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  1. Ouch, be careful with that one as you will have the Gaul after you!
  2. Think of as a bit like Freeview, it may be free but you still need a license to watch it as it is broadcast live.
  3. That is in the form of allowances which is not a salary or wage like a MP gets. Neither are qualifications for a political job. That long standing MP Dennis Skinner I believe has no academic qualifications and a number of other MP's also have none or just a few. Take Sheffield council for instance, Julie Dore is an ex-dinner lady with a SM and College Education and yet is leader of it. In a democracy having no qualification does not bar you from becoming a Councillor or MP as it is open to all that qualify. It helps to have a UNI Education if you are wanting to be part of the higher offices such as a minister.
  4. No, as I have tried to explain before in another thread in our democratic society anyone over the age of 18 can apply to be an MP regardless of their education, qualifications or merit. Providing they qualify and can pay the deposit whether they get elected or not is then down to the voters. I believe Jeremy Corbyn has only 2 A levels at EE grade and yet he is leader of the Labour party. Being a councillor is a bit different as that is almost a voluntary role as they do not get paid for being one but again anyone who qualifies can apply and if lucky get voted in. And to answer the question, no I wouldnt stand for either.
  5. I agree but the problem only arises because we import many foodstuffs from the EU that are not seasonally grown in the UK. As said a great deal of the foodstuffs that we mainly import we could actually do without for a while without much problem. But we already do.
  6. Manufacturers will just do the normal and use "shrinkflation" to combat any rise in costs. In any case if people are made redundant then that also solves the problem of who will pick the veg!
  7. Oh I see, sorry when you said sweet products I though you meant stuff like Haribo etc make. But a jam shortage is not very problematic either, in fact I dont know anyone who buys it!
  8. That may be true for the whole industry but geared was talking about most sweet products, which incidentally rely mainly on already processed syrups and flavourings for inclusion in sweet products and not imported fresh produce.
  9. Most in-season veg is not picked by hand but by machine. Getting back to some other comments; a shortage of process foods may be a good thing as they are linked to obesity and a shortage of out of season fruit and veg is not much of a problem to most. Not really as most of these factories are mainly automated anyhow and employ few staff to do physical work.
  10. Sorry my mistake, maybe.. But I refer you to #368 instead! No I did not. I said: "No it does not as anyone over 18 regardless of education or qualifications can enter parliament as an MP, providing they are elected according to the rules. " Those same rules would also rule out what you call.. "Crucially idiots and lunatics - ..."
  11. I refer the gentleman to post #362! No, you are just being pedantic for the sake of it as always and dont like being corrected. The only bit you were correct about was this "Crucially idiots and lunatics - both terms with specific if outdated legal meanings are unable to stand too..." Which is basically pretty obvious as I doubt they would be capable of filling in the forms or getting the deposit.
  12. But if they resign from the job then they can so there is nothing stopping them. You missed out some of the people held in prisons as well.
  13. No it does not as anyone over 18 regardless of education or qualifications can enter parliament as an MP, providing they are elected according to the rules.
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