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  1. Yeah I paint the thing with oil then add the egg and a teaspoon of water Perfeck
  2. I poach eggs in the microwave.....bought a thing on eBay to do it too
  3. You're very predictable When picking sides do you always just pick the little guy? Or the minority Do you wait to see what side conservatives are gonna lick so you can just pick the other side?
  4. I don't actually have nuclear weapons I had a curry last night though....nearly the same thing If not worse
  5. In English please? 🤷‍♂️ Well the leaders are all staying in penthouses of 6 star hotels in Doha Cowards I hope that they order room service and Mosssad delivers it for them with cyanide on their champagne and lobsters
  6. We gave AK-47s to savages who think that stoning women to death is punishment for not covering your face and ankles Supported by lefties who think that Trump is a nazi
  7. Yeah his local shop is owned by a Pakistani guy so he's well versed on world affairs So he can tell us all how ignorant we are because he buys his milk from a Pakistani guy
  8. Your post will get deleted because it upsets people I said they should nuke the middle east See how they think god is great when theyre covered in ash I'm.sick of war
  9. I bet Organgrinder owns a car....probably 2 so his wife can drive away from him I'd like to see him sell it and donate the money to those rich idiots Don't Stop Oil
  10. He should've just sat on his doorstep and waited for the council to come sort it out ....like everyone else does Since COVID people don't know how to do anything for themselves anymore They expect the government to do it
  11. The left hate the Jews They have even.expelled Corbyn and Abbott because of it It's there for everyone to see The lefties call conservatives.nazis but it's them who is hateful bigots
  12. No one wants to see anyone terrified..... especially children. But how can we end war? The only way is to make people absolutely sick of it....it's how the British people have got to where we are Yes we have been horrendous for hundreds of years but it's within our DNA that this is not how we want to live It's within our DNA to be loving and peaceful but that has come at a price It's naive to assume that everyone thinks like us and has learned the same lessons Islam is peaceful but there is an element that is violent and unforgiving Like Christianity once was We learned through hundreds of years of war and pain and suffering We don't want it anymore.....we don't want religion anymore That's why we are so sick and tired of the BS We felt this all ended when we got rid of the Nazis but now we are importing islamic extremism We don't want it because we've had enough of war not because they're brown
  13. The Palestinians could live anywhere they wanted...... Well not the middle east because they don't like Muslim Refugees But they chose to live in Israel the tiny slither of land in the middle east Not for any reason that the Jews want it They hate the Jews. They want them all dead. They hate their liberal views on everything like gays and women And the irony is they are supported by the left who think that someone's life and career should be destroyed because a man asked out a woman at the Christmas party Or a British person said that trans rapists shouldn't be in a womans prison The left are a bunch of lunatics who should be ignored like children
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