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  1. Since we don't know how many people over 80 years old contracted Covid 19, then as Longcol says, we don't know the % of them that died from it. So let me ask a similar question: how many 80+ year olds have been treated for Covid 19 so far and how many of them died? My question comes from me wondering what my chances of survival would be if I caught it, went to hospital, and was treated for Covid 19. From what I can see on the net it seems like it would 85%. That's not too bad, is it?
  2. Thanks both. What Google told me was something about a settlement pond and a special type of valve. I didn't read either things for obvious reasons. Just as well I didn't use it as a glue or a filler!
  3. Wen raking through all the bottles and tins of liquids in my shed I discovered that I had quite a lot of something labelled RP7. It has virtually no smell, is a white coloured thick liquid which separates into the white base and a brown, thinner liquid which floats to the top, after standing for a couple of hours. I couldn't find it on Google so I tried experimenting with it to see if it was either a glue or a filler or a paint. I painted it onto the rough edge of a piece if chipboard and it soaked into the shipboard and felt slightly sticky as it did so but I still cannot find out what it is or what it's for. It did not set hard and you wouldn't even know it was on the chipboard after it soaked in. Can anyone help me please?
  4. If an 83 year old (like me) with no underlying health conditions is treated in hospital for coronavirus, what are his chances of survival?
  5. Thanks Longcol. I see the table. Depressing, isn't it. I'm 83 years old.
  6. Is that true? What proportion of old people in UK over 80 years old and who get covid 19 actually die from it?
  7. Thanks Alarmingmark and Ghozer. That's good to know. I know something about the other variables but wasn't sure about this one. It affects which monitor I'm about to buy.
  8. Is a speed of 1mS of any advantage over a speed of 5mS in a computer monitor that's used for general online work?
  9. Once again thanks everyone. You've been very helpful
  10. Thanks for your replies guys. I have vga on the laptop, vga plus hdm1 on each of the two desktop PCs. I was thinking of getting the Acer KA270H 27 inch monitor but I'm also interested in the 24 inch Viewsonic VX 2458-MHD. The latter monitor has speakers and the former doesn't . My eventual choice doesn't depend on speakers though. The Acer has many excellent customer reports but the Viewsonic has none so far. Both monitors have both VGA and HDM1. What should I do, wait and see if the Viewsonic gets customer reports? Or ask you to decide for me, kind sirs? The 27 incher's price is 140 quid and the 24 incher's price is114 and it has a 1mS response time. What does this fast response time do for me?
  11. Thanks for your replies guys. Firstly I do not want to spy on anyone, however suspicious my question may sound. I own all 3 computers and noone else uses them and I have no plans to change this. My question was based on just idle curiosity really and I haven't yet defined my purpose in having all 3 computers running with only one keyboard and mouse and monitor. Team Viewer and KVM switch sound useful in case I ever decide to go ahead. My last question is this can the 3 computers each connect to different online addresses at the same time? Thanks again. Terry
  12. Hi Apelike. I suppose I might use it for all three things you ask about but for now it's for general browsing so my answer is I want it for everything if that's possible. I've seen screen response times as low as 1 mSec. What happens to the images if the screen is too slow? What images are these, gaming images that need a fast screen perhaps?
  13. What happens if you do start the engine with petrol in the tank rather than diesel? Does it blow up or something?
  14. I have a question for the computer boys and if I knew where the computer forum had moved to I would ask it there, but I don't. So let me ask it here, please. Someone might know the answer. I have seen reference to an office computer hookup whereby the boss can look on his own screen and see what every one of his staff are up to on their computer. I have 3 computers and only one monitor and no staff but would I be able to use all these computers at the same time but independent of oneanother and yet see what's going on with every computer during searches, or conversations or purchasing deals etc on the one screen by switching it to the appropriate computer? What is such a system called?
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