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  1. I Have: My Speed display quotes 110/90 in 40 limits, 60 in 30 limits, this all happens while driving around in Sheffield ? Using SATNAV? At the same time my cruise control display will generally quote the correct driving speeds. such that on my Built in SATNAV device it says 60 the other Display states 30. I reported to my Dealers, who are aware of the Problem, Plus do not yet have a Fix! A Staff member stated he had experience in other models by the same Hybrid Car Marque. On a Motorway - No Problems Noticed, on local roads elsewhere one could get differences like 30 on SATNAV but cruise display states can do 40 Has anyone else experienced this Phenonemen?
  2. 1: Remove Your Glassess (If they can't see your Eyes - Rejected) 2: Face front (Not at an Angle or 3/4 Face - Rejected) 3: Choose a Contrasting Background. 4: Choose the right Sized Photo, with good Contrast. Crown Post Offices will advise you!
  3. Once upon a Time, any self respecting DIY guy, or Handyman, could tackle these sorts of jobs, however due to the Govt of recent times: I guess it was due to some careless slipshod workers, who created dangerous practices, which ended in the then Govt taking actions, with more and more regulations, like you have to have a Gas Safe cert. To fit Gas, plus to do Electrical Work you have to have the up to date current Cert. For that, likewise you have to be a qualified Carpenter to do carpentry, or Joinery, which all drives the Costs up. Etc etc.. Roofers once worked from Ladders, in my younger days, which made roofing jobs relatively cheap, nowadays they only Work on your roof once the Scaffolders have been, hiking costs then between £300-1000 more, dependant on what you get done? It all makes money for the current workers to achieve more....methinks
  4. Or Needs some Earex or to rely on the old fashioned remedy...olive oil....never understood how that could even possibly work?
  5. Redirect to your own local designed 404 page Or just to any local isps page
  6. How big a car? Dimensions? PM Me...
  7. Agree with Rudds1, very easily done online, however 1 warning: After doing the SORN, your car/ vehicle needs to be off any Roads, not PARKED on a Public Road, else they will pursue you for the Car Tax, as if you're using it. So ideally Must be Parked on Private Land or on A Private Driveway.
  8. No is what I voted! Dont you think we've seen enough repeats of repeats from @ITV & @BBC over the Years and Years... Was Looking forwards to getting my Free TV License?
  9. Ever So sorry to rain on your parade: But I've recently had a Call: - Did you work in Heavy Engineering ? Possibly you may have HEARING LOSS....You could Claim... I said sorry I can't hear you!... Then they rang back Weeks later, in conversation I found out you can only Claim if you worked at a Firm for over 3 Years...sadly I didn't ... So I can't claim! I no longer get their calls....
  10. Test next to Router, then next in other room, with or without network cables.
  11. Are you connecting your LAPTOP to the router via WIFI or a DIRECT CABLE? This could make a marked difference! There are some WIFI Devices which travel via mains cables in different rooms, also wifi devices which slow down your Network.
  12. Maybe a punctuation problem?
  13. Tiny Internal dot matrix printers....
  14. Can Foxes climb trees? Never seen a Fox in a Tree, however I have once found one dead it Expired in my Back Garden, you would not believe the pularver to dispose of it.... Via Environmental Health Dept.
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