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  1. The main reason rats are seen out in the daytime in parks is because they've lost their source of night time street food, they've been forced to change their nocturnal habits as humans adapt to Covid restrictions, that's the real cause of more sightings. eventually if they run out of food sources, they'll start invading homes people see them as being bolder, they are just hungry and following their noses to find food. if they don't find food sources then they'll eat their own.
  2. Not forgetting, those calling for action negate to think that the use of more poisons in our parks , will also threaten smaller animals and birds of prey such as an array of Hawks and owls etc, where rats are part of their food chain. dont feed rats and they move on, numbers only increase when food is plentiful when it's not they decrease in numbers as they'll eat each other.
  3. Most toIlets have an isolation valve on the cold feed to the toilet, maybe the o/p should check.
  4. Given the current political climate, with cuts to funding its impressive to see my local area looking so good (Hillsborough). There's been few additions new Mirco pubs, new shops, private housing and the proposed flats being built over the Exchange, looks like the council have obviously invested money on the Park. Driving around I've seen new fencing top and bottom of the park and the secret garden looks great the SCC gardeners do such a great job at the park no wonder they got the Tramlines festival to come to Hillsborough, it's clear the councillors are keen to improve places such as Hillsborough Park, so credit were its due our local councillors have been busy, finding the time to help the local community litter picking etc, I read in the Star news about a dementia cafe, so it'll be nice when the park gets a Cafe. Locally, I'm not sure what the other parties have to offer? Guessing any leafleting has been targeted, as we've not had any Leaflets at all. shame as I the last local labour council election candidate, had many interesting local achievements, this year I'm not feeling the choice.
  5. I was working 7 days a week over in Brightside over Xmas and new year, typical day finished between 10pm and Midnight, I walked to Hillsborough each night, there were a few dubious characters from the wicker right down to Hillsborough, mostly either trying to sell me drugs or trying to beg some coinage. I'm not a shrinking violet by any description so im not intimidated, I just simply decline their requests without trying to provoke anyone. However I did almost get jumped by a couple of lads on bikes between shalesmoor and the Tesco on infirmary road, they stalked me for a few hundred yards several times circling back To follow me, I took a side street dropped my bag behind a wall and when they came up the road after me, I turned and asked if they had a problem? After some eyeballing they excused themselves. I think you're always going to get the weird and not so wonderful in any area, especially during the late and early hours, they tend to be creeping around the streets, you need to be tuned into your surroundings and be alert.
  6. Are these in private properties or public areas? I've dodged a fair bit of Dog mess on Walkley lane, so I can see posters could well be welcomed by some locals.
  7. lol the free Tomato plants from the walled garden last weekend were massive, I measured mine at nearly 3 and a half foot.
  8. I found this old leaflet online, it would have been a travesty if it had been turned into a car park. http://btckstorage.blob.core.windows.net/site598/Documents/Walled%20Garden%20Leaflet.pdf I've read the thread here SF from 2005 on the walled garden, when it was threatened with closure, seems it's survived a few closure attempts.
  9. Great day out at Hillsborough park today, we accidentally popped up to the Walled garden we didn't know it existed, but we have to say what a real Gem of a place, we bought some small bedding plants from the volunteers as they were giving out a free Tomato plant to anyone who wanted one, really decent 3ft plants too. Friendly and relaxing I'd encourage and recommend it to anyone looking for a quiet oasis, you can tell a lot of effort is put in by the volunteers that look after it.
  10. I've a new found respect for the uk and foreign unemployed, having met quite a few at the end of November, I can genuinely say I feel for them, decent honest and let down by employers who hire on zero hours, these people in particular were/are Royal Mail casuals hired in October on the promise of shift work through the Xmas period only to have their start dates put back by 2 weeks, then in the last couple of weeks to have every shift cancelled some very late on the very day they are meant to be working, this has been happening around the country not just to casuals hired for Xmas, but also by agency workers on zero hour contracts. The only reason given for cancellations is not enough volume of work available, I can only imagine the inconvenience it must cause to their benefits etc meanwhile on the postal workers forum they are reporting very high levels of missed deliveries stacking up in delivery depots due the high volume of work. based on the contact I have had with these supposed scrounges they are very far from work shy people just shafted by a system that is stacked against them, I can count myself to be in a very privileged position having never been in their a situation or likely ever to be, to be booked for 24 shifts and only needed on 2 of them must be so frustrating wasted travel expenses etc, Seems to be very little good will being shown at anytime of the year generally for those in economically hardship, they bare the brunt of any public or tabloid outcry.
  11. I doubt they'll be any friendly deals under the negotiations table from Trump, I think May will want his hands firmly above the table at all times..
  12. I had this with an item that I sold a few months back, I'd listed as collection only as it was only a £2 item, then someone in London bidded and won, they took a week to pay, I had offered them the option to pullout, but they went and arranged a courier to pick it up. I now make sure I stipulate no couriers, otherwise I can see me ending up having to wait in or open up late, in this case they were lucky as I'd opened up an hour early and caught the courier as I arrived, just as he was about to post a card saying he'd tried to pick up. When doing refunds worth noting, if they've paid by PayPal you won't get the fees back that PayPal will have taken for handling the transaction.
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