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  1. Try this link or send an email to the site owner, there's a contact form: https://www.sheffieldsoldierww1.co.uk/Hospital/
  2. Also, the disadvantaged 13+ exam sitters who passed to Grammar School and had 2 years of catching up to do to be on a level with the 11+ exam sitters. I was one of those and, in a way I wished I hadn't been, 2 years behind in all subjects especially languages having come from a Secondary School which never taught languages other than English. Regards, Duffems
  3. If you post the details of the person you're looking for then I'm sure they'll be lots of helpful folk on here. Incidentally, if you look on here there are at least 80 burials listed for the surname of McMahon; http://www.sheffieldindexers.com/ Regards, Duffems
  4. In the 60's up until 1970 when I got married there were 2 wibbly wobbly old ladies who worked in this shop. I didn't do a paper round but, I used to go in here for birthday/Christmas cards etc., they were always very helpful and usually brought out the most expensive cards i.e. padded ones in boxes.
  5. Heeley was a place of self sufficiency in my time living there in the 50's/60's until I married in 1970. There were shops of ever description on Heeley Bottom and a short walk into town via Cumberland Street to the Moor where the department stores of the day were, Atkinsons, Pauldens, Woolworth not forgetting Redgates. People were friendly and looked out for each other. I don't recall any crime such as burglary in our area in all the years I lived there and, let's face it, none of us had secure homes, you could lean on our back door when it was locked and it would open! We knew all our neighbours and their extended families so it was no good doing owt wrong and thinking you'd got away with it, someone would always tell your mother. Our happiest times were spent in Heeley being carefree and unconcerned about all the worries of the world as long as you had a threepenny bit or a tanner on Saturday the world was alreeet! My mother-in-law aged 96 still lives there and it's unrecognisable, I wish I no longer had to visit because it shatters our childhood memories when we see the run down areas now. Regards, Duffems
  6. I lived on Cambridge Road, in the picture you can see the passage next to where I lived. The hoardings were a good hiding area for us kids but, I never knew there was a concrete water reservoir, I'll ask mum about that, she's now 93. Her Aspinall family all lived in Cambridge Road for many years, he mother being born there in 1901, her father in 1880 and always in the same houses which seemed to pass from family members which is what they did in those times. The Collis family all lived on Gregory Road. Regards, Duffems
  7. We didn't have a telly until 1956 when mum got ours from Wiggies as did most of Sheffield! On Coronation Day itself we all piled into the Myrtle pub on Alexandra Road run by Eric & Ellen Staniforth where they had a telly I believe but, I don't recall anyone watching it. There was a kids party there with the traditional potted dog sandwiches followed by trifle. The kids all received a metal crown shaped money box painted gold and red (still have mine). All this while the adults enjoyed themselves partaking of the refreshments in the pub, I don't recall anyone mentioning the actual Coronation on't telly. Regards, Duffems
  8. An uncle, Graham Norton, worked for Hoover, they used to have a daily ritual of singing the Hoover sales pitch: All the dirt, all the s**t Hoover gets at every bit for it beats as it sweeps as it cleans!
  9. An old family version (all Sheffielders) was: The cat flew over the garden wall and tried to cackle the hen Mi mother came out and shouted out you buggers are at it again Chase mi Charlie chase mi Charlie lost mi leg in mi drawers Chase mi Charlie chase mi Charlie will you lend mi yours!
  10. My uncle used to frequent the place often, he was friends with the landlord and landlady in the 60's, he used to stay there often too.
  11. Joe Schofield was the barber, his son was Neil in our class at Carfield. Drakes had 2 daughters both at Carfield, one was head girl ( we think). Mitchell's chippie was opposite the bus stop going down to town ( 33 & 34), their kids were also in Carfield. There was a kid with the surname Garrity who went to Newfield, his mother worked in Mitchell's chippie, we usually got extra portions. The greengrocers on Richards Road next to the bus stop going up was called Thorntons.. The other greengrocer on the corner of Alexandra Road and Anns Road was Beets. There was a hairdresser on Richards Road called Rene Mead, one of her stylists Janet Kitson (married to Terry Kitson's brother) took over the shop in the 60's. She had a stylist called Veronica Blythe who later bought the salon towards Bramhall Lane just over Havelock Bridge, it was called Hair Magic. Another shop we recalled was a cobblers on the corner of Alexandra Road and Cross Myrtle Road, he was Polish ( we think) and could tackle any problem, even stilettos! There was also a general grocers on Alexandra Road midway down called Havenhand's opposite Greatorex which had been closed for years but, still had the signage. Forster Road had a launderette, Gowers & Burgons, Staley's newsagaents, and Kermeen's chemist who we think moved to Heeley Green near to Tingle's drapers and Joe Woolhouse. newsagent. Frank Woolhouse (Joe's brother) had the newsagents on Anns Road which he ran with his wife Jessie.
  12. Frederick & Ruth Norton at the Old No.12 and the Rotherham House during the early 50's then the Green Gate at High Green.
  13. There's only this one which isn't on the house you own is it: http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;v03572&pos=1&action=zoom&id=44805 http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s28300&pos=18&action=zoom&id=89312
  14. Hi taxman, Well, I much prefer her Norfolk settings novels. This Vanishing Box is predictable and lacking substance, the plot's thin and padded out with unnecessary description which is tedious reading. Overall doesn't seem to be one of her works. Regards, duffems
  15. There's a picture of Jill Slattery on Picture Sheffield, here's the link: http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s29298&pos=1&action=zoom&id=91913
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