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  1. I don't believe you wat 30 minutes for a 52 ! With two Operators running the 52 service that's not possible.
  2. I didn't say I'd want to see Wednesday go "out of existence". I said if they or any other Club break the rules they should be punished .
  3. Whether they are Blades are not is irrelevant. If Wednesday or any other team break the rules they should be punished.
  4. It's more than a "Light Drizzle" in Woodhouse !
  5. Yes the atmosphere was great. Though I must admit when todays crowd are in full flow with the Greasy Chip Butty song it reminds of those times !!
  6. I have to agree with you. I've been a Blade over 50 years and that has to be the best team I've ever seen !!
  7. One of my favourites !
  8. Either way it's still a good decision by Sainsbury's others should follow suit and they should be limited to organised displays.
  9. This used to be a weekly event for me when I was 2, 3 or 4 years old. I was taken by my Mum and Nan when they did the family washing. I remember the heat and the steam !
  10. There are a few shops where you are able to use the Toilets under this agreement.
  11. Excellent, thanks for the heads up !
  12. So it was. However I still stand by my post of it being a safety issue too.
  13. It could simply be a Welfare issue. The child has a broken leg , is using crutches. If they got knocked over in the School and caused further injury to themselves then who takes the blame ?
  14. Thanks, didn't know that. I'll give them a ring
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