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  1. Early days, only missing out on a playoff spot would be a failure, winning the league would be great for the Owls, but promotion by any means would mean success this season.
  2. Mine is a medical condition I had testicular failure, Testosterone levels dropped to 2.8 then following a couple of removals 0.8 after a dodgy start to TRT and questionable levels of greater than 52, so high it wasn't recordable, currently I'm at 18 which my Endo concluded 15 is the low end where I function, anything in the 20s is good for me. I know that seems high, but as she told me the levels they work from is based on an average sample of 1,000 men and some are high some are low, and for me high teens to mid twenties is ok, as it doesn't impact on my blood tests, PSA 1.3 was exceptionality low given I'd had relations with the G/F with 12hrs prior to testing and the rest of my blood work is excellent. its crappy that doctors won't entertain TRT until testosterone levels fit neatly at, I think it's 8 or lower. Only downside is they do test and inject a lot,
  3. Sorry to hear that, I think It should be mandatory for anyone 50+ to get a PSA check, then at least they'd have a baseline to start from, or if it's already high risk.
  4. True, I generally get a PSA and Digit exam, as they can feel for bumps and irregularities, I've had two this year and due a third soon, I only scored a 1.3 on the last PSA so very low risk despite my high Testosterone use that's been my highest level so far, however the Dr. knows best, so I do as she asks.
  5. The Finger digit is a cheaper option
  6. Probably his comprehensive education! An Inability to socially fit in with the Tory elite or it could be the oversized chip he carries about on his shoulder, altough its probably only, just a normal size chip on an average sized person.
  7. A Strip of Velcro Would do the trick.
  8. Mans cure for all issues in the home, Gaffa Tape
  9. The key word was (traits) Another one I maybe should have added was that of Neuroticism
  10. Losing his seat was possibly the best thing that could have happened to Clegg, he was looking tired and washed out as a politician. seven figure salary from FB and his recent expenses claimed parachute payment as an ex deputy PM £113k from the uk should put the pep back into him?
  11. I guess people like to think themselves as being intellectuals, but I dare say no better or worse than the current set of clowns down at Westminster. This thread is for those afforded with perfectionist traits.
  12. Its been basically, a dozen or so Posters with several thousand posts each.
  13. Not that I've Eaten any meat for a few decades but.....animal welfare has been mentioned by Tv chefs stressed animals does affects a meats quality.
  14. Lime also takes an age to dry out
  15. Here's a bit on the BBC news site https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-49294784
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