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  1. No it impossible to gage only estimated at best, the figures banned about are about as accurate as any piece of string. as it's never a true or accurate figure, it safe to assume it's increased, you only have to browse the Brexit thread to see posters claiming an increase in hate crimes, police in sheffiled have stopped giving out reports of incidents on Facebook, no longer giving out warnings of local car crimes and theft and robbery home or car etc. Unless it's to highlight what wonderful job they've done. There used to be a Facebook daily incident report which was stopped.
  2. Given that crime isn't always reported by the public and that reported crime isn't always recorded by the police...... how long is that piece of string?
  3. I'll settle for borrowing one the councils Ranger boats......although last time I used it, it had around 4-6 holes in it.
  4. steve68

    Video evidence

    If ever a match should have had Var, it would have been the Millwall game Everton can and probably do feel hard done by , Millwall clearly handled into the net for an equaliser. loved the Millwalls Manger F-ing get that off the screen moment, when they replayed the incident on the grounds big screen. yesterdays Var was correct and played its part in a fair outcome, on a side note didn't Tango look great
  5. Managed to punch myself in the eye, scratching the cornea. happend when opening a box that was strapped, gave it a tug and when it didn't budge I gave it a much bigger tug.
  6. steve68

    Really slow broadband

    Last time we had slow BB issues BT checked the cabling to the house and renewed the cable, the engineer surprised by the amount of cracks in the cable that we'd ever had a good connection previously. when our Tenants had reoccurring issues with Virgin speed drops, I sent Virgin an old 2009 Pic of mine, Jeremy Corbin running the 100m he was quite nifty back then, asking why he was considerably quicker than Virgins BB speed, seemed to do the trick, next day they were switch to a higher speed free of charge and an engineer came out sorted everything for them. Fine figure of the Man himself.
  7. steve68

    Disgusting act in Ponds Forge.

    Thanks for that, I couldn't bring myself to follow the link
  8. steve68

    Disgusting act in Ponds Forge.

    Was it in the Men's or Womens?
  9. steve68

    Holocaust Memorial Day 27th Jan.

    I think Corbyn would probably be wise stay quiet this year, after previous Memorial Days. Was it Corbyn who organised an event in parliament called “Never Again for Anyone — Auschwitz to Gaza”. .? Previously on Holocaust Day, likening Israel to the Nazis, Corbyn along with McDonnell leading plans to scrap the wording Holocaust in favour of genocide.
  10. steve68

    Projects im Building or Working on!

    I use cheap metal bender, as 22mm i find 22mm to be quite tough going using springs. todays project was a simple pallet one, I made a basic strawberry crate, it should be big enough to hold 18-20 plants.
  11. steve68

    Projects im Building or Working on!

    That would be my view, I've just made something to hang my welding helmet on, most of the talk in the craft section is pretty much for paper, fabric crafters I might make the odd scented candles now and then, I'm not sure bending 22mm copper pipe fits in with those that already frequent the craft forum as it currently stands.
  12. You might find this Helpful, troubleshooting YouTube video.
  13. steve68

    Sunshine Deli Hillsborough 100% Plant Based

    We've eaten in the Sunshine Deli a couple of times, it's been decent and fair sized grub at reasonable prices, staff are dog friendly, it fits in with the area, it's not posh and it's also not trying to be trendy, which suits us We've also been on a Match day it wasn't packed, several Footy fans popped in, on the way to the game. its been a good addition to the area.
  14. steve68

    New forum feedback and questions

    Item location would be useful in the classifieds section
  15. However, they'll be least likely to vote Tory.

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