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  1. Time Left: 5 days and 14 hours

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    As EitherPicture any quantity collected 1-100 Empty Containers (Must be Screw Type Containers) It will help the environment, by reducing what plastic goes into Landfill please PM Me


  2. Simple Answer (NO!) Since Gas Safe came in anyone who is not on the current Gas Safe Register, which replaced CORGI installers register (Which I had the old certificate for) plus this no longer Current! Or valid So it's illegal ! I know how to do it, but won't do it as I don't have a current GAS SAFE Certificate. So Ideally you want to employ a Fitter, who has a Current Gas Safe Certificate (NOT someone with a CORGI Cert.) Simply removing a Bayonet Connection, to disconnect a Cooker, does NOT leave it Gas Safe! You need a Current Fitter!
  3. Since the Fur Paint Attacks on Models/People Wearing Fur, Years Ago and People stopped wearing Fur then Most adopted wearing Faux acrylic / Fake Fur instead. The Result of this Action meant ' Fur no longer maintained a Value!'
  4. Posted Classified Picture on SF Finally
  5. Ok I think people have given up? On Guesses? So: A: A Storage Unit for Plastic Boxes If You want to be involved with (SSGG), please PM Me... I don't make any Teas, but you might get a black Coffee!
  6. Well I managed to Upload some Pictures using these settings..In my latest Post!

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    Any size Empty Screw Top Containers Wanted, Any Quantity you wish to Donate To Me to use, One to Ten, Any Quantity Would Useful to Me Be Ecological; To avoid these Plastic Items going to Clog Up Our Land-Fill I can collect them, From You to utilise Them for Storage of my Bits N Pieces Free Ideally else Very Cheap ..... Please PM Me


  8. I got a Quote from a Sheff Council - SubContractor (#€$*) for A Slate Roof on a 3 Bed Semi, they wanted £4000+ So I declined, as I had a previously lower Quote! From another firm for a poorly carried out patch up job the cost was £280, you certainly get what you pay for? So im slowly saving up....to have a proper job done! Maybe in next millennium ....
  9. Cheers . Robbie! Thanks My question is how do you contact land owners to ask permission to search?
  10. On my iPhone I was wondering why I could never upload any photos, but discovered an interesting settings in the iPhone Settings section, allowing smaller Pictures, within the camera section, use most compatible to reduce file size, plus Crop the picture smaller. This I will certainly try the next time I Post.
  11. Thinking Laterally, if spares are no longer available, for things like obsolete Cookers: Have you considered contacting a Toughened Glass Specialist? Or A Window Company? Cut to Size Specialist?
  12. A Friend who normally drove a solo motorcycle, was taking his first car test, the examiner said, " I would smack my clipboard on the Dash, I then want you to do an Emergency Stop immediately! I won't ask you to repeat this procedure. He continued with a hill start, smashed the dash, my friend did an emergency stop suddenly, the examiner lurched forward, bashed his forehead on the screen. Continuing on the instructor repeatedly hit the dash, 30 times, which my friend did a emergency stops, 90 mins later back at test centre, he got his fail cert. For reversing around corner, not proceeding fast enough...
  13. When my mother took her driving test, the examiner asked her Questions about "Driving on motorways" Now at that time the M1 was about being built. She argued with the examiner, "I'm not allowed to drive on Motorways as a Learner, and anyway we don't have any up here yet!" Even with those comments she still Passed!
  14. A Passport Lost Locally or Stolen should immediately be reported to the Police, Passport Agency: The Police (from experience) may come and search your Home, plus take details. If you have serial number etc. This would be helpful, if found this could be cloned or used by some other unscrupulous person.
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