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  1. Ok if you don't have an iPad or iPhone to use to view the item, or to borrow one. When you connect to the Internet, can you view things like YouTube or similar videos, if you have never viewed these Or similar items before you, maybe do not have the required codex to view such an item. On your win 7 PC or laptop, online just try to view some - You Tube videos,. This might just download for you the necessary software, then you might be able to then view your link.
  2. Perhaps the link is Faulty or Has been copied to you incorrectly, try asking the person who sent you the link - to resend it you again.
  3. Emily Fox (from Silent Witness) needs a female
  4. Hi Zach, IMHO I'm thinking you missed one crucial additional item: A Valid Full Driving Licence (Which I fear many people who drive regularly don't have! Or have never had) Or have lost it for one reason or another.
  5. IMHO I guess they built it there cos they got the land cheap!, plus someOne made a killing when they rebought the land back cheap...
  6. Funny I've never quite figured out why the Old Sheffield Airport - Never took off!
  7. Hmmmm! Hi, Maybe I'm misunderstanding your Midlands quote : or Humour? Buff: ..? ....Green Slime.....sounds a contradiction, can't be both? Beige/green Finger on pulse...sounds medical to me, are you at medical uni?
  8. Hi Guys, I have used many OS's over my working life, some seemingly were very stable, like from win 98 at the time, Etc.. then M$ started to make thing prettier, with more features over time. I have always mainly used Windows because I used it at my work place, plus I already knew how it ticks, following its upgrading routes. However since retiring, Funds can be tighter, so I explored differing offerings. I still use M$ OS preferring what I know well - My Desktop PC still runs Win 7, I see no reason to ditch it just because, it won't upgrade to the prettier.. Win 10. My Laptop is Win 10, but rarely switched it on since I've retired, I'm more likely to reach for my Trusty iPad 2 or iPod or iPhone. So my personal current choice of Fav OS's would be: Windows 7 (Desktop) Mac OS X (Phone/iPads) Linux (Android Tablets) Win 10 (Laptop)
  9. Correctly Identified, as a Retired XP Admin User, previously upgraded from other OS's like 2000, Me, Win 7, MSDOS, win 3.11, win 3.1, Dosshell, win 1, OS2 Warp. Where I have upgraded a few of my old machines, To Win 10 from Win 7 However I've not used Win 10 much since retiring, Seem Stuck in my ways on Win 7.... Currently I'm slowly exploring the Linux OS Learning the Linux Ways....& Community.... FREE......Software...
  10. Hi @Runningman IMHO - When you log into Hotmail (Now - live.co.uk etc) Did you press the Forgotten Password link? Did you give them an Alternative email address? For them to contact you on? Also the Telephone Number supplied - Needs to Be a Mobile Number SO they can send straight away, in my experience it happens Quickly in minutes with a mobile, which does not have to your usual registered number.
  11. I just wish I could innovate or invent something electronic which makes them stop! Or just disrupt their Insidious Activities .... Answers on a Postcard, or Email Direct to the Scammers own email address..
  12. In truth, I have never had any good quality tapes Fail, seemed Bulletproof, however the ones in cheap plastic / clear cases which are clear yellow or orange // neon colours, either stretch or lock up or break the tapes. With regard to location, of a song - use a sharpie, or note the number tracker locator. I had less success with Car 8 Track tapes than cassettes, but I still have my vinyl, CDs DvD Blueray, Cassettes.
  13. As the Tape is A Magnetic Medium, any LARGE MAGNET, like from A Speaker could destroy them! But I have has CD's WARP, been left on Window Cill, or Car Dash
  14. Hi Smary, With little detail supplied, it's not easy to work out what is going on? Is it a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, what OS? Are you meaning it Freezes? Or is it slow to Respond, once an Icon is pressed? when Opening Folders? Or Files? What Were you doing prior? The context of what you did, in what order, can be helpful! In Diagnosis.
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