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  1. 1938 austin 10 cambridge.cost £25 with an mot!
  2. I asked because there was a girl called collette senior who was teacher training whilst in the 6th form at the gregg school when I was about 12 or 13years old and I had a massive crush !!!That would have been around 1957/8.
  3. The Gregg School (Sheffield) held their swimming gala at both of these pools.I have driven the Mam Tor road quite a few times before its closure and used tp walk up Winnats pass from castleton to The Wanted Inn at Sparrowpit when I worked there.(all many ,many years ago!!!😀
  4. lathkildale,monsal head,the sidewalk,the nelson dive bar,the raven and the ocelot.!!!!all came to mind without thinking!
  5. Last week i met up with an old drinking pal from the 60,s.He also remembered Joe as being someone you spoke to but did not get involved with!
  6. I remember him.He was a bit of a hardnut.Always had his henchmen with him.used to go in the dive bar at the Nelson,where I believe he met his end.Well known around town.
  7. what was the name of the boat?I used to spend some time there in my "uncles" boat.I remember it as quite a "boozey" meeting!
  8. I remember Robert Brocklehurst and Leslie Crowther.Can I come to the reunion?
  9. You are right,times were much better then!the only time I saw a "glassing" was at Lathkildale and that was most unusual and frightening!The Nelson was always packed but the barman (Chris?)new his customers and the pints would be served from a distance!!!Everybody was out for a good time and we all enjoyed it.There were a few "wide boys" but mostly all good types!These are the times I remember and look back on with fond memories.
  10. "Dick" or Mr.Arnold did have a "soft side" that one or two of us may have encountered.....I certainly did).Yes smoking was tolerated up to a point,but in those days lots of people smoked (it was a result of war time Britain!) Caning was common place for misbehaviour but I do not recall any severe injuries!
  11. I am always up for a re union.Unfortunately had to miss the last one due to a wedding in Ireland!I do not have any contact with former pupils other than through this forum.There are a number of pupils whom I often wonder about and as nostalgia seems to be prevalent these days it would be rather nice to re live past times before we depart this mortal coil!!!!!
  12. I am afraid that I do not remember the previous history teacher ,could have been Ron Shirt,just shows how much one forgets over the years!No we did not get caught as far as I remember,if we didI am sure that a caning in Dick's office would have been the result!
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