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  1. That sounds dangerous! I know the actual correcting of DNA is guided by a synthetic RNA strand and implemented by a Cas 9 bacterium. Finding your own DNA is done quite a lot nowadays and because it only involves taking saliva and placing it in an analyser it seems like quite an innocuous thing to do to yourself. But making the right synthetic RNA, called gRNA, seems to me to be very problematic. You would need to know which piece of the DNA you wanted to change and what to change it into. Changing it sounds simple … you just inject Cas 9 and that does the job for you. But it can't really be that simple of course. And the next question is how many of these gRNA strands are needed? None of the videos I've seen on the whole subject so far tell us this degree of detail. Maybe this is just part of what these DIY experimenters are doing?
  2. Yes, as you say, extremely touchy. There are commercial businesses who say they can correct faulty human genes so I tried to get the answer from one of them but they didn't reply to my e mail. I think they wanted to first find out if I was genuine and then no doubt get hold of my bank details. Dominic Lawson of the daily Mail wrote a column on Feb 24th about the subject from the viewpoint of the strong anti-lobby.
  3. Thank you Carol. The article you gave does indeed explain what CRISPA is and roughly how it works but I am interested in finding out how many pieces of gRNA it takes typically to correct a genetic fault. The reference doesn't tell us. The number of cells in a body is arguably around 30 trillion (3 x 10 exp 13) and, the cells altogether contain 200 germlines. So each genetic fault (one germline per fault) will contain either more of less than round about (3 x 10 exp 13)/ 200 identical pieces of faulty DNA. So if one dose of correcting gRNA is injected into someone it would have to contain an awful lot of correcting gRNA. I'm trying to find out approximately (ball park) how much is necessary for correcting any given genetic fault, say for e.g. sickle cell anaemia. Does anyone on this forum know or could you please find out for me?
  4. I live in a small town outside the main centre and someone has painted NO PARKING, INVALID on the pavement outside his house and then parked his car on that space! I've seen him getting out of his car and I can tell from his lively gait that he's no invalid. But the house is on a dangerous bend in the narrow, two way road where drivers cannot see round the corner easily, so is he justified?
  5. Has anyone heard of the CRISPA method of targeted gene manipulation? Leaving aside the ethical discussions, there is something else that I would like to know. The human body contains some 30 trillion (3 x 10 exp13) cells and there are some 200 germ lines. So how much gRNA is needed to correct all the faulty DNA bases?
  6. Look on the internet at other people's enquiries for sizing of RSJs. One or two suppliers have tables of sizes versus span and load. There is also a rule of thumb:- half an inch deep for every foot of span. So 4.2 metres is about 14 foot so that's 7 inches deep. But don't take my word for it, what you do is entirely your responsibility. Have you thought of using a Catnell girder?
  7. The big drawback with tape of course is that to find anything specific you may have to trawl a long way through the tape to find it. And the tape runs in contact with the heads so how long does a tape play before it wears out?
  8. My computer has a 32 bit operating system, Windows 10 but also a 64 bit processor. Sounds weird? I wouldn't know, just going by the information on screen under "this computer, properties." I'm no expert but I have a feeling there is something wrong with the registry under "printers." The reason I say this is that my grandson borrowed the computer a few weeks ago and he has a habit of messing things up in computers. When I asked him what he'd done he couldn't remember but thought he might have had a look in the registry. So my question to you gents now is this:- Which way should I try to put things right in the register, one of the automatic ways available for free download, or the Windows way built into the computer, or a manual way? The Windows may be a manual way for all I know at the moment. Any advice please? And please don't tell me that only an expert should mess about with the register. I'm gonna have a go, whatever. I learn best by making mistakes. But if your help could help me avoid making mistakes I would be grateful to receive it, please.
  9. Thanks swarfend437 and Ghozer. Actually my computer is 32 bit and the Finereader 6.0 was working fine up to a month or so ago. I agree not to remove Windows 10 updates though. I'm still looking into the other things you say.
  10. Hi Ghozer. Well I've been using it successfully with Windows 10 for over a year. But thanks for your other input.
  11. My Finereader 6.0 is on a disc that came with the pc 15 years ago. Finereader has always opened when I clicked on the icon, even when I installed it on my new computer about two years ago and has been no problem until recently, when it would not open. So I reloaded the disc and re installed Finereader but now I'm lost in the excessive complication of choosing a TWAIN source. What I eventually did choose did work up to a point and it allowed me to see all the parts of Finereader as a list of programs but Finereader still doesn't open like it used to. I still cannot do an OCR scan. Could this have something to do with any recent Windows 10 updates? If so I could delete these updates maybe?
  12. alchresearch and Ghozer, thank you. That's useful information. I'll bear it in mind if and when I alter my dvd player.
  13. Thank you Ghozer and Bloke. I have looked into temporarily altering my player to take area 4 dvds. Looking at the online description it doesn't seem too difficult tp follow. The Catch-22 dvd for area 4 from Australia is 16 quid whereas the Amazon one for area 2 costs 36 quid. Quite an incentive to change my dvd player!
  14. A few years ago I was due to have a prostate size reduction operation and I wrote to the surgeon in advance to ask about the exact details of the method he proposed to use. I didn't want a knife put up my best friend in case it slipped and I told him so. He was very pleasant and explained he would use a wire loop which was cold as it went up but would heat up electrically to red heat once in place and would both cut and cauterise at the same time to stop bleeding. This seemed reasonable to me so I agreed to have the operation on his terms. They gave me a spinal anaesthetic and as I laid in bed waiting for it to take effect I found I could lift my legs vertical and not feel it happening. Such a weird sensation. It was as if they were someone else's legs. Everything above my waist worked normally. During the operation he spoke to me all the time about aircraft. I had been in the RAF myself so I found his conversation interesting. He is a pilot and had some very good anecdotes to tell me. He described a WWII Lancaster bomber as "a million rivets flying in formation", which seemed funny at the time. I was very pleased with everything to do with the operation and the surgeon was first class, all on the good old NHS. Then I found out that in fact it wasn't he who had done the op. but a junior doctor. He did it while the surgeon watched and spoke to me. I thought that was a bit deceitful of him but it all went well and when I went for a pee I did it just like a horse! I still have a great respect for that man.
  15. I recently bought a DVD without checking which area of the world it will work in. I've never done this before and previous DVDs have always been ok but this time the one I bought would not work in the UK. It seems that it was intended for Latin America and area A of Australia only. Has anyone ever heard of this sort of restriction before? I got almost a full refund with small deductions (about 2 quid total), made for the currency conversation to and from Australian dollars. Why on earth did e bay advertise it in the uk in the first place? They aren't saying.
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