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  1. I recall being taken to a circus around christmas time by the parents of a school friend,Micheal Armstrong, it became an annual trip for a few years and would have been in the 1950,s.
  2. I thought cash was dead!I have cash ,coins and notes,that have been in my pocket for almost a year!🤣
  3. My memory could be faulty but a girl called Janice Latham was at The gregg school in sheffield circa late 1950 early 1960 and her parents ran the dore more inn.I seem to recall that she had auburn coloured hair.
  4. It is due to lack of education and pure selfishness.Unfortunately a sign of the times in which we are living.I suppose that it would be against their human rights to put them in a mental institute!
  5. There is a private facebook group for ex gregg school pupils if you want to introduce yourself,the local members have the odd get together for a drink and a bite.
  6. There has been no mention of The Pete Fender Show who played a lot of the clubs in the 1960,s.The singer (Trefor) was sadly killed in a car crash and that was the end of that band,although I believe the rest of the chaps continued with their musical interests.
  7. I asked because there was a girl called collette senior who was teacher training whilst in the 6th form at the gregg school when I was about 12 or 13years old and I had a massive crush !!!That would have been around 1957/8.
  8. The Gregg School (Sheffield) held their swimming gala at both of these pools.I have driven the Mam Tor road quite a few times before its closure and used tp walk up Winnats pass from castleton to The Wanted Inn at Sparrowpit when I worked there.(all many ,many years ago!!!😀
  9. lathkildale,monsal head,the sidewalk,the nelson dive bar,the raven and the ocelot.!!!!all came to mind without thinking!
  10. Last week i met up with an old drinking pal from the 60,s.He also remembered Joe as being someone you spoke to but did not get involved with!
  11. I remember him.He was a bit of a hardnut.Always had his henchmen with him.used to go in the dive bar at the Nelson,where I believe he met his end.Well known around town.
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