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  1. I would check the thread . It may be handed so that it doesn't unscrew when the machine is being used.
  2. Agree ! Ours has two splits in it, must have been caused by them slamming it into the bin lorry when it's being emptied.. I'm about to repair it with Gaffer tape .
  3. It's difficult to get rid of, especially if you're not prepared to use Weedkiller. I've read boiling water can be poured over it to kill it but I suspect it may kill other plants it catches. Otherwise it's just a case of removing it physically every time you see it sprouting
  4. I think using Roundup (Glyphosate) it's neutralised by soil , so you should be ok to plant straight away. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. A quick Google states you can plant Shrubs the day after application.
  5. I remember them. Didn't work there, used to deliver to them.
  6. You would need to catch a Stagecoach 52 into Woodhouse village and catch the 7 or 30 to Crystal Peaks there
  7. Just been this morning (Thursday), they have a few left
  8. I can't be doing with Kat Cowan, I turn radio off when she comes on 1
  9. Does anyone know the Flight Route for the Flypast please ??
  10. He's already stated we'll struggle against the likes of Man City.
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