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  1. woolyhead

    Out of body experience

    Yes, I have. I was fairly stressed at work when the boss made things much worse. I immediately found myself outside my body as it were, listening to what my real self was saying to him.
  2. woolyhead

    Labyrinthitis type bug going around?

    I suffered from labyrinthitis in one ear a few years ago. The doctors called it Meniere's disease. It made me go profoundly deaf i.e I still can't hear anything at all, not even an atom bomb going off as it were, in the ear with the bug in it. My balance was badly affected and I felt dizzy. And I was sick for about a couple of days. But by the end of about six months I had recovered from the dizziness (and the vomiting). But not the total deafness and I still have a slight sense of imbalance. And I know how and why I contracted Meniere's disease in the first place. When I was out in the shed one day my ear began to itch because I have flaky skin due to having enjoyed too much sun on it years ago and that makes my scalp and ears itch terribly from time to time. So I picked up a nail and scratched inside my ear with it. That brought instant relief. But the bug must have been on that nail. So the old saying is correct: never put anything in your ears.
  3. And an even greater number of people didn't vote because the implications of the question asked were not made clear. And this is called democracy!
  4. woolyhead

    Understanding the universe.

    If Z2 < Z1 the reflection coefficient would be negative. Does that imply anything?
  5. I once worked in a company doing development of telephone exchanges for BT. At one point during TXE4 development we needed to know the characteristic impedance of that ordinary, loosely twisted, outdoor telephone cable that comes into our homes and BT couldn't tell us what it was. So we had to do the necessary measurements ourselves. It was then that I realised that this cable was pretty poor stuff electrically over short distances. Years later I wanted an extension to my house phone in one of the bedrooms and I had a length of ordinary bell wire available in my cupboard and knowing what poor stuff the outdoor BT cable is I decided to use bell wire instead. This wiring is about 100 feet long and I still get a good internet speed. Just thought someone might like to know.
  6. Yes but if we did not leave the EU and the backstop were in force how, where and when would we pay the import duty on our goods to the EU? Would it be paid by computerised money transfer when the goods were first sent, or when the delivery lorry driver passes the customs checkpoint in Ireland, or what? Or have I misunderstood the whole thing? Does the end user pay the duty for example?
  7. If there were no backstop in force how and where and when would duty be paid on our exports to the EU after we left the EU?
  8. They could be assumed to cancel each other out so that it would be as if we had never voted in the first place. Perhaps this would mean that we would automatically be back in the dear old EU? If we leave the EU could someone tell me what the northern Ireland situation would be regarding export duty if there were no customs border there. How and where would it be paid?
  9. Great replies. Thanks everyone. This forum is always so good. I really mean that. Terence the Satisfied.
  10. Hi everyone again. My latest problem is that when I capture a screen image using the PrtSc key with Windows 10 and paste the image into Paint, although I get a reasonable image in Paint it does not cover the whole of the original picture but leaves some of it out. Are there any settings I can change to correct this?
  11. OK Max. I will remember that. Thanks.
  12. Thanks everyone. I'll give your suggestions a try and let you know. ---------- Post added 05-11-2018 at 12:23 ---------- Me again. I tried Ghozer's suggestion and it sort of started to work ok at first but when I pressed CNTRL + V nothing happened. However it gave me the prompt I needed and I did the whole thing again using the mouse alone (mark, copy, open other document, point and paste) for the entire copy and paste routine and that worked fine. The documents I need to add to the main one are only each one page long but there are a lot of them, each one filed under a different title. You have all helped me solve my problem. Thank you.
  13. Hi everyone. I want to attach another Word file to the end of a main Word file. Advisers on the net tell me to mark the main file text where I want to add the second file, press INSERT on the main file, then press OBJECT or FILE and finish. This should insert the second file where I indicated. I have Windows 10 and my problem is that there is neither an OBJECT nor a FILE box to click. What should I do?
  14. woolyhead

    Lawnmower blade problem- can you help?

    Ref my original post, it seems that the fixed blade needs to be ground on its top surface near the front but I can't find anyone who knows even the approximate angle to put on it nor how much of its frontal area to leave un ground. Opinions seem to vary between (i) don't grind at all but leave it at 90 degrees to its small front area (ii) 30 degrees relative to its base, leaving 2mm of front at 90 degrees. I'm beginning to suspect that either it doesn't matter and the mower works either way or nobody knows for sure.

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