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  1. DeZeus

    Interested in Playing a Game of Chess?

    Tri dimensional Chess sounds great, but where do you get the Board from? Suggestions on a postcard.... Or PM
  2. DeZeus

    Illegal Microsoft Office?

    Yes..I was impressed, with that, however I always suspected that Item was some sort of. 'Tracking software, for M$ (no Proof of this however) but I was always very wary of using items from ..... Very dubious sources like USA sites'. Just for customers...
  3. DeZeus

    Illegal Microsoft Office?

    Just an Opinion: Maybe they M$ could not be bothered to prosecute everyone who was taking party to using the supposed illegal copies as so many were using the same duplicated keyed copies, or they may have given up competing with the Vast Many Free download Linux Versions, of 'Office' as Op have mentioned earlier.
  4. Likewise I recently had a similar experience, however it was Two Polish young women, who knocked on My door, asking if there were any Polish living in the Local Area, I said not! But I did point them in the direction of the Sheffield Polish Club. I asked why they just wanted Polish People, they cast the comment aside, saying they wanted to find them, So I gathered they were either looking for the local enclave of Polish, or friends to stay at? Then never gave it a second thought...however I did think it was a strange encounter ... Maybe they were lost Polish Aliens?
  5. DeZeus

    Illegal Microsoft Office?

    If you were a Firm you could pay for this as a Volume License, and put multiple copies on multiple machines, say in an IT Dept.
  6. DeZeus

    Illegal Microsoft Office?

    What you were probably sold wrongly by the Shop, for M$ rules - Maybe Was a Volume licence Copy of Office, which still needs to be licensed for single users, to use Legitamately So you would need a new Key to use it Legit... Some unscrupulous Dealers have. Always done this.
  7. When the M1 was first opened I believe the speed limit then on it was 100MPH, which was quickly reduced to....70MPH, at that time the cars then struggled to achieve ^80/90MPH Now you safely travel at the speed limit of 70MPH, your regularly then are being overtaken by some AUDI, BMW, Jags, RangeRovers, Lorries etc @ estimated 80/90+MPH, you see them ten secs later screeching to a halt, by catching up with traffic in front, which brings me to my Pet Hate of people who Tailgate you (not allowing sufficient space). If the speed limits were increased to say 80 people would then travel at 90... If it were reduced to 50/60 (like roadworks) you see some still travel at 70MPH..
  8. People are always inventive, or creative, you create a new safety system, sometimes someone creative will try to circumvent the rules imposed on them. From 2015 I was driving one such equipped car, which had both a cruise control, plus speed limiter, which I loved! Not getting pulled over again or again by the Motorway Police (using Unmarked Motorway Police Cars) any more, who also speed at greater speeds themselves with impunity. Previously in my younger days, I had been Done for speeding Twice, like lots of other drivers in cars, just with previous cars, I now comply with all speed limits, for the record. But having had this facility can make you complacent, relying heavily on the device, when I next changed to my current car in 2018, I had to be very very careful, as this car had a cruise control, but with a different system with other safety features, like brake close, pedestrian awareness etc. but sadly No Speed Limiter! :( However the Salesman Said it had One! Be wary, be warned, get it in writing!
  9. I don't think I'm influenced very much by most Adverts, I would willingly pay a little subscription to not have them on some channels, say £0.02p Per programme. I also think the BBC should stop making them as they are now taking up so much time Advertising their forthcoming Programmes...with Spoilers. I also think the advertising on the internet, is insidious, and unnecessary. Free the Internet..Adfree..
  10. DeZeus

    Sheffield shed/garage group - ssgg

    Clue: It's for inside the house...
  11. Sadly my Aunt died, she used teach people to spin from the fleece,. Make the yarn, dye, plus Machine Knit including Patterns.... If I come across any I'll let you know.
  12. Our Current Dog (Bitch) which is A Pedigree Shih Tsui which we agreed to re-home just over a Year ago, my question to SF people is; How often do you think is a reasonable time for leaving For Grooming? Its usually left about 6 weeks, but the little rear side claws grow uncontrollably ?? Your Comments....
  13. DeZeus

    The Bay

    Saving it for Later, like the rest on my catch up....will I ever catch up?
  14. DeZeus

    Place to put caravan

    Under a roof - No! On secure field - Yes!, plenty I've tried locally, PM me.
  15. I always found Gooogle Ads as money Wasted, with no return....

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