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  1. steve68

    Can my neighbour alter my security light ?

    I know what you mean, however it costs nothing to be considerate, I've been tackling our large tree today, it's having its yearly pruning however whilst having a break from being 20-30ft up it, lopping off branches, my new Niebhour nextdoor has laid herself out to sunbathe, so I'll finish it tomorrow and leave her to enjoy her peace. half the time disputes are over very small annoyances, if any one my Niebhours came and moved lights on my property because it was interfering with there property, I'd thank them and think nothing of it, if someone came and used a lump hammer, well it would have to have a 3 metre handle and a set of steps. as always 2 sides to every story, and stubbornness never helps. If the O/P is insistent on lighting up her property, maybe buy lights that point towards rather than away from the house and you can get barn doors to control the spread of light.
  2. steve68

    Can my neighbour alter my security light ?

    However the O/P seems happy to interfere with someone else's property by lightning it up, even if they have blinds they may just not want someone lighting up their property, and may see it as increasing thier risk of being broken into. we have motion sensor floodlights that are set to come on for 50sec, our view is anything set to permanently illuminate over night, is just giving an intruder a light to work by. also our CCTV records in night vision, all our devices, lights and CCTV only cover our property with no over spill. I can see why the O/P wants these measures, but I can also see why they maybe causing an issue too.
  3. Food wastage in the uk is already problematic, we are a country full of wasters. On the plus side people will be saving money on not having to go to weight watchers and slimming world etc https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/jan/10/uk-throwing-away-13bn-of-food-each-year-latest-figures-show
  4. steve68

    May local elections

    Good luck with that, just remember to hone the key skills in BS and the ability to take credit or align other people's achievements as your own whilst having little or no actual imput yourself whilst self promotion are prominent factors of a successful candidate. maybe join or organise with local groups, and always remember to get the local rag to to take a pic! Something like a litter pick are always an easy one, again good luck
  5. I was thinking a few more people, and maybe they'd be able to replicate thier brown faces campaign poster only in white this time
  6. steve68

    Stolen bird feeders

    I'm the same I use a spray bottle with bleach, and stock rotate the feeders, as I make my own using wood and large beer bottles it's not difficult to take them out of circulation for cleaning.
  7. steve68

    Stolen bird feeders

    https://www.allaboutbirds.org/how-to-clean-your-bird-feeder/ probably seems a bit over the top, but they suggest more than just a wipe.
  8. steve68

    Stolen bird feeders

    More likely if they've been up since Oct until now, they may just regarded as a risk, if they've not been cleaned not saying you haven't cleaned them, but there is a risk as the weather warms up from from droppings or mouldy food, which can provide breeding grounds for parasites and bacteria.
  9. https://swfccp.co.uk/health/walking-football/ Link for SWFC walking footie
  10. steve68

    New Ventures in Hillsborough

    Closed about a week or so ago, opened up as a savers. walked past Holme Lane earlier, the new micro sport bar is up and running
  11. steve68

    Labour Graves Park leaflet

    It's the Liebour council, how many times they have claimed credit for other people's efforts in their leaflets, Hillsborough has had a few, they make everyone think they are doing the hard work, we get this in Hillsborough, there was a thread on the Hillsborough Park a dedicated running track, the Pond and no doubt when the Coach House is done it'll be a Liebour achievement after all they will and have turned up for a photo shoot. despite it being Ageuk and private charities funds that will bring it to life. Councils have always neglected parks, the Walled Garden would now be a council car park, if locals hadn't had acted in the 90s raised and did the volunteering work.
  12. No it impossible to gage only estimated at best, the figures banned about are about as accurate as any piece of string. as it's never a true or accurate figure, it safe to assume it's increased, you only have to browse the Brexit thread to see posters claiming an increase in hate crimes, police in sheffiled have stopped giving out reports of incidents on Facebook, no longer giving out warnings of local car crimes and theft and robbery home or car etc. Unless it's to highlight what wonderful job they've done. There used to be a Facebook daily incident report which was stopped.
  13. Given that crime isn't always reported by the public and that reported crime isn't always recorded by the police...... how long is that piece of string?
  14. I'll settle for borrowing one the councils Ranger boats......although last time I used it, it had around 4-6 holes in it.
  15. steve68

    Video evidence

    If ever a match should have had Var, it would have been the Millwall game Everton can and probably do feel hard done by , Millwall clearly handled into the net for an equaliser. loved the Millwalls Manger F-ing get that off the screen moment, when they replayed the incident on the grounds big screen. yesterdays Var was correct and played its part in a fair outcome, on a side note didn't Tango look great

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