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  1. Could be Covid 19 related, SCC has made no decision to the when the restarting of any FO working groups across Sheffield will happen.
  2. I've been playing some bingo and quizzes that are free to play on the gambling sites, banking the winnings so far £230 in under 4 weeks. It's like having a part-time job at the moment, whilst I'm shielding.
  3. According to their site they are adding slots at 11am Monday-Friday, https://www.iceland.co.uk/book-delivery
  4. It's maybe better to look at the days when they put on the extra priority slots! Might be worth looking on Thursday at 11am and see if theIr are more general slots available? the actual delivery procedure, texts and process is really good.
  5. Probably best to ring first save a wasted journey unless it local
  6. Yes it's been very helpful, it's very week since the beginning of April, sometimes two or it's three emails with slots, a once week shop is all I need so I've not had any problems other than a few items out of stock, but even then they emailed and sent a code for £10 off a £50 shop.
  7. Iceland email me when they are doing the vulnerable priority slots, this week it's 9am-11am Tuesday and Thursday, it's then open and accessible to the general public at 11am they aslo state in thier email that, We’re currently releasing delivery slots to the general public at 11am Monday to Friday.
  8. Likewise I'm in category for the extremely vulnerable group, I got my first delivery slot on 9th April Morrison have a telephone line for both vulnerable and also the elderly to place orders over the phone although it's does require the use of chip and pin on delivery to pay for the items. https://www.morrisons-corporate.com/media-centre/corporate-news/morrisons-introduces-new-measures-aimed-at-helping-vulnerable-and-elderly-during-crisis/
  9. Update on the The Gardeners Rest https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2734230000020747&id=975025245941240&ref=page_internal they've also added Wednesday 4pm - 6pm to the Friday, Saturday and Sunday takeaway days.
  10. That's the crux of it, I very much doubt he'd be refused a remorgage on his personal properties from say Virgin Money or any other at market rates. https://uk.virginmoney.com/mortgages/tools/
  11. Yes Sheffield 2018 https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/two-sheffield-police-officers-who-clearly-loved-mr-motivators-tramlines-workout-434379 I'm sure i heard him last year as well.
  12. I was reading something last week from the CDC website, which stated those with severe or critical cases, recovery can take up to 6 weeks.
  13. Hes 67, he was at Tramlines in Hillsborough park, fair play to him, he's doing well for his age.
  14. Thanks, you're right, My thoughts too are for those that are going through this alone, or maybe don't yet understand how to access help, clearly the Government and NHS have the data and are using it to find those who may need help, and let's not to forget those people that signed up to volunteer and are willing to help, the U.K isn't too shabby when it comes to good people, you just have look at all our key workers and people fund raising like Tom Moore. I'll have a look at the programme on catchup, luckily for us it should be pretty be manageable, we also have a garden that helps.
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