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  1. I think the ones Wickes and B&Q sell are tanalised Softwood. I believe someone near Retford sell Oak but can't remember the name , sorry.
  2. kevvy


    Their being "skint" and our being "skint" are two entirely different things !! 😂
  3. Agree.. Someone seems to have a large bunch of "Sour Grapes" !!
  4. Morning, Sorry for late reply, had a busy weekend. I'm looking for £60. Kev.
  5. Another Part thought out idea. !! Put this stuff out in the market then deal with the consequences later ??? I am of the mind that all this " Climate change" is the Earth's cycle. We've had Ice Ages and Heat waves over the Millenia, why is "Now" any different ???
  6. Morning. I used Blanket Answer many times with no success. I have a Pro Clear Ultima 30 watt UV filter.
  7. I've just closed our pond down. I have had massive problems with Blanket weed over the last couple of years. I've got some good quality equipment to sell if anyone is interested. As soon as I've got it cleaned I'll be listing it in the Classifieds . Thanks Kev
  8. OK, no problem. I didn't know about Rob. Glad you're sorted.
  9. Harrisons Camera's on London Road do this. I had some done recently.
  10. My Mum did it by eye .. As has already been posted. I think same with Sage and Onion, put in to taste ? We called it "Mucky Pudding" !!😂
  11. Excellent pint of Magnet !!!!
  12. Morning. Sorry for late reply.. Thanks for the info. I was looking for a Petrol , for the same reason !! Kev.
  13. Good morning. Out of interest what car is it you are selling ? I'm on the llok out for one . Thanks , Kev.
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