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  1. Is this it? https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/1124-clubmill-road-amp-old-park-silver-rolling-mill/#comment-5733
  2. The phone up housing repair service appeared to be a little more efficient this morning, I managed to speak with a real person after just over a thirty minute wait. I normally use the online repair portal, but it was shut down on the 29th of November, apparently a new online customer portal is to be imlemented early next year.
  3. It's the SH website you change to dark mode, not your browser.
  4. To those experiencing problems. If your view of sheffieldhistory.co.uk page/site is displaying as an unformatted, html style, object list, on a white background, the site appears to be working ok for me in dark mode. To change the view to 'Dark Mode', scroll down towards the bottom of the page, on the left, look for: > Theme >LIGHT MODE (Default) >DARK MODE Click on DARK MODE.
  5. Green Chris. traveler, 85 Lead Mill Road. Sheffield directory, published 1841.
  6. I burnt the plastic container with my fathers ashes in, I put it on a fire in my/our garden. He is the only person I know who has had two cremations. I can hear him laughing now 🙂
  7. Too Much Red Tape, discreetly scatter the ashes yourself, preferably on an early weekday morning when there are not many peaple about.
  8. You got a long wait .. Quote: ITV Granada Monday 4 October 2021, 3:59pm. "The trial is scheduled for October 2022".
  9. Oxley & Son (Sheffield) Ltd. tailors, 58 Cambridge Street. 1925 street directory.
  10. The sf angling section is here Sheffield Fishing Group
  11. Hello florence kat, I have a MobiWire Klah flip phone, and I can assure you that phototographs taken with this phone are very poor quality.
  12. Kelly's directory, published 1957: Mary Gentle Cafe (The), 46 Howard Street.
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