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  1. You can drown you sorrows with wales losing
  2. Barcelona. Freddie Mercury +Montserrat caballe
  3. As title says. Songs with place names in the lyrics is this the way to Amarillo. Tony Christie
  4. Still off until tomorrow afternoon. Soooooo bored That’s very generous of you.
  5. This thread makes all the people on here crazy. Welcome to the gang
  6. Some forces seem to enforce it more than others. But some of these scooters you can hire bit like those yellow bikes we had.
  7. I’ve got a wire brush if you want to use that
  8. And I’ve got to have nearly 90 hours off. Not happy about that. Will drown my sorrows with the peach water That tastes great. That’s how long my drink has been waiting for me.
  9. I’m home now. Get the water out of fridge please
  10. Seasons in the sun. Terry jacks
  11. Pads. Could you dust down my peach water. Will be done very early tonight
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