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  1. There's one on Pinstone Street, near the old Maplins shop.
  2. kevvy

    Blades v Boro

    Nice to hear someone who is not single minded. Fair comments and is willing to admit his teams good and bad points. I always look forward to reading your views Mooks.
  3. kevvy

    R.I.P Gordon Banks

    A local lad and a Legend !! RIP Gordon.
  4. kevvy

    Quaifying for a bus pass.

    Not be too long !! lol
  5. kevvy

    Quaifying for a bus pass.

    65 I think.
  6. kevvy

    fishing on the don

    Hi, not been for a while but my son and I used to fish the salmon Pastures and East Coast road stretches.
  7. kevvy

    Winter proofing your car?

    Waldo, spraying Anti freeze on washer jets ? I hope you mean De icer ! Anti freeze will strip the paint !
  8. kevvy

    Locating grave

    At City Road Cemetery gatehouse there is an office. They could perhaps help.
  9. I seem to remember years ago when the farm on the righthand side (from Meadowhead to Gleadless) was working there used to be a set of lights for the Farmer to bring his cows across the roadway for milking, Perhaps the 40 speed limit is from then ?
  10. You always have a lot to say over something that's "not my concern". You're just a wind up merchant !
  11. kevvy

    Owls turning point.

    You won a Team of 10 men by a single goal. ! I'm all for enthusiasm but …. ?

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