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  1. Hi Jacboy, hope this helps. I was raised in Woodhouse from the late 50s and this is what I remember. Woodhouse council school, later referred to as Woodhouse east was at the top of Station road on the left as you left Beighton road. This is quite close to where your relative lived and makes sense to me as it's within easy walking distance. The Endowed school room was in the middle of old Woodhouse, at the end of Waterslacks lane, which has long gone. It's location was close to where Sheffield road met Tannery street on the opposite side to Stradbroke road. All redeveloped now. Woodhouse scout troop,of which I was a member for a few years,met Friday nights at the Endowed schoolroom. I have not been back to Woodhouse for a few years but there have been a lot of changes.
  2. Is there anyone still around who was at Davy's in mid 60's to mid 70's or would I have better luck on Facebook which I don't like using.
  3. Can anyone remember if Arthur Lee's had a sports ground and if so where it was.
  4. Along with a couple of mates I used to occasionally bump into Len and his group saturday nights in the Royal Hotel ( above the Buccaneer ). That group usually consisted of Gil Reese, Alan Woodward, Len and occasionally Tony Waiters ( Blackpool Goalie) who may have been Len's brother in law. In later years bumped into Tony in Canada coaching kids soccer. Sad to say that all of that group are no longer with us. RIP guys and thanks for the memories.
  5. My great grandfather, grandfather, father and uncles all worked on the railway in Sheffield. Dad was an apprentice in the mid forties, his first job, and was a platelayer when he left in the mid sixties. Not sure if that was a result of the Beeching report. My ancestors worked in the very early days of the railway at Rowsley near Bakewell before moving to Sheffield.
  6. My grandparents lived in one of the lodges at Burngreave Cemetery. During the blitz my grandfather was either out on the property putting out flares dropped by the bombers or sheltering with his family in the cellar under the chapel. While sheltering in the cellar a bomb landed in a nearby flowerbed then wormed underground before exploding. This explosion sent a number of cobblestones high into the air which came down on the roof of my grandparents house doing considerable damage. My nan said everything got covered in soot. I think a couple of other bombs landed on the cemetery property without too much damage.
  7. When Bob committed to going full time at D&H,he realized that he didn't have the time to go racing anymore so the outfit was stripped down and the engine languished on the floor of the shops back room for years. That Vinny engine was a brute and well sorted by Bob and had strong sentimental ties for him. The last time I saw Bob he had a small lock-up property in Wath upon Dearne. The racing sidecar chassis was propped in the corner and in a bit of a state as the property had been recently flooded. By that time the engine was long gone and believed to have resurfaced in Australia. Bob's collection of Vincent stuff would be worth a fortune these days. Happy Days.
  8. Sorry but don't remember Handsworth motorcycles. Where were they located. Bob Hefford and I were mates all thru the 70's till I emigrated in 1980. We raced his Vincent sidecar outfit together for a couple of seasons before D& H Motorcycles got underway. In the beginning the shop was part time and I helped out evenings and weekends. Also remember taking trips out to Pollards at Dinnington. Through Bob met Terry Windle, Owen Greenwood and Tony Dawson , names familiar to those in the know.
  9. Well I appreciated it and thanks for the memories. I left Sheffield over 40 years ago and for me anything after 1980 does not compute. The new stuff has me completely baffled on my infrequent visits. The old pics reminded me of childhood memories. Saturday's we used to walk from Pitsmoor, down Spital Hill, thru the Wicker, over Ladies Bridge then various routes around the shops and markets, all long gone. Then walking back home. Your pictures were typical of those early 50's Saturdays. Again thanks.
  10. That looks like the shop at the other end of Victoria rd opposite Woodhouse West school.
  11. HIBBSY


    Please bare with me if this controversial topic has already been done to death but I live in Canada so am observing from a distance. As the offside rules get re written and lawyerized to death I have made the following observations. The defined line for offside is being viewed as if it was the finishing line in the Olympics or Grand National. In my opinion it is not as absolute as that and like lots of measurements in the world needs +/- tolerances to be fit for purpose. The present rigid interpretation of the rules does a great dis- service to the sport when it focuses on the body extremities like the end of a toe or finger. Has it ever been discussed that all players wear a tracking vest, commonly used in training, which accurately records players positions on the field at any given time. If all players wore a similar tracking vest we could assume the signalling device to be close to the players center of mass and fingers and toes would not be part of the equation. If the forwards tracker passes the defenders tracker it would be easier to define and also verify. This tracking already exists. Has it ever been considered or is it too simple a solution for the pedantic rule makers who are trying to make the game into something the players and fans don't want. Just Asking
  12. Hi Sparky, The large wooden hut I remembered was demolished before mid 60's so maybe fishing tackle shop moved to a bricks and mortar premises at the end of Victoria Road about that time. This could have been your grandfather or someone totally unrelated.
  13. Hi Sparky, I grew up in Woodhouse in the 50's and 60's and for some years delivered morning newspapers on Sheffield Road and Victoria Road. The fishing tackle shop I remember was a large wooden hut on Sheffield Road on the bend just before Victoria Road on the left, which was just past the Angel as you came out of the village.
  14. Hi Ethella. My wife's family have been in Woodhouse for a few generations. Myself for a few years also. We are not familiar with Belmore Road but misheard or badly written could it be Balmoral Road.
  15. Hi Geoff, you may remember my long time buddy Ray Race. He was a long time Davy man and was at Suffolk House around the same time as you. Coincidentally your progression through training school, fab shop and dwg office was similar to mine but about 10 years ahead of me. Our Davy training in all aspects was second to none and recognised as such everywhere.
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