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  1. Started in 71 straight from school till it closed in 81
  2. Dad need about Lol I was an electrician on same shift as Dave Webb, also knew Johnny, Tony and Glen. Happy days.
  3. Brown Bailey's had a large ground at Oliver's Mount Handsworth , several football pitches an excellent cricket pitch and Crown green bowling. It's noe home to Handsworth Paramors FC
  4. Been using McQueens for about 18 months, deliver twice a week to Shiregreen.
  5. Not without googling it No not signed out of anything
  6. Thanks for tbat ,It is pretty full but nothing of any real importance so think it may be fine to consign it to the bin. I just got a bit paranoid that it may have been hacked, that's why I aborted the activation.
  7. Cheers De Zeus, early start in the morning so will try and sort it tomorrow
  8. I'll Google how to reset it and give it a try, it's not the end of the world if it's had its day as it doesn't really owe me anything and I got a Fire tablet at Christmas Can't remember which IOS it's on and can't find out unless I reactivate it
  9. Forgot to say it connected to WI-FI straight away, it's that long since I set it up I couldn't remember how long activation took an got a bit worried about why it needed reactivating. Last time I got notification of the latest IOS and tried to download it said not compatible with my ipad
  10. It's an Ipad2 and has been on the same Wi-Fi network since I got it about 11 years ago. Not tried connecting it to Itunes. It has been playing up a lot lately, often slowing right down and locking up. Think it may be on its last legs,
  11. I Pad went into sleep mode as usual when I left it for a while,when I started it again it said activation required and to select the appropriate Wi-Fi network. When I selected my network it didn't ask for any router password details and said it could take several minutes, at this point I got a bit paranoid and switched off. Anybody else had this happen.
  12. Anyone know the date of the B.M.P.S. show at Ecclesfield.
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