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  1. OK Zach but that's not what I've read. I think you can share a DVD showing the programme that you recorded off air, providing you are not as it were overdoing it, eg just sharing once is OK. Also the person you share it with must not be an agent for further big scale distribution. I got this from the UK Govt rules. But as Ghozer had a good reason for closing the thread that's fine with me.
  2. Ghozer terminated the thread that I had started about recording Catch 22 off air. He said that recording off air is illegal. Does that mean that everyone who records off air to their tv recorder is breaking the law? And suppose someone copies this recorded programme to a DVD... is that legal?
  3. Is there a DVD of Clooney's Catch 22 (not the 1970 film version) which I can buy? Where can I get it?
  4. Thanks again everyone and Top Hats Cat. I looked up my recordings but the info isn't available so far as I can see. Also I couldn't easily find out whether my recorder processes the video a lot so as to reduce the size. It looks to me as if I need to buy a stack of DVDs to cover the case where I need 6X4.7 DVDs or else get DVDs with a lot more GB per disc. That's no problem. I just needed to get an idea about this in case my present DVD might have been good enough. It looks like it's not likely to be. I appreciate the help and I've learned some useful things. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for that info ref HD or normal. I'll look up the recording and find out what version it came in, HD or Normal. If in HD then I could only get two episodes on my disc. Is that correct? I don't have Virgin or Sky and I've never heard of SD but thanks for the info.
  6. I have the George Clooney version of Catch-22 recorded on my tv recorder/player and I want to copy it to a DVD. The player can do this but the only DVD that I have is a DVD-R by Signalex, with 4.7 GB. It is 8X in speed. Is this disc suitable? I once tried to copy some software to it on my pc and it wasn't suitable because it was apparently Double Density, whatever that means. I know that DVDs are not expensive and I could buy some of them but for my edification I'd like to first know about the one I've got. Reviews of this disc on Signalex's web page are mixed. Is it suitable?
  7. They used to insert a paint-loaded paintbrush into their mouths to sharpen the hairs to a point ready for painting the numbers on the dial. Their teeth were the first things to rot away.
  8. What about the 52/48% of those who actually voted in the Brexit referendum representing the opinion of the UK? What utter rubbish. If that sort of thing is what democracy gives then give me a dictator or maybe two different populations, one in the UK and one out of it. The remainers would have to move to a separated Scotland maybe? Not a good solution I admit, but at least everyone in each area would agree about brexiting or agree about remaining. To equalise the income per head that each group would then enjoy, maybe we could move Scotland's border down to, say Sheffield?
  9. Yes, Geared. As you say, back in the day you could dismantle something, replace the worn part and it'd work like new. Today you can throw parts away and fit all new bits. Except that throwing a bicycle wheel away and buying a new one is expensive. And reaming out a bearing cup is quite an unusual thing to do. Could you do it?
  10. Thank goodness for the free space between the ears ! But I don't understand the other two replies. Why would I think I need a licence if I was watching a video or a DVD i.e. my own video or DVD? Are there other sorts? Broadcast live: I understand that the cable TV companies are required to also send the same TV simultaneously by wireless and that is what these boxes tune in to. So are these wireless transmissions live and if so are you saying that a licence is required for watching them?
  11. The advert for these boxes claim you never have to pay for TV again. But don't we have to pay just to have a TV set in the house? It was such years ago with wireless receiver licences.
  12. What happened to June after her friends (all inexplicitly dressed in red, I notice) picked her up in the forest bordering the airport? My recorder failed at the last minute.
  13. One of my friends is an engineer and he took the electric bike's Chinese wheels to work and reamed out the cup to a diameter that fitted the sealed bearings he had bought. He pressed the sealed bearings in and everything looked fine. That was four years ago and the wheels are still working. He drives the bike a lot and takes it to Spain on holidays and tours around with it. The next problem will be the high price of replacement batteries.
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