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Free Tv Box ?

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51 minutes ago, woolyhead said:

The advert for these boxes claim you never have to pay for TV again. But don't we have to pay just to have a TV set in the house? It was such years ago with wireless receiver licences. 

Only if you are receiving live television or streaming something on catchup.


If you are playing videos or DVDs you don’t.

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11 hours ago, Obelix said:

Free - pertaining to freedom. Freedom to receive, to watch, even to the free space between the ears of certain watchers....

Thank goodness for the free space between the ears ! But I don't understand the other two replies. Why would I think I need a licence if I was watching a video or a DVD  i.e. my own video or DVD? Are there other sorts?  Broadcast live: I understand that the cable TV companies are required to also send the same TV simultaneously by wireless and that is what these boxes tune in to. So are these wireless transmissions live and if so are you saying that a licence is required for watching them?

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On 05/09/2019 at 12:08, Ghozer said:

Never.... they CANNOT force entry to your property (so just refuse to let them in) and the onus is on them to prove you're watching TV when they say you are, and there is no physical way for them to do that... without being in your house while the TV is on...

While you are doing  that, pop to the supermarket and take some beans without paying. 


Why not, eh?

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