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  1. woolyhead

    Microsoft notepad to microsoft word

    Tried that, Altus. Good idea. Litotes and Ash I will try it. How will Jarte help, Swarfendor 437? A few minutes later …. Yes! Copy and paste does the job. Thanks very much for your ideas, gents. Now I should be able to edit ALL and globally change the font but the letter spacing looks ok as it is since the copying and pasting. Thanks again.
  2. I wrote a document in notepad and later opened it with word. From then I saved it in word and opened it with word. I can alter the words in the document still but I have no other edit functions available. Is it possible to obtain other edit functions, eg changing font, letter spacing, insert page numbers etc. that I cannot get now?
  3. I fully agree. The problem however is how could we find out what the populous as a whole thinks about an issue. Would single referable majority voting cut the ice?
  4. What polls? Who was polled, those who voted in the last referendum or others? Are those polled eligible to vote in the next referendum if we have one? What proportion of the people in the UK do they represent? Whatever it is, can you now claim that "the people" of the UK want to remain? Do you accept the First Past The Post system?
  5. Did you mean "most misunderstood" perhaps? In either case the referendum had no connection with which MP we voted for last time. It's a totally different thing.
  6. The majority only wants what it votes to have. The majority of the referendum votes were to leave. So accordingly the majority of (voters) want to leave. What "the people" , whoever they are, want is a different matter. So how do you know what "the people" want?
  7. Leaving would support the concept of democracy's "first past the post" voting system. We voted to leave, and leave the EU is what we will probably do. Surely, doing what the people want is a positive?
  8. woolyhead

    The Truth About Beer..

    Or as my grandpa used to say "Beer, when a man's well makes him ill. Beer makes a man well when he's ill."
  9. "My aeroplane's on fire!" he ejected.
  10. woolyhead

    Giant, remotely alterable mirror in space

    So what's your solution to the global warming problem? When it's technical, and we chat about it, it's tech chat. Because I reckon the term Computer and Tech Chat means Computer Chat and also Tech Chat. Two subjects. Is that wrong? And how to control global warming is technical, isn't it? Why must a topic only be eligible for only one category or the other and not both? But if you want, you have my agreement to delete my offering based on erroneous categorisation. Or transfer it to Global Warming.
  11. woolyhead

    problem with google chrome

    Google Chrome and even Google ordinary refused to be my net browser just because I don't have a mobile phone. That's discrimination! Sorry this reply is slightly off subject.
  12. DeZeus my friend, I can't unblock your landline phone's unknown caller function. How can I do it with my phone? Jomie please refer to page 1 of this topic where I quote the seller's advertisement. Muddywolf if everyone wants to stop talking about this that's fine with me. Discussing it has helped me a lot. Thanks, everyone.
  13. woolyhead

    Giant, remotely alterable mirror in space

    pay for and What about the political aspects of this. I mean politicians aren't exactly falling over themselves to implement any powerful global heat-reduction schemes are they. Just reducing the UK's carbon footprint hardly does the job when so many other big countries including America don't want to know. Poorer or less affluent countries can't afford to do very much unless they make their people suffer as a result. The arguments will go on and on until it's too late to prevent thermal runaway. The only practical way to get global temperature stability and controlled reduction is for the rich countries to pay for and build the space mirror. They could earn the money as time goes by, year by year, as the work progresses.
  14. That sounds just like my case, Jomie. Zach, they could make the nature of their product much clearer by saying it is "key code only, no software" couldn't they? Muddywolf, you say "head to office .com/setup login" Well then that's exactly how I described what I would have done. But what's the point of registering a licence code if you don't have the Office software? And I didn't say I don't have a clue. And I did report this to e bay and they got my money back for me. So why shouldn't I do it? Anyone who thinks I don't understand what I'm talking about should look at this advert for Office plus licence and follow it themselves : Fast Software, Office 2016 Home Plus Student for Windows 39,99. It shows a flow diagram representing exactly the stages that I described. Therefore Microsoft DOES use a second seller. OK now? Zach you say they can't exactly put up a picture of the licence code. No, but they could make it more clear that a licence code is all you're going to receive, couldn't they. They could even use a picture like this : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (licence code only), couldn't they. The second seller I'm referring to was xsmurfedd on e bay. They sold me the licence key that caused all this bother.
  15. I now think that all I ordered was the licence code. So far as I can see De Zeus seems to be on the right track. If and when I'd ordered Office software plus licence key plus the Microsoft activation link I would have contacted Microsoft who would associate the licence with my Microsoft account and verified the licence. If they find it's ok they would download the Office software and the rest is plain sailing. But I didn't appreciate all this was how it works, even if someone on this forum had already told me. The reason why Microsoft would download when I had not paid them for it seems to be that Microsoft has an arrangement with the second seller (the one I buy from). So the second seller takes his cut for selling the product and Microsoft makes another sale. The reason why I couldn't quite believe this story was that I couldn't see why Microsoft would sell Office for about 40 quid online when it is offering Office for about 200 quid at the same time. But now I reckon the reason must be that all sales are good for Microsoft. They all add to the revenue. Sales at 45 quid (minus second seller's cut) must be very much greater then sales at 200 quid so they could be more profitable overall. Incidentally I got my money back from the seller of the licence-only. If they had used the phrase licence-only I would not have bought their product in the first place. They even showed what one assumes to be the product in its box, gave a tracking number which I assumed was a postage tracker (they didn't say what it was) and quoted a six day delivery. I think they meant me to think it was coming by post and therefore was the whole software package. Misrepresentation? Any comments please.

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