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  1. Hi Geoff, you may remember my long time buddy Ray Race. He was a long time Davy man and was at Suffolk House around the same time as you. Coincidentally your progression through training school, fab shop and dwg office was similar to mine but about 10 years ahead of me. Our Davy training in all aspects was second to none and recognised as such everywhere.
  2. My grandmother lived at 45 Pickering Rd during WW 1. This address may have been a shop. Her first husband, Wilfred Slinn, was killed at Ypres and she subsequently married my grand father John Henry Hibbs. I believe they had 3 boys at that address before her untimely death in 1939. Soon after the family moved away.
  3. Hi John, sorry still can't put a face to your name. I do remember a Dave Watson. I left before you joined the D.O. as I got made redundant from the D.O. around 1972 and from that time till we emigrated in 1980 had a few last in first out job experiences. The one exception to that was my time at Ashlows were I met up with a number of ex Davy D.O. colleagues for my last couple of years in the UK but the writing was on the wall there also so it was an easy decision to come to Canada. As a result I lost contact with most people at Davy's except for that chance encounter in Tenerife with John Hobson. What opportunities were there for you after 98. To be honest I did enjoy my time at Davy's
  4. Not to beat this thing to death but the official apology statement by Hawkeye stated that 7 cameras were significantly occluded by goalkeeper, defender and goalpost. As the goalposts are fixed they must permanently occlude some of the cameras mentioned making those cameras always useless. In my opinion Hawkeye failed to perform it's defined purpose.
  5. This is one of those its a small world tales but may be of interest. I lived at Woodhouse and Swallownest before emigrating to Canada in 1980. Some years ago I met a guy on a golf course over here, whose aunt and family had lived many years, in the house next to the Post Office at the bottom of Furnace Lane. Family members worked at the scythe works. Does anyone remember Dickie Lee who was a Mill character in the 60's/70's era.
  6. i knew the area 50+ years ago. My sister in law lived Junction Road, and mother in law worked at the Co op down Furnace Lane. I knew Max at the newsagents also. We got car parts from scrappers on Soaphouse Lane.
  7. Look up Emperor fountain to explain the reasons for the Emperor lake.
  8. Sorry to correct a common misconception but SW Ontario is significantly further south than Kent UK. The most southern part of Canada is Point Pelee in SW Ontario and latitude similar to the French Riviera. As an import from Yorkshire living in Canada, I am familiar with Barm Cakes, my gran was a wizard at baking them. Thanks for the memories.
  9. Hi classicfan will try to send you a PM.
  10. Before the NCB Fence workshops were built across from Falconer Lane were there houses there?
  11. Try looking up Barm instead of Balm
  12. My dad worked at NCB Fence workshop from late 60's to big strike. Some of his workmates lived on Falconer Lane.
  13. I was born on Spital Lane, moved to Petre St. early 50's. Lived on the block of houses directly behind All Saints School, next door to Sturdy's shop. Started school life at All Saints before moving away after a couple of years.Grandfather was superintendant at Burngreave Cemetery. Most of my relatives, from both sides, were scattered around Pitsmoor.
  14. Hi John, not too sure of my recall but are you the tall guy who played football? I guess at that time you'd be in the training school DO with Frank Bellamy.
  15. Caught the special bus from Woodhouse to Rowlinson 1961 to 65. One of the many uninspired members of Ruskin.
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