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  1. I had a relative 'lose' her purse yesterday at Morrisons at Halfway. At the same time time she 'lost' her purse, two women who were following her around Morrisons left the store with a free trolley's worth of groceries. The two women were spotted by a trolley person, who was nearly ran down for their troubles. The manager in the store said he was not going to report the theft of the trolley of groceries allegedly. There were no store detectives on duty and the manager and the policeman both described the cameras in Morrisons as 'crap' So, if you want to pickpocket, shoplift, lift someones credit cards...please go to Morrisons at Halfway. We guarantee that there will be no store detectives, no security guards, no high resolution cameras and even if you do pilfer, we may not report it anyway. Shoplifters of the world unite!
  2. Yes, John has passed away. There are lots of postings on his Facebook page that he has passed away. I do not know any other details. Very sad news.
  3. I live and work in the Middle East and I was in Cairo last weekend for some 'R n R' and had few problems except for the fact that I was hassled a bit more aggressively than usual from hawkers and assorted con men because there are few tourists on the ground and lots of people chasing tourists. However, I did see a fair amount of street violence and you could feel a bit of an undercurrent and there is always at the back of your mind of the possibility of being in the wrong place at the wrong time Personally, I would not book Egypt well in advance due to the political and currency situation. I selected my weekend after a lull in the recent protests. The resort areas will be a lot quieter than Cairo, Alexandria and Port Said but the problems for the resorts occur when transferring from Cairo to the sea resort by road. Lots of car jackings and coaches being stopped on road blocks. Check with the foreign office website for latest travel updates on Egypt. You will find the one for Egypt changing on a daily basis. Dubai is very nice in the summer.
  4. How much does Eric Pickles earn? He kicked off this debate I believe. There's reams of interesting stuff in the 'Pickles Papers', have a quiet read at: http://www.1in12.com/publications/archive/thepicklespapers/pickleschap2.html
  5. Requiring someone to fix a radiator that is not fully heating. Partly hot pipes but I think there is a block somewhere. Also Electrolux oven needs fixing. Hobbs working, Grill working, fan oven not working, probably needs new element buying and fixing in Anyone recommend someone reputable and reasonable cost wise. Can you pm if you are interested or better e mail at ianrobo@gmail.com Please...no cowboys, leave your spurs at home Many thanks Teabag
  6. I love the ...'Errrrrrrrrrr' bit:hihi: I agree..... Adolf..... he was doing a spiffing job Streamline...if only people understood like you and I. Adolf so misunderstood but one day they will realise, one day it will become clear, one day ve vill rise up and ouir Fuhrer will return and rule ze world:hihi: breathe and relax...............
  7. Is that why the Daily Mail cosied up to Hitler in the 30's? They probably wrote the same thing in the 30's plus that splendid young chap Brevik in Norway;)
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