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  1. What you have in your kitchen is a in-home display, your smart meters are in your garage. I thought you would have known that? 🙂
  2. New member, probably not made enough posts to be able to add image/attachments
  3. The image description on picturesheffield, was later updated, since that post made by Strix, back in 2012.
  4. Phones onboard storage could be full, also, is there a memory card installed in the phone?
  5. You could also try/join Heeley Past and Present on facebook
  6. You posted your question in the correct/right area 🙂
  7. Wallace, I am also in that area and smell the same, I have been told by locals, that it (the smell), is created by some people/person, who rents a local allotment(s), is/are burning plastic and polystyrene. Have also noticed, the smell seems to appear late evening and continues into darkness, and often noticeable early morning.
  8. I use the paid for version of Nord on my PC, not had any problems.
  9. Thank's Kidorry, but I think that number goes back to when Kier were organising repairs.
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