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31 minutes ago, pattricia said:

Thanks for your replies. So do I have to ask my bank what is the maximum I can draw out in one go ?

Or just go to a Cash Machine and try your luck.   If you're hoping for £500, type that amount in.   It'll either give it out or tell you  what your Maximum amount is.

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I have vague memories about going to places called "pubs" many months ago, and people looking down their noses at me as I paid for drinks with money as they wafted a piece of plastic in the rough direction of the bar staff and paid by contactless.  I also have memories of the panic in their faces when the Visa system went down, and only cash transactions were accepted.  The next drink when that happened always tasted better!


As cash machines (ATMs) are getting to be an endangered species, perhaps sometime in the near future pubs (those that survive the pandemic) will have to close every time Visa or Mastercard stops working or loses connection to the premises in question.

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1 hour ago, dsweetman said:

I thought cash was dead!I have cash ,coins and notes,that have been in my pocket for almost a year!🤣

If I need cash, I have to take my wallet to the Northern General Hospital where they perform Open Wallet Surgery on it.

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