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  1. Think I'll pass on that for a new current project: 1: Think my next Door Neighbour might Moan if I start building on his land! I did say small metal projects?
  2. I personally have never ever had such Good Fortune! On another note I will have to start reading my emails more intently, in stead of dumping them into my JUNK folder, FOMO springs to mind!
  3. You will need to check if you have any empty slots, in your Zenbook, check its original specs out, or its original documentation. the ram could be built into the mobo, or have separate single or two slots.
  4. Suggest : Take to Cromwells Ltd. if they can't fix it for you, then they offer you a cheap/offer of alternative instead.
  5. Maybe you need to use HTTPS:// (link) as it maybe a secure site, or you maybe need a cookie on your Mobile device.
  6. New Year, So looking for a Short Quick Metal Project, or SuggestIons what to Make or Construct This New Year: Any sensible suggestions Welcomed: From existing members or new Members, new Friends, new Ideas?
  7. Yes, for A NEW Car, it was a good deal for us at the time, (It could have been dearer for a better range battery) we were led to believe that they would only lease the batteries, because no one would then have to pay the full cost. My understanding was that they were being recycled after their two or three year contracts, then used cars started with new or rejuvenated batteries. But that could have been sales <removed>!
  8. Wishing any new associates, or New Friends to SSGG: A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020
  9. My Wife had a Renault Zoe for two years from new, the cost of Lease of Battery was just £65/Month for 80-90 miles range.
  10. A New Start from 2020: SSGG Looking for ideas, projects, items to make, even Repair. Join In Anyone over 18 Welcomed, Retired, or Younger, Ideally people, With Skills, or Ideas
  11. Why do you think the latest Hybrid cars are SUV with 17/18" wheels?
  12. One of My neighbours says he favours the Hydrogen Cell, but I suspect he's just putting off getting a Hybrid at all! As the infrastructure simply doesn't exist in this area yet.
  13. When I got my first Hybrid it was great for me being say a retired person, who can afford the time to wait for it, To charge up time wise, I enjoyed having it, using it, low tax, low fuel costs, however after having it 3 years, I replace it with a less complicated Hybrid, not having to control the retarder paddles, which like anything new was quite fiddly to work! Or to get used too. In the three years I had expected the technology to have progressed more, so the next time I change my car, I hope there will be much more innovations with better choice in the future, I would also like to test the Vauxhall/GM hybrid option SUV.
  14. More luck with you cracking your codes: You would pay more tax than last year, this year. 1040-350 =?£(690) all tax = tax is paid on above £350/y salary
  15. As a Simpler introduction to creating animation: Without the needs for Any Apps or Computers, Tablets or Large Expense Make A Small Flicker Book. 1: draw from back of a reporters notepad, or pad ideally unlined. 2: draw first picture, say a rocket on launch pad or stick man running. 3: draw on successive pages the images in different positions. 4: repeat on each page being different 5: Flick from back. - This demonstrates how Animation works! Even the most basic drawing package in Windows would work.
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