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  1. Oh dear Rockers, that post won't stay on long, we thought it funny though! Regards, Duffems
  2. Just watched this and thought it one of the best things on TV at the moment. I've never been interested in fishing and, I've never owned a dog but, we don't need to know anything about either of those things. It's about comaraderie, two guys sharing common experiences in life i.e. health, careers, pastimes and families. The dog Ted just adds to their comedy. It's poignant and funny, just a normal view of life without celebrety status.
  3. Taken from the school's page: Our school was originally named after Sir Harold Jackson who was chairman of the Sheffield Education Committee for fifty years and who was also Lord Mayor of Sheffield. The school opened to pupils in September 1967 but was not officially opened until 22nd March 1968 with a total of 330 children then attending. In 2009 the name changed to Bradway Primary School in order to better reflect the school's close relationship with the community of Bradway.
  4. We used to meet outside Staley's at 6:30 pm when "we were courting", summat else they dunt do now, courting that is. We well remember Skelli's Bridge and Primrose Walk where we walked up from Meersbrook/Heeley to go the Abbeydale on Saturday night. Mr. Duffems had to finish his paper round first though, usually on't last minute because o't Green'uns! First on his round was 1 Court 1 Cambridge Road, he delivered for Colleys on Planatation Road, always covered in ink was old man Colley! Does anyone remember Totter Bridge Terrace? Regards, Duffems
  5. Norah Kathleen Welbourne was born 06.11.1915, she married Tom Lee in 1942, their daughter was born 1945, I believe she's posted on here about her upbringing so, no need to speculate about this. Norah died in 1986. Just putting the offical record straight. Regards, Duffems
  6. Judging by the amount of water there in the street the child to be born on the Christmas edition wll be called Moses and he'll turn up in a basket washed down the storm drain carried safely by the ghost of Johnny Connor. Just as an aside Rockers, if you knew about Corey's bag chucked away several weeks ago, this suggests to me that you've watched more episodes than tha't lettin' on. Are tha a closet sooap watcher Rockers? Is there a secret TV stashed away in the cobwebs of the garage? Regards, Duffems
  7. I recall "Tailorfit" on Asline Road, could have been Alderson Road. It was owned/managed by a chap called Graham (first name), my brother worked there in the early/mid sixties. They both frequented the Ocelot. Regards, Duffems
  8. Your synopsis of the recent Coronation Street episodes was really funny Rockers, had me in stitches. I lived with my grandparents before I married so I saw the very first episode of Coronation Street and all the years folowing, this has to be the most "clutching at straws or is that a coat sleeve" I've seen. Even Noah couldn't have coped with all that Mancunian downpour let alone the wealthy stars of a soap. The most mysterious line of the gun being toted by Abi finishing up in the hands of Harvey is really stretching the imagination. All we needed was the holdall which was disposed of by Seb's killer months earlier to turn up proving Corey to be the murderer. I'm sure that al the soap writers got together on a drunken night out when lockdown was lifted and decided to really try to outdo each other with the daftest story lines ever.......in my opinion of course! Carry on with your reviews Padders and Rockers rule, they're much more enetertaining than the actual soaps. Regards, Duffems
  9. Matlock had floods in November 2019 then January/February2020, the sand bags at the shop doorways never leave the town but, as Padders says, the level was nowhere near the height shown on the river marker. Still scary for business owners though. There's work going on now to eleviate the problem. Regards, Duffems
  10. A pee birthday Padders! Hope you have a good virtual party and add another drink to your total from another teetotaller. Regards, Duffems
  11. Eeyup denlin, We're very well thank you, how are you two? I look on here several times a day but, I rarely post nowadays, nothing to say on any of the subjects and, I don't like arguments! I still enjoy the ex pats section and the memories the posts evoke. I first found SF way back when I was doing my family history Norton/Aspinall/ Goodison lines over 16 years ago. Lovely to see your name again, no longer see Alcoblog etc. though, maybe gone over to FB of which I don't subscribe. Regards, Duffems
  12. Myself and my spouse both went to Carfield Junior then Secondary before I passed 13+ to Brincliffe Grammar. Carfield was a typical school of the 50's/60's, very firm in punishment but, we knew the boundaries. Overall the staff were very fair and several names are memorable for this including, Miss Lydiard (junior school), Mr.Cartwright (secondary school). There were also some absolute nightmares such as Mr. Roach (secondary school) who used to publicly belittle me because he didn't like my older brother. The punishments generally were typical of the times, slipper, cane, blackboard rubber, mostly uncalled for but, normal. We enjoyed our years in Carfield. Regards, Duffems
  13. I wasn't claiming any partner more at fault than the other just meant that the father should contribute as much as the mother to his offspring. People just don't accept responsibility for their actions as much as they should, kids, debt etc. is not someone else's, it's yours, if you have kids then provide for them whether they live with you or not. Regards, Duffems
  14. There is these entries courtesy of Sheffield Indexers, apologies if these have already been mentioned: CLIFT, Jessie helena (Wife of Shuttleworth, age 54). Died at 19 Scarborough Road; Buried on April 18, 1933 in Consecrated ground; Grave Number 568, Section D of Darnall Cemetery, Sheffield. Parent or Next of Kin if Available: ~. Remarks: from Sheffield Parish Officiating Minister Albert E Rose. CLIFT, Shuttleworth (Widower, age 54, Canvasser, residing at 27 Cumberland Street). Married Florence BRIDGES, on April 28, 1934, by Alfred G Jones (Banns) at St Simon, Sheffield Centre. Father's name is Henry Clift (deceased) (Brush Maker). Married in the presence of Irvine Cryer, Lucy Elizabeth Emily Cryer. Notes: ~. Page No: 136 Reg No: 272 Spouse Match or Similar Date Married Household if Available Surname Match if Available CLIFT, Shuttleworth (Bachelor, age 21, Steeldresser, residing at 5 Newhall Rd). Married Jessie Helen TERRACE, on December 26, 1900, by B L Parkin, Vicar (Banns) at St Thomas, Brightside. Father's name is Henry Clift (Brushmaker). Married in the presence of Alexander Rumage,Catherine Elizabeth Terrace. Notes: ~. Page No: 235 Reg No: 469 Regards, Duffems
  15. There was a time when attachment of earnings was in place, what happened to that? Did it take away the father's human rights or some such nonsense? There are so many who ignore their responsibilities for their children and the rest of us have to provide for them through our too generous no questions asked welfare system.
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