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  1. Sad for all the Gardens volunteers , Sheffield Age uk and contractors working on the building. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/restoration-of-historic-sheffield-building-hampered-by-vandals-and-thieves-3358644
  2. Fail to see what the football, speedway and dog track have to do with events within the park,. The o/p has a history of posting negativity toward Hillsborough park for hosting events, and has always sites these event should be held elsewhere, nowt new fromthe O/P
  3. Sad news, she had that rare commodity in a politician, she was someone that cared for people. R.I.P
  4. I gone very low tech and use a small off cut from a hose pipe! When pointing
  5. Looks like you need to complete a simple old fashioned Pro forma invoice for shipping, plenty of templates and videos online to help with that, have a google.
  6. As a neutral (hammers) fan, I see nowt wrong with your manager! It's been a messed up season, No fans and Sheffield Utd more than any club they've missed the support of their fans. keep the manager and go again next season with the same setup, and hopefully bounce back up. onwards and upwards.
  7. Talented footballer but Lived life to excess and it caught up with him, I feel sorry for the doctor being investigated and scapegoated for a flawed individuals death.
  8. We bought our oak planters off the classifieds here, had them several years now and are still in very good nick, they do get advertised regularly, so worth keeping an eye out here, you could also try Facebook and eBay for local sellers.
  9. Ants are generally good for soil and plants they control pests and help with aceration of soil they can cause minor plant roots a problem if they build nests directly under a plant, if any plants have dark mould on their leaves ants will actually help.
  10. Could be Covid 19 related, SCC has made no decision to the when the restarting of any FO working groups across Sheffield will happen.
  11. I've been playing some bingo and quizzes that are free to play on the gambling sites, banking the winnings so far £230 in under 4 weeks. It's like having a part-time job at the moment, whilst I'm shielding.
  12. According to their site they are adding slots at 11am Monday-Friday, https://www.iceland.co.uk/book-delivery
  13. It's maybe better to look at the days when they put on the extra priority slots! Might be worth looking on Thursday at 11am and see if theIr are more general slots available? the actual delivery procedure, texts and process is really good.
  14. Probably best to ring first save a wasted journey unless it local
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