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  1. Given his attitude to civilian targets in Ukraine Theatres, libraries, schools, hospitals, train stations etc and the death toll of Russian soldiers I doubt this attack would have raised his pulse rate. There will be an investigation that will end as always denials of any fault from the kremlin
  2. Rochdale could easily follow, Tower Hamlets interesting progression https://web.archive.org/web/20101018183949/http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/8068839/PICS-AND-PUBLISH-Tower-Hamlets-extremist-vote-poses-Eds-first-big-election-test.html With a political landscape https://democracy.towerhamlets.gov.uk/mgMemberIndex.aspx?bcr=1
  3. no cure for psychopathy https://modlab.yale.edu/news/can-psychopaths-be-cured
  4. Lighter fluid works a treat
  5. Gold has always been seen as a good investment maybe it was his future pension pot. Personally, I've not worn jewellery since the 90s since a curb chain unfortunately fell down the back of a friends sofa whilst I was decorating for her, her girlfriend found it attached to a bra 🤣 cue the fireworks between them 🤣
  6. Jokes aside I expect just ike the flu jab seasonally, if you're immunocompromised it's no joke. As others have said every drug has its effects, without the Anti-TNF medication 13 years so far, I'd be wheelchair bound as my over active immune system would have fused my joints, as it is I now have a weakened immune system but upside is I'm fully active thats the balance. first 10 years at cost £1,000 a month, now much cheaper as the patent run out.
  7. When I read any conspiracy posts i always picture the guy 1 minute into this video, hes amazing
  8. I can see Blue cards helping out referees bottling out giving Red cards at the Bigger Clubs.
  9. I've been fortunate, I've not had whiff of a cold for several years. my pre-existing conditions pre-covid I was classified as extremely vulnerable. last month I replastered a 3 bed house despite having wear n tear to a shoulder joint, I still managed the ceilings. Unfortunately taking anti tumour necrosis factor medication means I'll always be in the vulnerable category for infections and cancers. So I'll be rolling up my sleeves as and when needed.
  10. On a personal note, more than happy with my 8 jabs and I'll happily have my 9th whenever its scheduled, Medical issues and disrupted work etc was a pain, but work is now back on track houses prices are good at the auctions, we've bought and done up 3 houses in last 15 months, any money lost during covid has been made up now.
  11. Despite the watered down 2017 charter. Unfortunately the 1988 charter has yet to be revoked by Hamas and they know they wont. I Should really have said cant, due to its popularity amongst Hamas hardliners.
  12. I went yesterday, only noticed one person wearing a mask in MSK dept and Physiotherapy
  13. We have the ability to change, their beliefs do not allow this, therefore only one side has that conscience to change , those 3 leaders of Hamas that have a 11 billion fortune, living up in Dubai, but the world has to fund Gaza with aid, as you say strange world, the more lives lost is seen as a victory by the elected Hamas leaders, but then they are indoctrinated that the next world is paradise. Hitlers party took 14 years 1924 to 1938 backed by thier population Hamas are following the Nazi blueprint.
  14. Which is exactly what it reads for Jews. And, They make no bones about it.
  15. Unsurprising. I posted this link earlier, its the Hamass charter, they've an identical ideology to Naxi Germany, who were also cheered by the homeland masses. https://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/hamas.asp
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