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  1. Oh well, I'm guessing Boris, Moggy and the rest of the little boys gang of Brexitiers will have to settle for a soggy biscuit challenge to comfort and console themselves. altough this result may have killed the mood even for that
  2. steve68

    Field needed

    The Arena is separate from the Park, Tramlines hired out the arena for their acts, staff and media , they possibly could be a fit for the O/P, they have a Facebook page, they also have an account on SF too. as for the Park it generally doesn't have toilet facilities, only in the pavilion which is closed a lot of the times, it's the Parks real downfall, hopefully that will change in 2020 with the help of the Age Uk coach house development.
  3. steve68

    Field needed

    Hillsborough Park doesn't have any camping facilities.
  4. Good news on the SSC Newsroom site, getting a bit closer to having the Old Hillsborough Park Coach House turned into a user Centre and Cafe. https://sheffieldnewsroom.co.uk/news/hillsborough-parks-dementia-friendly-centre-and-cafe-moves-a-step-closer/?fbclid=IwAR1OxxmB7ZgOTXEANgEoCJYsbistkFAiWcTdmMyfFMFKrwvbVAvWohBwKc8
  5. steve68

    Bottle opener £8

    Bottle Opener Asking price: £8 Condition of item: very Good Location: Hillsborough S6 Further details. Crafted from reclaimed wood and Materials, an ideal gift for those that like bottled craft beers. Collection from S6 2 mins from the Hillsborough interchange.
  6. steve68

    Cold radiator

    I've found a few whacks with a rubber mallet starting from bottom to top can help, it's worked at 3 different properties so far. alternative to a mallet would be a rubber heel of a shoe or trainer.
  7. steve68

    Vegan cookery course with shed

    To be fair it's a large part of my diet and the o/p has presented us with a pic of chopped and peeled fruit n veg, I'm more unimpressed that it's in Bakewell and not in Neepsend
  8. Mark Carney becomes British citizen, I guess he's not too worried either. https://www.hamhigh.co.uk/news/politics/camden-mayor-jenny-headlam-wells-confirms-bank-chief-as-brit-1-5792615
  9. Not just him, Sheffield Greens have a similar stance.
  10. steve68

    A new micropub in Hillsborough

    I'm sure the new owners will be keen for it to be a success, both for them and also the area itself. I also heard that they've put in soundproofing, as there was a concern raised by a member of the public about the possible high level of noise from people drinking and chatting. Looks a good venture and presumably a good starting point to find one of the local councillors for the area, if you need him. I certainly might be tempted to wander over from the Walled Garden, depending on its opening times.
  11. steve68

    A new micropub in Hillsborough

    Just noticed on Facebook they are advertising for a manager
  12. funny, but my preference is the the Brexit titanic
  13. steve68

    Coca Cola Christmas Truck

    Sounds like Xmas will be spoiled for the good folk of Liverpool hardly surprising as they had protests to Ban it from Liverpool last year. Commercialised twaddle at its finest
  14. Might be just practicing for Saturday, it's extinction rebellion you know
  15. steve68

    Rising Beer Prices!!

    If in Neepsend. Try the Gardeners Rest https://gardenerscomsoc.wordpress.com Prices are ok Morris dancers Video shows the outside and inside