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  1. Still trying Sainsbury's/Asda/Iceland/Tesco all with the same outcome, unable to order. It looks like we'll be joining the queues on the mornings us old 'uns are allowed to go out to lay ourselves wide open to the dreaded virus anyway so what's the point! Has anyone successfully managed to navigate the system of online ordering, is that why no-one else is replying to this thread, they're all keeping it to themselves? Good luck Riffraff. Regards, Duffems
  2. We've had no success at all with online or the 0800 number. On Sunday, we had to make an emergency dash up the M1 to our mother who's 94, leave her some essentials (bare minimum we could find) on her doorstep then wave to her through her bedroom window as we passed on our way back down the M1, she's in Killamarsh, we're about 30 miles away and in our 70's, heartbreaking but, what are we supposed to do. She's now dependent on anyone in her locality dropping things at her doorstep but, how are these old people supposed to pay, cash isn't allowed. I'm sure we're one of many thousands who have independently living relatives in the 70's/80's/90's who can't now go out to buy the most basics for survival. We also have our own dilemma of when/how /where to shop in safety when you're in your 70's. The online system isn't able to cope. Regards, Duffems
  3. We've been trying that number for 2 days now, various times of the day with no success. It's a marketing ploy in my opinion, they make it look as they're doing their bit but, it's nonsense. Duffems
  4. How does anyone register for being over 70/vulnerable and self isolating for Sainsbury's online priority? CEO gives this message out that this group can register (doesn't say where or how) in order to set up online delivery. We would risk it by coming out of self isolation (against Government advice) and order and collect but, no store near to where we live, nearest is 12 miles. Duffems
  5. Received an e-mail from CEO of Sainsbury's saying that they're giving priority slots to over 70's and vulnerable but, how does anyone register and also, how is this system monitored? Duffems
  6. I agree. The lazy Yorkshire accent nowadays is very different from when it was heard up to about 1960's/70's. There were still a lot of cutlery/steel workers around then and the use of Yorkshire phrases and the accent had been carried forward from parents/grandparents. When required the Yorkshire accent was toned down in those days, men didn't use it outside the workplace etc. i.e. they could moderate their accent. Nowadays, the Yorkshire accent has been coupled with laziness of youth and sounds like 5 year olds who have never learnt English. People don't pronounce T's anymore, "th" becomes "f" as in "firty free" instead of "thirty three", that's not Yorkshire it's just lazy. Don't get me started on sentences starting with "So" when asked a question! Duffems
  7. There's a picture on Picture Sheffield showing the old school with a date of 1940-1959 Duffems
  8. My mother who's 94 and mother-in-law who's 96 still say "five and twenty past" etc. I lived with my grandparents and my grandfather born 1900 used lots of terms I still use such as, a "hobbledehoy" meaning an awkward/clumsy youth, someone who never grows up. Clutter in a drawer etc. is "rammel" or , having a "fuddle" meaning a good meal, "hokey pokey" is ice-cream, being "badly" is unwell, being "nesh" is feeling the cold and ears are "tabs or lugoils" I'm sure that a lot of Yorkshire terms and accents are derived from several parts of the country. Duffems
  9. I used to be manager of a menswear shop (Jacksons the Tailors) in Barnsley in 1970, often blokes would come in asking for "a leet cooit" ( a light coat). We lived in Barnsley at the time and our neighbour used to say, "git bairn some o' these sooer eyes ave baked thi, these is sooer eyes and these is sooer eyes baht jam". Translated: macaroons with or without jam. Duffems
  10. Here's a picture on picturesheffield showing the Express Dairy Broadfield Road window with the cow: http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s38130&pos=3&action=zoom&id=115111 Regards, Duffems
  11. I could be totally wrong too. We used to take my grandparents (sister of Clifford Aspinall) in the 60's and we thought it was The Bridge. he was landlord at. Clifford Aspinall's wife was Sheila, they had a son John who I believe became a chef. I'll ask mum, she's still astute at 93! Regards, Duffems
  12. It wasn't the Bridge at Dunham because my uncle was landlord there during the 60's, he was Clifford Aspinall originally from Heeley, Sheffield. We remember seeing the stuffed bear on the way to the east coast, could have been the White Swan and, we recall it being nicked by students as part of a rag stunt. Duffems
  13. You can look up the birth here on this free index then order the birth certificate giving the details of place of birth: https://www.freebmd.org.uk/ Regards, Duffems
  14. My father was a tank driver with the 16/5th. Lancers during WW2. Ontarian 1981 is correct, they thought they were due some leave after North Africa but, went straight on to Sicily where my father was injured, lost most of his right thigh, several shrapnel wounds and hearing loss, patched up and still continued with their job. He used to sing the D-Day Dodgers song which is very enlightening when you hear all the choruses, it's an insight into what really was happening with these chaps whilst others were getting all the glory for D-Day. My father never claimed any benefits for his injuries, he just carried on as a lorry driver after the war though he was rather annoyed when he failed an interview for a job with Sheffield Corporation as a bus driver because he couldn't hear the bell because of his deafness due to shrapnel injuries! My uncle in the Coldstream Guards was killed in Sicily in 1943 aged 21. Regards, Duffems
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