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  1. No it’s too hard a steel bolt plus one end is in a sealed box section which is not accessible
  2. I’ve bought a car and it’s got a subframe bolt that’s snapped so my plan is to cut the old broken bolt down then put the sleeve over it then weld a new piece of bolt in using the sleeve to bridge the 2 pieces hence the sleeve can not be threaded. The diameter of the broken bolt is approximately 20 mm Did think of that but thought sleeve would be better and also using sleeve would ensure the new bolt piece will be straight as it’s going through a subframe
  3. Not sure of internal dimensions hence wanting to try it in person Need to be steel as I’m going to weld two pieces of steel rod together using it as a jointing sleeve
  4. Anywhere in Sheffield I can get a metal joining sleeve like these on eBay 132361291647. Can’t order off eBay as need to check item for fit first
  5. 21 y o man killed on piper last night 1758
  6. Morning mate. Been a murder near you and janes last night 1756
  7. You must have insurance as well now if it's even parked on a public road. It's called. Continuous insurance. Failure is a fine
  8. Very easy to do it online. Only takes 5 minutes
  9. Can’t see any government adopting this ,why should they when they can make money twice over ( once on ved and then on tax on fuel ) but I would love it to be come reality
  10. No I checked my speedo as I passed him 😂😂😂but seriously it was on news
  11. Talk about being ungrateful 🤔🤔🤔🙁🙁🙁
  12. One driver recently got his rig up to 89 mph on the a66 and was overtaking cars on there.
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