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  1. Maybe someOne with lots of time currently on their hands with the right skills or expertise in Java or C or jScript programming, could make a program or app which would easily expose the vile scammers efforts via email, sadly I don't have this experience. I'm sure it would be welcomed by the less technically knowledgeable in our community, they might even pay for it!
  2. Just an off the wall - suggestion, but you could borrow a pair of knitting needless an knit one!
  3. It might be dependant on the size of Ram on your iPad4, which I'm sure would be bigger on an iMac. Or the site was just busy, with everyone ordering at the same time.
  4. Try an additional Gmail account:
  5. Imho I have the belief that Yahoo mail, is of similar ilk to Live mail, which is an online only eMail not like an ISPs own eMail. I also believe BT had abandoned their own eMail system some time ago. As such I agree with the previous poster that the email needs setting up from scratch on the iPad, details of how to do that is found on their Yahoo help pages, or on other ISPs help pages. Hope this assists. From Yahoo/Verison login pages. There is a limit of 1 email alias per each Yahoo account, so if you need multiple extra accounts, you cancreate disposable email addresses.
  6. I remember when I worked for 'Freeserve' when the Local Area had thunderstorms we had to replace load of routers connected via copper wires as they had been struck by lightning strikes, but Virgin Media ones were never seemed affected this way.
  7. Which type of Indian? West or East? What delivery area range? If any?
  8. Check on the. Barclays card fraud fighter tool to check if you're up to date with your own fraud fighting yourself! There is no obligation to obtain or buy a card!
  9. My best guess : Is its a sump plug, if pointy bit is magnetic for collecting Fash in sump, the other end has a hex bit possibly- stuck in end
  10. Due to Social Distancing regulations no personal contact whilst Pandemic ongoing, would restart once pandemic over! Seems 2020 Cancelled
  11. No Contact further whilst Pandemic on.....
  12. Ok if you don't have an iPad or iPhone to use to view the item, or to borrow one. When you connect to the Internet, can you view things like YouTube or similar videos, if you have never viewed these Or similar items before you, maybe do not have the required codex to view such an item. On your win 7 PC or laptop, online just try to view some - You Tube videos,. This might just download for you the necessary software, then you might be able to then view your link.
  13. Perhaps the link is Faulty or Has been copied to you incorrectly, try asking the person who sent you the link - to resend it you again.
  14. Emily Fox (from Silent Witness) needs a female
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