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    Hi. I'm wanting a decent Exercise Bike. I know they'll be some being used as clothes airers !! 😄


  2. Good Morning, Great post ! Have you been to the Council Website and put your views across on the Questionnaire ? Please do .. But as has already been said it's probably got the go ahead !
  3. This is a ridiculous proposal ! As has already been said, no consideration for the Elderly or those with Mobility issues. I came into town from the Hallamshire Hospital after an appointment yesterday to go to the Moor market, the nearest Bus Stops are now on Rockingham St. near Division St. or on Arundel Gate near the top of Howard St. The Council wonder why (even before Covid) the Footfall in Town is diminishing ??
  4. Harrolds sell Graphite powder. I bought some when I bought our Ultion locks from them.
  5. We had this a few weeks ago. Hoover Washer not working rang and got an appointment ,which was then cancelled by them (overbooked). Got another appointment, Engineer turned up and diagnosed problem, it needed new parts. Received a message , parts are in stock , Engineer will call on ? whatever date it was. This was then cancelled by text and another date supplied. They did turn up and fit the new part. So far so good . Fingers crossed.
  6. Morning. Try KSC Motors at Handsworth. Not specifically VAG Independent but he served his apprenticeship at a VAG Dealer. Very competative rates and a honest trustworthy bloke .! KSC Motors. 07854829916.
  7. WWW.Platesforcars , website states they don't ask for Documents.
  8. Hi, Northern Power have closed . Don't know of anyone who repairs tools (apart from the one's already mentioned) Throw away society these days !!
  9. I've spoken to my neighbour, an ex employee of Direct Cars. He says they rarely move on price but the cars are prepared to a really high standard.
  10. Good Morning. Yes this is normal, the last lot we bought are doing the same thing and they've been in around 2 months now. Glad things are ok. 👍
  11. Morning. Yes that's the type of work Fox's did. They were highly regarded in the Auto repair business. They had all the original Presses and Rollers used for making Car panels. During my time there they worked on a lot of Prestige and old vehicles both mechanical and bodywork. They also repaired Radiators and Fuel tanks. I believe they finished trading in the 1990's ?
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