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  1. My Brother called in to IKEA yesterday when he'd finished work. Around 2.15 time he walked straight in.
  2. Hi, to me it looks like it's for 'Centreing' something ? Similar to a Hole Saw Arbor,but that is like a drill bit to start the hole.
  3. 😁 A pig looks sausage like ish ! With a bit of imagination. ! I've often thought that myself ??🤔
  4. Thanks, I'll carry on waiting.
  5. Are they still sending reminders out ? I've not received mine yet.
  6. But these places are automated, no staff onsite, you serve yourself.
  7. Supermarkets are opening for the first hour or so for the Elderly to shop. What good is that if they can't use a Bus Pass until 9.30 ??
  8. If they are advertised as "24 Hour Self Service" why wouldn't they be open ? Strange question imo.
  9. Through Killamarsh towards Clowne. On the left just after the Pebley Inn
  10. Don't MP's decide their own payrise ? I'm not impressed by any of them, All the expenses fiddled just a few made an example of.
  11. I do, I go back regularly. Have a mooch round, call for a pint then return home feeling better for it !
  12. Is the house lived in ,? Do you have the Central Heating on ? If not lived in and a minimum of heating it could be cold and damp.
  13. I'd go to Harrisons Cameras on London Road for advice. Very helpful staff there.
  14. So can you advise on the best way to treat a Laptop battery right please. ? Thanks.
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