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  1. WWW.Platesforcars , website states they don't ask for Documents.
  2. Hi, Northern Power have closed . Don't know of anyone who repairs tools (apart from the one's already mentioned) Throw away society these days !!
  3. I've spoken to my neighbour, an ex employee of Direct Cars. He says they rarely move on price but the cars are prepared to a really high standard.
  4. Good Morning. Yes this is normal, the last lot we bought are doing the same thing and they've been in around 2 months now. Glad things are ok. πŸ‘
  5. Morning. Yes that's the type of work Fox's did. They were highly regarded in the Auto repair business. They had all the original Presses and Rollers used for making Car panels. During my time there they worked on a lot of Prestige and old vehicles both mechanical and bodywork. They also repaired Radiators and Fuel tanks. I believe they finished trading in the 1990's ?
  6. Morning. It would have been Geoff Clayton who did your Sunroof. They rented a workspace in Fox's building.
  7. Morning,, I think this is all getting out of proportion now. Ok, wrongs have been done in the past but that's it. It's in the past and banning songs, removing statues and whatever else people think, won't right things . It's history and can't be changed .
  8. Good morning Runningman. As jackanne says they would be ok. We always make a point to get straight home when we've bought fish.
  9. Morning. Thanks, and how are you. ? Not heard from anyone in a while. ?
  10. Morning. I thought Mollies, Guppies, Red Shiners and Banded Shark were Tropical fish I don't think they'd survive outdoors ? Sturgeon also are a bit finniky having had them and lost them I'd steer clear, they're also quite expensive. Depending on the size of your pond I'd stick to Goldfish , Shubunkins, Orfe (blue or golden) Tench or Ghost Koi. We've had good success with these. We usually buy from Wayside Water Gardens at Oldcoates or South Yorkshire Aquatics at Bawtry, both knowledgeable and very helpful. Hope that helps, Kev.
  11. Morning. All ok here thanks. πŸ‘
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