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  1. Tories are fielding Hannah Westropp as thier candidate in my constituency of Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, she doesn't live in Sheffield and rides the Belvoir Hunt, which says everything I need to know, not to vote for her. keep this real beast out of Parliament, and those like her. anyone who is intending to vote for her, please think twice,.
  2. I have tried them, they' make a decent quick no fuss substitute to a meal that would normally be meat and veg. Like horribleblob says pies are a good option, and there are plenty of ready made options available.
  3. Easy option would be a quorn roast. maybe veggie haggis
  4. Not that difficult to find 2011 Corbyn sponsored the motion. https://edm.parliament.uk/early-day-motion/42381
  5. I don't dislike him, but after meeting him a few times in person, I can't say I like him either that was 10yrs ago, whilst we were both doing things for InterPal (non terrorist group) at the time, but it strikes me he hasn't changed at all. He's a typical people pleaser, tells people his opinions too whatever he hears in the breeze, whilst leaving a trap door to excuse and escape any definitive promises. he's a well honed MP that said I actually disliked Brown! But still Voted labour.
  6. Clearly bookmakers think Labours the Joke
  7. Nah.......Just the price of a coffee lol thought I'd balance out my other bet on a conservative and Brexit coalition
  8. I've just had a cheeky punt 28/1 for a Labour Majority.
  9. Dang that a long wait, maybe you should probably tell us the name of your surgery, Thankfully I never have that problem at my surgery, last month alone I booked 4 nurse appointments plus 3 G.P appointments! Looking at online booking, if I wanted to book my G.P I could get an appointment early Wednesday morning. No trouble at all booking any of these appointments,
  10. Did you mean, Gareth? 0-6 means nothing! It doesn't cure a bitter twisted thug mentality, it just humiliating to a small degree and they'll probably just take it out on their own locals in some antisocial way. after leaving the stadium they don't suddenly revert back to decent human beings, these issues are way beyond football alone.
  11. Reports in Hillsborough and Walkley this morning, 4 white lads, trying doors at 3:30am and 4:30am
  12. Well, My old part of the city was officially known as Banglatown! Bit background https://www.eastlondonlines.co.uk/2012/11/mayor-joins-campaign-against-banglatown-name-change/ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/7411512.stm 2022 will be interesting down in Banglatown Ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman will be running and no doubt will get a massive landslide victory.
  13. The were 5 lads out checking driveways and back yards in Hillsborough 3:30am around 2 weeks ago? The police went looking for them, but they'd disappeared! They were after a niebhours Motorbike, which is heavily chained and secured, 2 were on lookout whilst the other three tried tackling the bike. Always worth double checking doors and locks are secured.
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