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  1. Last Week had a landline call, saying my Amazon Prime account needed renewal, now I’m not keen on giving any money’s to billionaires like Bezos who spend it frivolous on space…travel So I knew it was a SCAM call, because I don’t deal with Amazon……at all..
  2. Amazon Prime scam rife circulating I got an Auto call yesterday saying my Amazon Prime account had expired - press one to call back I don’t even deal with Amazon? Never Will!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  3. Your smartphone ( ideally iPhone). Could be utilised as your Scanner! By taking Photo.
  4. An attachment document sent to you in an email, is now an image in your possession of their document, sent to you. To use this document from the email, you can then PRINT out a paper copy for use with a paper application or SAVE to your Desktop within your Document Folder. To PRINT later in letter form or add to Your Emailed Application when you Submit your application in full, with application attached. I am assuming you have PC and Printer.
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