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  1. If it's the old guy, I see him most mornings he pitches up just before 8am most days, when I've spoken to him he's told me he's homeless and spent the night there, even though I've watched him walk up Middlewood road minutes earlier and he's long gone once the area is quiet never see him once the shops are closed unless he then pitched up at Morrisons, hes out begging in all weathers, he chooses to pretend he's homeless. so anyone that chooses to give him money probably thinks he's genuine and they're helping an old guy out.
  2. Most mouth guards you'll need to put them in boiled water for a short time to soften them you then bite down on them to get the right fit.
  3. I never buy seed potatoes, I just use left over spuds that have sprouted, I grow using the previous years home compost, grown in a couple of bins, I tend to get really good crops. i aslo plant a tomato plant on top once the bin is full of compost, saves on space and the two crops get along really well?
  4. 189 attempts sounds a bit fanciful No doubt they might need an appointment for RSI after that!
  5. our G.P surgery has online booking which works really well, it's a busy place with several doctors and plenty of appointment slots, you can also order medication it does make it so much easier, A few years ago when I couldn't get an appointment at my G.P I was given a same day appointment at the Crookes hub made by my G.P receptionist http://www.primarycaresheffield.org.uk/extended-access/patients/
  6. I have this now and then, alternating heat and cold and take ibuprofen, mines normally down to the Sciatic nerve. I have an injection every few months which sometimes irritates the nerve and can last up to a week normally 3-4 days. other causes in the past have been from exercising too much (running), I had an assessment done by Simon Till a few years ago , it was well worth seeing someone like him, if it's something that becomes a longer term issue, as he diagnosed a labral tear in my hip and osteoarthritis. if it continues see your G.P
  7. Hopefully she's over it by now, not sure If we'll ever find out, unless she's only on a temporary Ban from the forum.
  8. Good result, but down West Ham keeper error ashocking goal from that point. Can't fault Utd for their work rate in games, highlights of the goal
  9. When people couple up or get married they become a unit its natural and What is wrong with a Female led Relationship? it's 2020 not 1820 whatever works for them is no business of Man/God or anyone else's checklist
  10. I've just watched the film Apostasy set in the Northern England story about JWs when they shun even their own family members for straying from the rules.
  11. watching Apostasy, it really good film and set in the North of England https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4729896/fullcredits well acted 10/10 it's uneasy subject matter, but it's well researched exposing the Dogma of JW worth a watch, directed by Daniel Kokotajlo it's as gritty and northern as any Ken loach film,
  12. At least have the perception to know it no one else's business except the couples , not some poisonous uninterested option from the masses. Couple of questions what have you based your own stinging judgements on? Why is Megan such a villain in your eyes?
  13. Typical British family found on every council estate, somewhat dysfunctional, just let them get on with It, ultimately they'll be shamelessly hanging out their dirty laundry when they feel like it, except maybe Andrew whos just been hung out to dry
  14. I'd probably not change anything, except maybe the time when I accidentally attended a Hamas supporters party in east London, (awkward) but funny. I'm thankful not religious, so I've never been tied to any of the religious Dogma other people seem to be held down by, although I do seem to fit in with a Luciferian philosophy.
  15. The OP has access to the Internet and can navigate this Fourm well enough, almost all surgeries offer simple online booking these days, I had a look at mine this morning over 50 appointments were still available over the next 8 days. I said maybe better education is needed, she aslo stated she was worked as qualified nurse on another thread so I would have expect that there would be a level of understanding to seek treatment for infections and source for information. anomalies occur but it's not always straightforwardly the surgeries fault.
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