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  1. The Belt you saw would be the Alternator belt / Power Steering / Air Con Belt. The Timing Belt is under a cover.
  2. Ok, last reply. You're clearly the sort who's opinion counts and anyone who doesn't tow your line is wrong .
  3. Agree !! Why don't they just open the Pinstone Street area again and allow the existing Buses to use it. No need for a Shuttle Bus then .
  4. Can't really see where I made it sound like a "War Zone" ? I was just pointing out that the unnecessary Road closures have made it awkward to access the shops that are trading, especially so if you are elderly or disabled. And as has been said your use of comparisons and language isn't called for.
  5. I don't think Town is as bad as people make out. I go regularly, yes I see and hear the drunks but they are usually arguing amongst themselves. The real problem I have is that I think the Council has made it a "No Go" area with the Road Closures they have in place. Covid was used as an excuse to close Pinstone Street etc now it seems to be yesterdays news they still insist on not allowing Public Transport back in. I think this has a huge bearing on keeping people out of Town. It can't be encouraging to any business thinking of opening in the Town Centre.
  6. We recently booked Flights only at Hay's Travel at Crystal Peaks. Maybe try them . ?
  7. Totally agree, no thought for the Elderly and Disabled. Much like the "Brainwave" in the City Centre stopping the Buses running along Pinstone Street, it's a major detour from the available bus stops now.. Shocking decision !!
  8. If you've nothing to hide , you have nothing to fear.
  9. Morning. Try Cromwell, Effingham Rd, Sheffield. Better if you can call into the branch rather than ringing the Call Centre.
  10. Certainly came in handy a few times when I was driving the 52's. !! 😁
  11. I think the ones Wickes and B&Q sell are tanalised Softwood. I believe someone near Retford sell Oak but can't remember the name , sorry.
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