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  1. kevvy

    Carp fishing syndicates near dronfield

    Try Fusion Group ponds on Sheepbridge Industrial Estate. It's a long time since I fished it . The Company used to sell permits.
  2. I'm pretty certain Stagecoach allow this but I'm not sure First buses do ?
  3. kevvy

    Born in the 40's, 50's, 60's??

    Even half right is a bonus these days !!😁
  4. kevvy

    Born in the 40's, 50's, 60's??

    I think they were "Billiam"
  5. kevvy

    Pigeon racing

    My Grandad used to be a Pigeon racer too. He took his pigeons to the Upper Heeley WMC on Friday evenings, then we'd be at his "Coyt" all Saturday waiting for the birds getting back. He won quite a few cups and trophies in his time but I don't know what's happened to them !
  6. kevvy


    Thank you for this tip. I'll check.
  7. Some sort of willow ?
  8. kevvy


    Thanks . Hadn't thought of that .
  9. kevvy


    Thanks for the replies. We just use it for general browsing, nothing fancy. We have a Hanns-G, HQ191D at the moment. I have no idea on specs for the Graphic cards ?
  10. kevvy


    Thank you for your reply. Do you have any recommendations for any particular manufacturer ?
  11. kevvy


    Morning. I'm not very Computer savvy so any help appreciated. My Monitor sometimes takes ages to come on, I'm wondering if it's on it's last legs ? If I buy another one are they Plug and Play or do they need setting up ? Where is the best place to buy one ? Thanks in advance .
  12. kevvy

    Havelock Bridge

    Those photo's show the gable end of what were showrooms if I remember.
  13. Probably more a clutch problem.
  14. Many people expect a pay rise... most don't get one. Hard times , Austerity, Brexit are the usual excuses. After the utter mess they've made of Brexit they don't deserve a penny extra !

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