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  1. It may be worth taking a look at the photos of "Christadelphians Meeting House" on picturesheffield and any old maps you have access to, I'm not stating it is the same building, just that it could have been, the building also has a date mark of 1838. http://www.picturesheffield.com/
  2. me-and-pippo

    St Elizabeth's Home, Olive Grove.

    I believe there was well situated just outside the main door(s) into the building, think it can be seen on some of the old photos, but recalling what others have said it was an ornamental well that was placed for visitors to make donations to the trust, bit like a wishing well. I am in no way stating that there was never a real functioning well within the grounds, but I have not seen any marked on any of the old maps I have access to.
  3. me-and-pippo

    St Elizabeth's Home, Olive Grove.

    The Catholic chapel was incorporated in the main building, no there was no cemetery.
  4. me-and-pippo

    Sheffield Blitz sites 2017

    St. Mary's Church on Bramall Lane has existing shrapnel damage that can be seen.
  5. Dams, Wheels and Mills on the Rivelin
  6. me-and-pippo

    Filmon- no longer free

    You could try Hoxx VPN Proxy, which is a free ad-on for the Firefox browser.
  7. me-and-pippo

    Havelock Bridge

    Havleock Bridge was mentioned in local newspapers (a rail accident at Heeley station), November, 1876. 'Havleock Bridge' is named on the large scale 1890 OS map and Hodkin and Jones (Havelock Bridge Works), opened June 1900.
  8. me-and-pippo

    Pub at bottom of St. Mary Road

    The one where the lorry crashed through the wall.
  9. me-and-pippo

    Pictures or photos of Killamarsh

    Two photo galleries to look through here www.killamarsh.org/photo-gallery
  10. me-and-pippo

    Accident at castle house

    See here ... Castle House Co-op Department Store
  11. C. W. G. Nettleship, Ltd., scrap metal merchants, 193 Woodbourn Road. 1965 street directory.
  12. me-and-pippo

    Sheffield Blitz Film Screening Dec 11th

    Link: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sheffield-blitz-film-screening
  13. me-and-pippo

    Help with photo date - H ROCK, 11 POND HILL

    Henry Rock, photographer, 11 Pond Hill. 1879 directory.
  14. me-and-pippo

    Something Weird.

    Doubt it was anything to worry about, I would say that the image was a panorama, you can drag/move the cursor around to view the image from different angles.
  15. me-and-pippo

    Old Maps from 'Ordnance Survey'.

    And I often get the impression that the person(s) who own sheffieldhistory could not run a **** up in a brewery

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