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  1. Myself and my spouse both went to Carfield Junior then Secondary before I passed 13+ to Brincliffe Grammar. Carfield was a typical school of the 50's/60's, very firm in punishment but, we knew the boundaries. Overall the staff were very fair and several names are memorable for this including, Miss Lydiard (junior school), Mr.Cartwright (secondary school). There were also some absolute nightmares such as Mr. Roach (secondary school) who used to publicly belittle me because he didn't like my older brother. The punishments generally were typical of the times, slipper, cane, blackboard rubber, mostly uncalled for but, normal. We enjoyed our years in Carfield. Regards, Duffems
  2. I wasn't claiming any partner more at fault than the other just meant that the father should contribute as much as the mother to his offspring. People just don't accept responsibility for their actions as much as they should, kids, debt etc. is not someone else's, it's yours, if you have kids then provide for them whether they live with you or not. Regards, Duffems
  3. There is these entries courtesy of Sheffield Indexers, apologies if these have already been mentioned: CLIFT, Jessie helena (Wife of Shuttleworth, age 54). Died at 19 Scarborough Road; Buried on April 18, 1933 in Consecrated ground; Grave Number 568, Section D of Darnall Cemetery, Sheffield. Parent or Next of Kin if Available: ~. Remarks: from Sheffield Parish Officiating Minister Albert E Rose. CLIFT, Shuttleworth (Widower, age 54, Canvasser, residing at 27 Cumberland Street). Married Florence BRIDGES, on April 28, 1934, by Alfred G Jones (Banns) at St Simon, Sheffield Centre. Father's name is Henry Clift (deceased) (Brush Maker). Married in the presence of Irvine Cryer, Lucy Elizabeth Emily Cryer. Notes: ~. Page No: 136 Reg No: 272 Spouse Match or Similar Date Married Household if Available Surname Match if Available CLIFT, Shuttleworth (Bachelor, age 21, Steeldresser, residing at 5 Newhall Rd). Married Jessie Helen TERRACE, on December 26, 1900, by B L Parkin, Vicar (Banns) at St Thomas, Brightside. Father's name is Henry Clift (Brushmaker). Married in the presence of Alexander Rumage,Catherine Elizabeth Terrace. Notes: ~. Page No: 235 Reg No: 469 Regards, Duffems
  4. There was a time when attachment of earnings was in place, what happened to that? Did it take away the father's human rights or some such nonsense? There are so many who ignore their responsibilities for their children and the rest of us have to provide for them through our too generous no questions asked welfare system.
  5. In my opinion we are too lenient. People who have kids should have to be responsible for them, it' s your choice to have them. I get fed up with hearing the same sob stories from single parents very often with kids from more than one father, they're your kids, you provide for them.
  6. We didn't know anyone with a telly hillsbro, you were posh, we had to go to the pub! Regards, Duffems
  7. I'm with you on this cuttsie. I was 5 that year, all my family mainly from Heeley/Meersbrook all went to the Myrtle pub on Alexandra Road where some of us lived. The kids were given a party tea upstairs with potted dog sandwiches followed by trifle with that awful cream of the day (like shaving soap) . We were all given crown money boxes and half a crown. The adults "entertained" themselves downstairs in the bar/taproom. Regards, Duffems
  8. Beautiful here in Derbyshire, blue skies. Regards, Duffems
  9. Well well well, Alcoblog, you are alive after all, we thought you'd gone to join the fluffy dried wasps which you used to regale the Forum with. Welcome back along with other ex exiled posters, you've been missed so much in fact, I have posted very little since your demise, there didn't seem to be any point unless I wanted to argue the toss about politics, chuggers in Fargate or missing busses. I'm more interested in Hillsborough tree penguins, fluffy dried wasps and Alcocopters (plural but, there may just be the one as it's special). Anyway, welcome back sir. Regards, Duffems
  10. I suggest you post on www.sheffieldindexers.com where you will be assisted by people who have access to censuses, BMD's and Parish Records. A very helpful bunch of folks on there. Regards, Duffems
  11. Basil Rathbon, now there's a blast from the past, has he gone over t'other side an' all? Regards, Duffems
  12. It's like the phoenix rising from the ashes, good to see familiar names especially after the year we've all had. Regards, Duffems
  13. My mother's friend lived on the corner of Cliffefield Road and Derbyshire Lane, her parents lived there before, her father was a councillor. She was Kathleen Hill the headteacher of a school in Attercliffe, lovely lady. My early memories were of the shops opposite being fruiterers, a newsagents/sweet shop where we bought 3d lollies or half of one for 1 and a 1/2d, they split in two. Regards, Duffems
  14. Agreed. I've been a member since 2005, never warned/banned until | asked a question in January then taken off, I didn't agree with the warning so I stayed off. I don't use FaceBook nor Twitter but, I read the Sheffield Forum several times a day even when banned. It would be great to see Jabberwocky and Alcoblog back, their humour was just what we need irrespective of trying times. Where's Pete Morris too, also a mod but, a good poster too? Let's have some good old Sheffield banter and humour back on here. Regards, Duffems Another old poster, good to see you back. Regards, Duffems
  15. I really had no idea how many of us were banned/on warnings. I actually had a complex about it because I couldn't believe at my age I'd misbehaved or upset someone on here, just not my style, it bothered me to think I had done wrong. Anyway, it's in the past now so I'm looking forward to being able to post as well as reading everyone's posts on here. Let's hope that the Forum picks up momentum and many more that have been on the naughty step return to the fold. Regards, Duffems
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