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  1. Left Sheffield 40 years ago but have been back many times over the years. Each visit seems more alien and less nostalgic to me. Special places from my childhood were Spital Lane and Petre St in Pitsmoor. Both long gone. We moved to Woodhouse which was a small quiet village which has seen massive change in that time frame. After getting married we moved to Swallownest. Since we left there the A57 and the Rother valley park have caused massive changes to the area and I still struggle to find my way around when attempting to drive myself around. I worked at Davy United, Ashlows and Dunford Hadfields all of which no longer exist. Also I visited a few of the local steel mills and my father worked for the NCB. Steel and coal industry in the area are now almost non existant. So therefore there is little left for me to be nostalgic about.
  2. Left Sheffield for Canada in 1980. At most businesses in Canada over 50% of employees have english as there second language so accents were many and varied. At one company I worked with 3 other Yorkshire men. Our usual greetings went something like this.................... Ayup,...Ayup.....Sup wi thee.....nowt...... awlreight .......alsithi. We got many strange looks from the other employees but explained to them that this was the way we communicated in Gods own country.
  3. Knew Les Cartiledge in the late 60's when he was at the Davy United Training School running the apprentice training Fab shop. 10 yrs later I worked in the drawing office on Alsing Rd but by that time it was Ashlows.
  4. In the mid 1950's we moved from Pitsmoor to Woodhouse. Dad started playing football for Handsworth Rovers which lasted for a few years. They had meetings in a snack bar just up the road from the Plaza. I think they played on the Nunnery pitch. A few years later with a group of mates I used to walk across the fields from Woodhouse to attend a boys club behind the church. After that I played for Cross Keys on saturdays and St Joseph's on sundays. During that time watched a few films at the Plaza or the Rex at intake. Had lots of mates who went to Beaver Hill School.
  5. I have a few memories of Dunford Hadfields East Hecla Works, Vulcan Rd in the early 70's. I joined the Works Engineers team who were putting in a Bar Mill at that time. My uncle Gerry Ward (now deceased) was a slinger there at that time. My wife uncle Jack Goodinson (also deceased) was a grinder there around that time also. Also remember Barry Sculley who was a successful motorcycle racer at the time. Think he worked in one of the labs.
  6. When our family were in Woodus from the mid 50's thru the 60's Joe's icecream (Molinari) from Beighton were the regulars with Craigs also but less frequent. Old Joe used to drive the van and call in at a few pubs on the way. Made a great 99.
  7. Not sure about the Malin Bridge site belonging British Gas in the 60's. Remember Brown Baileys at Olivers Mount very well. The Metro Vickers /AEI site I think was known as Firth Vickers in the 60's and I played there a few times also. Further up Bawtry Rd on the same side was Edger Allen-Aerex and on the opposite side was Dunford Hadfields. Over the crest was Steel Peach and Tozer later BSC. I used to go to school at Meadowhead and remember the sports field at Jordanthorpe but never got the chance to visit there. Also remember playing in Chapeltown, was that Newton Chambers ?
  8. I remember playing at a sports ground at Malin Bridge. Anyone know who that belonged to ?
  9. I remember playing Football and cricket on the Atlas and Norfolk fields. Couldn't remember that our opponent those times was English Steel, still that was a long time ago. When I was a kid my dad had an allotment in Roe Wood just behind the sports ground. Has that area been built on by now? Remember looking in at the summer gala on a visit to the allotment.
  10. I started work at Davy United in the mid 60's and played football for them at various levels till the early 70's. Davy United had a sports club on Prince of Wales Road which still exists. who does it now belong to as Davy United are long gone. I played at lots of company sports clubs around Sheffield. Lots of the companies, like Davy United, no longer exist. What happened to all those sports grounds and club houses? I remember a good few were on Bawtry Road. How many still exist and where are they? Can't do much checking for myself as I have been in Canada since 1980. Don't have any family left in the area either.
  11. I use to deliver newspapers for Dickinsons in the early 60's. Mornings started on Malthouse Lane then Back Lane, Birks Ave.,Tannery St, Skelton Lane, Waterslacks Lane, Sheffield Rd and finish at Victoria Rd. I would think apart from the stretch of Sheffield Road the rest is un recognizable today. Evening delivering the Star started on Vicar Lane then up and round Mauncer then down Stradbroke Rd with last few on New Cross estate. That is more or less today as it was. Had our wedding reception upstairs in the Cross Daggers in 1974. Don't get back to Woodus too much these days so the changes seem to stand out more to us when we visit. Moved to Swallownest when we got married then emigrated to Canada in 1981 so all the new road system thru Normanton Springs, Beighton, Aston etc along with the Supertram and Rother Valley Park didn't exist when we left.
  12. That would be 15" x 7 1/2" in old money. sounds about right although there were lots of different sizes used. Later ones were Aluminium and a good bit lighter.
  13. Hi Pete. known as HIBBSY on this forum. Live in Bowmanville with is an hours drive east of Toronto. Gravenhurst is about 2 hours drive north of us. Nice place to visit in the summer.
  14. Hi Slots, we met and played together a long time ago. I played for years with St Joes at handsworth on sundays , a team you made a few guest appearances for. also played for various teams at the mill usually run by Dickey Lea. We probably know all the same people. I have lost touch as i have been in Canada since 1980. Played indoors & out until recently in local over 60 s league with lots of expats. Names I recall Batham brothers, Phelan,Bishop. Regards Hibbsy
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