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  1. Upper Valley Road Meersbrook from mid 50's, spouse also there from birth. It was a typical mainly working class families area with good schools Carfield Infants/Junior/Secondary up the hill, we had good lungs walking up Kent Hill even accounting for the Sheffield smogs! All the kids played togetether, all ages, the big 'uns looking after the young 'uns and never any real arguments. During the scool holidays we went out to play in the mornings, came home for dinner (not lunch) then back out again until tea time (not dinner), back out again until bed time. We were always scruffy when we came home as we'd been miles, Meersbroook Park and Graves Park being our stomping grounds. The families we recall: Storey, Lingard, Travis, Ducker, Maynard, Memmott and Horsefield. Regards, Duffems
  2. Welcome back Jabberwocky, I remember your posts from way back when Devlin/Curriechick/RossyRooney/Alcoblog were all on here. I don't post often but, I read the forum several times a day and enjoy the posts of Padders and Rockers Rule, we need their humour nowadays. I don't do Faceache/Instablog etc,, I've no interest in seeing pictures of folks' dinners in a pub or their weddings/kids/animals etc., it needs real people to actually start talking again if only via Sheffield Forum. Regards, Duffems
  3. Does anyone know of Veronica Blythe who used to live in Heeley? She was a hairdresser, I have some photos of a competition she was in around 1968'ish. She married someone called David Lister and used to live in Rotherham I believe, I last saw her in the 70's. Just wondered how she was and if she wanted a copy of these photos I have though I seem to recall she had some of her own taken. Regards, Duffems
  4. Alcoblog was a terrific poster, his posts must have taken a lot of planning and his humour probably wasn't appreciated by everyone on here at the time. Zakes was another poster who would ramble on about his past, schools, parents, girlfriends and antics he got up to, haven't seen him on here for ages. Rossyrooney sadly passed away a few years ago, he had a really good sense of humour on all subjects . Jabberwocky appeared back here briefly then disappeared which is unfortunate, he had lots to say but, meaningful posts. Curriechic and Denlin have also gone who knows where but, they were prolific posters along with BoyFriday and Plain Talker, don't know if they're still around under new names. Halibut I can do without, so judgemental about every sodding subject and contraversial just to annoy I think but, all this is my own personal opinion of course. I enjoy Mr.Bloke and Padders posts who seem to share my sense of humour. Regards, Duffems


    Nah then Padders, Apparently you can still buy Mennen from E-Bay (not that I buy from E-Bay mind) and, at under 7 quid it's a bargain. It fulfils your female attraction problem, they'll be like flies round whatsit plus you can start a whole new "mennenism" culture, you'll be a trailblazer, you could even wear a blazer (if you could find one) and a cravat to look like blokes did in the 60's! Regards, Duffems
  6. Most of the tutors were well passed retiring age and made it so obvious, they really didn't want to be there. Some of the pupils in my class will be 72/73 now so may not even be around but, it would be good to see more on here with memories good or bad. Duffems


    Nah then Padders, In't 60's there was an after shave called Mennen, I worked at Boots at the time it was launched/re-launched. They had a grand do for us at one of the hotels in town and Patrick Allen (he of Crane fame) came to launch Mennen after shave. Now, if tha find some o'that then tha't laughing 'cus it would also tie in wi thi menenism and all, sorted. Duffems
  8. I thought I was in for the title until I looked at my profile, 2005 is the year I joined though I used to read the posts as far back as 2003. I don't post often now that a lot of the old posters I knew have gone off elsewhwere, Alcoblog, Denlin etc. I look on here several times daily and always enjoy Padders' and Rockers Rule's post, they're like the old posts used to be lighthearted and funny without being offensive. It seems as though most posters nowadays want to annoy and anger others encouraging them to cause controversy which I don't find entertaining or good reading. Duffems
  9. The class I was in was made up of 13+ pupils, the form teacher for the 3 years I was there was Miss. Bingham who taught French. Mrs. Potter, the English tutor, was a typical example of "how not to get your pupils to achieve", she ridiculed and looked down upon pupils who'd entered Brincliffe via the 13+ system, it always seemed as though she couldn't wait to retire. Pupils I recall are: Pat Hides, Elaine Smith, Elizabeth Bowskill, Pat Lobb (all ex Carfield pupils along with myself), Jacqueline Hancock. Shirley Hamer, Angela Siddons, Sharon Usztan. We spent the full 3 years in the ground floor classroom. Jack Buttery, Andy Howden, Chris Clegg, Boz (can't recall his name!) who were all in an upstairs classroom being 11+ pupils as were all the other classes. Regards, Duffems
  10. It would probably be one of the very rare gigantic headed woodpeckers then Padders. I'm not familiar with your part of Sheffield, I'm from t'other side originally, Meersbrook/Heeley hence the "Duffems", we didn't venture o're your end, we knew our place in't pecking order. Regards, Duffems
  11. Could it have been lost by one of the native tree penguins? Duffems
  12. Oh dear Rockers, that post won't stay on long, we thought it funny though! Regards, Duffems
  13. Just watched this and thought it one of the best things on TV at the moment. I've never been interested in fishing and, I've never owned a dog but, we don't need to know anything about either of those things. It's about comaraderie, two guys sharing common experiences in life i.e. health, careers, pastimes and families. The dog Ted just adds to their comedy. It's poignant and funny, just a normal view of life without celebrety status.
  14. Taken from the school's page: Our school was originally named after Sir Harold Jackson who was chairman of the Sheffield Education Committee for fifty years and who was also Lord Mayor of Sheffield. The school opened to pupils in September 1967 but was not officially opened until 22nd March 1968 with a total of 330 children then attending. In 2009 the name changed to Bradway Primary School in order to better reflect the school's close relationship with the community of Bradway.
  15. We used to meet outside Staley's at 6:30 pm when "we were courting", summat else they dunt do now, courting that is. We well remember Skelli's Bridge and Primrose Walk where we walked up from Meersbrook/Heeley to go the Abbeydale on Saturday night. Mr. Duffems had to finish his paper round first though, usually on't last minute because o't Green'uns! First on his round was 1 Court 1 Cambridge Road, he delivered for Colleys on Planatation Road, always covered in ink was old man Colley! Does anyone remember Totter Bridge Terrace? Regards, Duffems
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