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    Adult unused sleeping bag free with pocket for pillow collection only S2.


  2. Can anyone tell me what is the best glue to use for sticking felt to cardboard please.
  3. I have inhalers delivered & i dont sign for them.
  4. Would your next door neighbour take it in?
  5. I get my meds from pharmacy2u. They email when i need to order send, email when they get prescription from docs, email when its sent out. Iv used it for years as im disabled i cant get out in bad weather. I recommend them never had any problems at all. Keep well, keep safe.
  6. Ok thanks i will have a look
  7. I have got a really old table i have had it french polished. Does anyone know what is the best cover/table cloth will be best for it, i dont want it to get damaged or scratches on. Thanks
  8. I go in the market just down the ramp
  9. I went a few weeks ago no problems they all wear face shields. I have got cataracts as well.
  10. Have you tried Atkinsons? There is 2 cafes there. Hope this helps.
  11. Im looking for Stephen and Cynthia Parker from Rotherham. If any one knows them can you get in touch please doing family tree. Thanks
  12. I managed to do an online shop with asda at 3am.no problem with web site. Getting it delivered on 14th next month just when i wanted it!
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