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  1. That sounds like the SCHOOL which had a Badge of 3 Trees or Notre Dam? which I saw being worn on the Buses on my way to CTS...
  2. How about a Steam Engine? 1/32 Scale?
  3. Time to Try Again, If anyone comes up wIth a Crazy or Even A Good Idea for an item to MAKE, they will be then invited to my SHED/Garage to Assist or Watch whilst we create this item. If you can send me a sketch, I will then CAD Draw the item ready for the 3D MAKING! No Ideas Rejected.
  4. I know it may seem very obvious, but Have you checked all the continuity of the leads? Main Fuse, switches etc. REMEMBER some power supplies have internal fuses, plus components on circuit boards which can protect the power-board like a fuse. I have a spare AVO Tester IF YOU WISH to borrow one. Sorry I don't have a Growler, never been able to afford one.
  5. I hope this wasn't a recent photo, cos in your posted photo it looks all lit up? like it's working to me? When the photo was taken? Your in Good hands however with Ian helping you. I prefer CDs... More Compact
  6. Time Left: 6 days and 4 hours

    • Free
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    Free Wood for Collection, Plus for Free Removal: 3 wood Pallets Several bits of dismantled Pallets Etc. 1 X Racking System for Papers in White 6 X fishing rod stands 1 X Steel Racking for Steel Stock, no longer required Take all or Nothing, none negotiable. Be quick or Veolia gets it..All...


  7. Time Left: 5 days and 12 hours

    • Swap
    • New

    Unused, Never Used, New FibreGlass Type Telescopic Poles Very Long Reach -3 Stories Possible, Valued around £450 Included is Brush/Pipes/Telescopic Poles, in several sections. Ideal if you wish to startup as A Modern Window Cleaner (No Ladders Needed). Swap for Anything Interesting or Any Articles of Similar Value Advise Me : What you would like to Exchange Me? As A Straight SWAP?


  8. Hi, Whilst I was in Crystal Peaks today, I Noticed in the Photo Shop there, an advert that they restored photos, even with bits missing from photos, also they made montages etc.. sorry I didn't notice their prices.... Perhaps you could ring them! https://www.adobe.com/uk/products/photoshop/free-trial-download.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwo7foBRD8ARIsAHTy2wneaHqalKrlhyBiNdOg6SQK1HKnEgP59VL7ezFQ27JuG1bft5aHy84aAoVsEALw_wcB&sdid=88X75SKR&mv=search&ef_id=Cj0KCQjwo7foBRD8ARIsAHTy2wneaHqalKrlhyBiNdOg6SQK1HKnEgP59VL7ezFQ27JuG1bft5aHy84aAoVsEALw_wcB:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!3085!3!341725459338!e!!g!!adobe free photoshop
  9. Time Left: 4 days and 21 hours

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    WANTED Any Surplus Metal Bar, Rod, Hex Etc..Free for Removal, or Cheapish, Upcycling / Recycling Use. Wanted: Perspex Sheets or Bar, Rods Wanted : Rubber, Plastic Rods or Bars any sizes £££.Pence Waiting..£££..


  10. Just out of interest could somebody in the know?? explain to me why there is a facility to renew ads, but mine always have a red text - saying Can not be Renewed?????
  11. No issues found with Safari nor Googles Chrome, or with iPads
  12. Tested this Website, found no issues with it....Personally only thing I can think to suggest is possibly memory prob? But you say this is a new Laptop!
  13. When you say Mirror Site, do you mean a mirror site of say a download area? Where programs are downloaded from? Or something else like www.mirror.co.uk?
  14. Dear Sandbox, If you have removed the Washer Hose connected at A, but you currently do not have a big Flood, in the House, then this Connector is seized in the closed position, preventing water from passing. If you can't DIY this yourself - Ring a Plumber. For a DIY person who is not phased by dealing with Water, how to proceed: 1. Turn off your main stop-tap in house or street. 2. Either use a spanner on top Nut of Siezed Valve Connector, if you get lots of water, you have not isolated the stop-tap off(redo) have a bowl ready, some water will leak out, the small quantity from within the pipe, (old plumbers used to block this up with fresh bread, nowadays you can get a temp freeze kit) 3. Replace Valve connector with new one same threads/size. 4. Test by checking stop-tap on slowly, make sure no leaks 5. Tidy up. Hope this helps you, At point B this appears to me, to be a Plastic Compression Push Joint fitting, where you push in or pull out (dependant on type) and the pipe will pull out (Warning : if you did this without turning off the water stop-tap first you would end up with a Flooding Senario) Good Luck!
  15. The only reasons you might want to check your Credit Scores: 1. To check if you are eligible for a Loan? At a very good rate? 2. If you're rejected for a Loan? To find out why? 3. If you have a known checkered or poor payment history? The higher the number for your Credit Score, usually the better the rate you get the Loan at. If a low number Score then you might be offered loans at a higher rate of interest due to extra risk.... Clearscore do the scoring for free.. But have no ideas what they would get out of it... unless I suspect it's just an Email farming collection system for Loans Companies Leads... By the way if you've never had Any form of Credit, you would have a very Low Score......
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