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  1. I think something similar but wouldn't a faulty pump pull less that a perfect one? What sort of fault could make it suck harder? Maybe if it had 2 inlets and the fault was that the second one was blocked so the first sucks harder?
  2. Years ago a tv sketch called Whacko! in which a parent goes to the headmaster and asks if the boys and girls have separate curricula. The headmaster replies "yes, we've just new ones built."
  3. The reaction I'm referring to is the one where hydrogen is collected in a test tube and air (oxygen) is let in and a spark ignites the mixture. It might not be literally instantaneous but it's pretty quick.
  4. We had similar tripping when the fan motor's rotor was prevented from going round due to pieces of carbon stuck between rotor and stator. I suppose the current drawn was persistently high, as when a motor starts up, and it tripped due to over current. After removing the carbon everything worked ok.
  5. I didn't realise that hydrogen would not react with oxygen without the catalyst you mention, Albert the Cat. Whenever I've seen a hydrogen/oxygen reaction it has been virtually instantaneous but without any catalyst. What does the catalyst do?
  6. What about steam cars where the water is heated by nuclear fuel as in a nuclear submarine?
  7. I must agree with Dardandec that if 30 cars rolled up at the same time to have their battery replaced it would cause a shortage of "fitters" for a while. No company would have 30 "fitters" sitting around, waiting for 30 cars to rollup together so the only things I can think of are (i) if the battery was replaced by an automaton of some sort or (ii) if the "fitters" had other things to do until these 30 cars arrive, things such as setting up the batteries for recharging, sweeping up, cleaning the toilets, cleaning windscreens, checking tyre pressures, doing their "standby job." This would require some inventiveness. It would need a new breed of mechanic, maybe one called a "battery fitter" as distinct from an engine fitter, who is a skilled mechanic. And the battery fitter would need to be flexible and willing to change activity when in greater demand.
  8. I just told you about the battery replacing en route. That's a wonderful insight.
  9. Yes, and the only part of the "company specific" car battery could be the packaging around it. And as for replacement batteries being a good revenue stream, by not having replacement batteries for swapping over en route the car companies will be losing much more revenue because people will be put off buying an electric car that runs out of charge on a long journey and takes hours to recharge. It's in their interest to standardise on battery connections and fittings. What on earth are Drive-over charging points? They must be a very long way into the future. And they would also require connection interface, wouldn't they? So how are they different from the issues raised by swapping batteries?
  10. So what about my idea (9 posts ago) ? Is it a good idea or not and why/why not?
  11. Much obliged. I will look into it soon.
  12. MY MISTAKE, THIS POST BELONGS IN ELECTRIC CARS. I CAN"T MOVE IT. Replacing (not recharging) the battery while on a journey would save you a lot of time. If companies with enough investment money established battery replacing stations up and down the country and were to get the car manufacturers to make the battery fixings and connections quickly undoable (not an impossible task), your battery (and several others) could have been charged up in advance of you arriving at the station so that a quick replacement could take place. In case there were to be a problem with people leaving a very old battery and getting a newish one in exchange, this could be covered by you having taken out a scheme parcipation membership so any losses all becomes swings and roundabouts for the battery replacement station, their losses being covered by the cost of scheme membership. Although this way of working would cost a bit more than by simply recharging your existing battery, it would save you a lot of time on your journey.
  13. My PC is tailor made. No model number. Unknown maker.
  14. Where was this 40 megabitsofflipflop located? I know nothing about computers or broadband engineering, just interested. Your post rang a bell with me because my broadband was very slow when I first signed up and then after my complaining for 3 months the Talk Talk engineer changed the BT wall socket and the speed went up from 5 to 13, which is plenty fast enough for me.
  15. Thank you Zach. No I haven't been in there but out of interest, can you tell me how changes would be made to BIOS as it's used at a very basic but essential level to run the PC, so far as I understand, so if it were changed isn't that a bit like altering someone's lower brain (used for heart beat) and still expecting them to perform?
  16. Yes, I suppose so. I didn't know it was capable of doing that.
  17. I got a notice saying my BIOS had developed a fault and needs attention. It happened as the mains plug fell out of the wall during bootup. I don't know much about computers but as the PC is now working just as it always used to, what might have happened to correct the BIOS?
  18. There are several types of intelligence. The ability to learn is one component part. Realising why, how, where and when to apply knowledge is another. But a definition of intelligence needs, in my opinion, to be of a form that gives clues about how to make artificial intelligence work across a wide spectrum of problems.
  19. Now I'm blushing with embarrassment at what I did with my roller blinds. I've now discovered that I could have screwed their mountings to the ceiling inside the window space instead of messing about with wooden blocks. In my own defence though, it was my daughter who decided to fix the blind to wooden blocks and I went along with her decision blindly (no pun intended). With the blind's mounting brackets hanging down from the ceiling in this new way the knobbly pull-cord runs better in its gear wheel and the whole thing is a better job. Not only that but I've found that there's no need to bend the blind's mounting brackets to get the blind in as one bracket has a removeable plate which reveals access for the pivot when it's removed. I fell pretty stupid, having worked hard on getting these blinds up the wrong way.
  20. Hi Janus. The blind and its roller were too long so they had to be cut down, I could have fitted the bracket slightly (8mm) away from the wall if I'd realised what was needed. Hi Spider 1, Yes, the bracket could have been fitted so that the slots in the fixings would allow it to be slid along to let the blind in if I hadn't drilled the screw holes in the wrong place so that there was no room left. This all happened because there was no instruction sheet with the blind and because I'd never fitted a blind before. So why didn't I drill some more fixing holes? I hear you thinking. It's a long story but amounts to the fact that the block was supplied by my son in law and it turned out to be made of some very hard wood and my blunt old drill bits hardly managed to drill it at all. I suppose I was fed up with the whole thing and would not persevere. I fitted the blinds ok in the end though by glueing a small sheet of 8 mm plywood on the back face of the block which the brackets were screwed to, thus providing space for the bracket to bend in. Then I cut the blind's width down to suit. Tell me about it Chez 2.
  21. Hi Pattricia. Your post reminded me that every few weeks a bird thumps into one of my windows, drops to the ground looking mystified and eventually flies off. But they aren't jackdaws. Some are pigeons, some starlings. I reckon they must get an awful headache from hitting the glass with their heads!
  22. We bought some roll blinds and I tried to put them up and inside the window return, not on the flat wall that surrounds the window. I did this because my wife wanted it done this way and who am I to argue? There were no instructions available, so because I've always been a handyman I measured carefully and did what I thought would work. What I failed to realise is that the vertical bracket which the roll clips into at each end of the roll must have enough free space behind it to allow it to be bent back a few mm in order to let the roll slip into place. But the wall return made this impossible to do. I haven't detailed this out because anyone who has put roll blinds up will know what I'm talking about and anyone who hasn't put up roll blinds can learn from my mistake. Measuring what the length of the roll will be when it's in place isn't enough - you have to make sure you can bend one bracket back as well, which takes more room.
  23. What about cryogenic sleep on the journey? Is awakening safely from that possible yet?
  24. OK Zach but that's not what I've read. I think you can share a DVD showing the programme that you recorded off air, providing you are not as it were overdoing it, eg just sharing once is OK. Also the person you share it with must not be an agent for further big scale distribution. I got this from the UK Govt rules. But as Ghozer had a good reason for closing the thread that's fine with me.
  25. Ghozer terminated the thread that I had started about recording Catch 22 off air. He said that recording off air is illegal. Does that mean that everyone who records off air to their tv recorder is breaking the law? And suppose someone copies this recorded programme to a DVD... is that legal?
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