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  1. Just A Maybe: They might not have paid their online service provider?
  2. The OP post confused me initially as I was thinking it was on a Auction site for Buying Houses, then I realised this was to put bids in for A Council House in another area possibly. Option 1: Get someone to Loan her a Laptop. Option 2: Buy her Or Borrow a PAYG smart Phone Option 3: Do it for her?
  3. Looking at your third image! Imo your looking at some possibly unregistered software! Possibly Crippleware, which is usually distributed Free, to give users a taster before buying the fully functional version? If you have purchased this software you may need to enter a code usually sent via email?
  4. I am quite aware Mint is a version of Linux, plus MacOS is a kinda Bespoke Linux they Mac have created. I had a friend who was a Mac specialist , who made Mac Clones on Intel mobos which seemed to transfer files fine between different platforms? I personally would try by using a Mac formatted Hdd or Zip Drive 100/250Mb or Flash Drive to transfer the files manually. I may be selling some later after formatting these.
  5. Warning Text Scam: You get a Text from: "Royal Mail" (no logo) 'Your Package could not be delivered because you were not in. (I was in? Due to covid?) please click on link for package details to be redirected etc...to Redeliver! (I thought has everything ordered been delivered ? -YES) Quite obviously A Scam to get your Details......so simple it might have WORKED?
  6. I believe there is a case for bringing back 'The Scout. Post' which was good for getting your card delivered locally, or national in a few days. It Not only got the scouts out in the fresh air getting exercise delivering your cards, it also was a good fund raiser for the 'Scout Movement ', being cheaper than the Royal Mail.
  7. I think you have summed it beautifully! I have stuff from my parents, uncles, In-laws etc, my dad was a certain clutter bug, this item might come in useful for a repair! Where I seem to have inherited that trait, I have started to let go, only this week I binned a Laser Printer it was painful to let it go...as it's just things..
  8. I'm confused as most people move with removal men, taking their current contents to new address however, If your discourged from paying to dispose of your items, you could advertise them on the Free section of SF?
  9. Warning: Some Contracts May not allow you to use your handset as an Internet Hub Point, but some people rarely read or take any notice of Contracts or Agreements. An alternative solution would be to buy yourself broadband Dongle with either a monthly contract or PAYG, I believe EE are currently selling them.
  10. This might be a long shot, but might just Help You, to assist Us (Sheffielders) If you were on your SATNAV travelling to Sheffield, re run the same journey, if yours is a modern SATNAV, it maybe has a preview test mode, else come to Sheffield again on your day off following same route! You could then give us some clue of the roads travelled on?
  11. Suggest you try first try removing the CMOS battery, or swap the HD, or Memmory, to force the CMOS into a differing state. With regards to mobo change! Is a possibility.
  12. An Apple Shop would be my first port of call When pandemic is over
  13. Please be Aware: You could have an account with either PayPal.com or PayPal.co.uk, I solved the logging in problem by using my smart phone, changing the login method to Face Biometric
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