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  1. When are you going to give all your money away?
  2. Sheffield will vote Labour and then complain about them for the next 4 years
  3. We are fortunate to live in a country where anyone regardless of race, sex or sexual preference can succeed Why should I give away my money I have worked hard all my life for?
  4. I don't blame entrepreneurs who work hard to make a good living I blame our open borders and the people who expect free council housing
  5. Sheffield's most wanted list https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/seven-men-with-links-to-sheffield-wanted-by-police-over-murders-full-list-revealed-3213721
  6. Watch this comment from Douglas Murray https://youtu.be/QCJUEqppqNk
  7. They'd find me dead in a hotel room in Vegas within 6 months With a Huge smile on my face
  8. These "Asylum Seekers" wanted to be in a safe country Well Rwanda is a safe country You'd think they be grateful
  9. As an atheist to me it's just a book But that religion expects everyone to play by their rules regardless of what country they are in Malmö is now a slum in a warzone And Europe will be the same by the end of the century
  10. If they won't do their jobs then we should find people who will We need to get rid of these unelected left wing civil servants who are going against the will of the majority in this country People are sick of our kindness being used as our weakness
  11. It's only a matter of time until one of the people that arrives by boat kills more children at a pop concert in Manchester or rapes someone I guess that's the price we pay so you can scream at the Tories
  12. Another lie You also know that we are not deporting any failed asylum seekers either Liberals like you are using the courts to stop that happening Once theyre in they're in and you know that's the truth I'm not sure if youre just lying to me or to yourself
  13. Asylum is a loophole being used by economic migrants And you know it is
  14. What a ridiculous question... Sneaking out of France on a boat in the middle of the night is illegal....its how we try to stop rapists and murderers escaping justice Sneaking into a country without going through border checks is illegal....thats how we try to stop rapists and murderers from coming into the country I suggest you go to the airport and try and get on a plane without a passport or ticket and see how far you get
  15. 1000 people arrived illegally by boat yesterday and it will continue everyday for at least 6 months All those men need to be housed, fed, given free healthcare and support Most are young men and nearly all are muslim How is that sustainable for any country especially one that is a tiny island?
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