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  1. Im looking for Stephen and Cynthia Parker from Rotherham. If any one knows them can you get in touch please doing family tree. Thanks
  2. I managed to do an online shop with asda at 3am.no problem with web site. Getting it delivered on 14th next month just when i wanted it!
  3. Thanks enntee you are a star!!
  4. Can some one please help me? Can my brother sign my will if i dont leave him anything.
  5. I always say all calls are traceable & recorded. As my husband works for south yorkshire police fraud squad. It works every time they just put the phone down.
  6. I am disabled & often have to stand on buses, i once asked some-one to move the shopping bagsfrom a disabled seat so i could sit down & got a reply of no i have not got any where to put my bags!!!
  7. Its not only first bus drivers that are a problem, i am walking with crutches, i got on a stage coach bus had to ask the driver if he could drop the step down so i could get off, after he tutted and huffed a bit did do it & then said is that good eunough for you?
  8. Hi can you please tell me your mane, i lived at the top of Channing Street & went to Walkley school
  9. I got mine 2 weeks ago, i phoned them & i got reply Saturday
  10. My brother used to go, he was a boarder i think it was about 83 when he left. He used to go back & see staff, so they set him on in the kitchens (he always loved cooking), they sent him to college on day release. He loved it at Bents Green.
  11. I have had trouble in the past i found the council VERY helpfull good luck no one deserves that!!
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