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  1. What's that coming over the hill Is it a monster? Is it a monster?
  2. He has and his modus operandi has been the same, with oddly the same responses from users, as he says other forums have deleted his posts and shutdown his threads, but overall he's consistent makes up stuff, gets called out then edits to make himself seem important etc. classic chekhov
  3. Don't forget to book an extra seat for maximum headroom, have a lovely trip.
  4. My question would be, if he has pointed out to the Mods just how wrong they were to do so, based on his wealth of experience, knowledge and of course his expert opinion.
  5. but isn't that the sort of thing a conspiracy theorist would say? genuine question although you may feel it to be a moot question. when would someone, be likely to accept they are a conspiracy theorist? filed under fiction
  6. Here is my original post . That makes much more sense 👍
  7. Talking of shame Man arrested after Covid deniers storm Liverpool hospital and accuse NHS staff of ‘aiding genocide’ "sovereign citizen" and "freeman on the land"
  8. finished 6th £20 not bad for a freeroll, say ta to Buddha for me... £95 total with earlier win, not bad for a zero investment.
  9. are we just doing specifics now?, sod that 🤣 i'm off to play poker, just had a 152x bonus off a 50p gameshow bonus, sleep well
  10. still ended up in hospital.....it relates to elderly people not the fit and healthy young ones
  11. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/19802330.double-jabbed-10-times-likely-hospitalised-covid-people-given-boosters/ why not read it after all you used the same source/site its 2nd jabbers that haven't for whatever reason taken up the offer of the booster
  12. ??? I think he means you're flogging a dead horse
  13. maybe the elderly people in question, thought they'd be ok without a booster, probably been on internet and facebook reading that it's all over now https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/19802330.double-jabbed-10-times-likely-hospitalised-covid-people-given-boosters/
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