where I will pay my money to. By the way - Although I have had RM post today - My first class letter posted as described together with proper post code has still NOT been delivered by this shambolic service, despite other post arriving today posted in the same way some few days later - what on earth is this about?????? ---------- Post added 30-12-2014 at 22:34 ---------- Indeed. I hope Rob is reading this and has a great RM explanation for this because it is senseless from a true UK based company that it should behave and equally be allowed to behave in this way. I do think that the Politicians are behind this, but maybe it is the top management - after all - see what happened to our national Soccer league after the transformation..... ---------- Post added 30-12-2014 at 22:39 ---------- Rob 1 - just to make clear - I in no way want to criticise the hard working, undervalued and poorly paid people that deliver my mail. What I want though is a service that delivers on its promises - on time, when it says it will, and does not stop for ridiculous reasons when others keep working - If I pay for a service and I see others delivering that service then I expect all to deliver that service full stop. No excuses.... Amazon has not had to apologise to me at all because it has delivered on every promise over this Festive season !!!!!!!!! - and not via RM but via its courier services. And that another rankle - not one apology to a customer from RM - not 1 reply in response to my email to them promising a reply in 3 working days which is now 5 working days - Love to see a response to that then from RM and Rob!! ---------- Post added 30-12-2014 at 22:44 ---------- In addition to my last post, can I make it a little clear that I don't think I should respond to Rob on this anymore. We clearly have very diverse opinions which is fine, but I think I need to leave it to others now to comment. Rob - I seriously hope I have not offended you with my posts. I just think you and I have such diverse experience and opinion on this that I should leave it with you before it becomes out of hand and moderators intervene. Harryarwen
  15. I think you make a really important point Medusa, and one which I would whole heartedly agree with - EXCEPT - we get people parking both sides that causes the chaos. Is there not some way to moderate this parking behaviour so that everyone's needs are met? On a small street that is only 1.5 cars wide, the double parking on both sides on double yellows does just not work. I'm all for tolerance and access for those with a diagnosed disability which of course you need to have to have a blue badge, but a blue badge parked at one side, and then a large delivery at the other just is wrong and hugely disruptive on that spot methinks. Other thoughts welcome about how we can patrol this, giving access to those with any disability that need to park, but avoiding the ridiculous double parking that totally restricts access.
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