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Car insurance rip off

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Almost renewal time so i like to get loads of quotes to see where the land lies. Even with another years no claims and another years experience my insurance company has decided to double my premium for next year.


Cheeky gets. After a quick online search i found lots of cheap deals way way cheaper than im paying now let alone next year so rang my insurer back to see if i could haggle, they dont haggle so next month they lose a customer for the sake of being greedy.

Seriously thought. 100% increase is just beyond a joke!

Rant over :D

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Premiums are on the rise again, apparently there's been lots more personal injury claims recently.

Still I agree, and good on you. Doubling a premium like that is just pure greed.


That is standard fodder peddled out by the insurers every year. Its horse crap.


Sod all to do with PI claims. Your bog standard RTA claim costs have been slashed to a few hundred pounds now. Have insurers dropped their premiums by 40%, 50%, 60% in response to that drop in costs.


....like hell they have.

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I was with Aviva , ok the first year then it went up, and again in year three.

No accidents and no claims but almost fifty % plus was enough so I went on go compere for a like for like quote and and had one from another big insurer so let them have my business.

I rang Aviva letting them know that I no longer needed their services having found another provider.

The guy on the phone asked how much I was paying with my new company so I told him. His reply was that they would match my new policy price so I said they should have quoted it to me in the first instance and put the phone down !!.

With Aviva I reckon folk are just paying the company fee for all the tv advertising, stay away!!!!:mad:

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Aviva were ok when they were Norwich Union. I was insured by them for years til aviva took over and my renewal was double the previous years!!!!!


I rang up and tried to get the figure to a reasonable amount but the woman on the phone wasn't budging so I said i'd look eleswhere and she practically told me she couldn't give a monkeys.


I will never even try them for a qoute nee'er mind let them insure my vehicle again.

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I had a multicar policy with Admiral until July. Their quote for the next 12 months was a little cheaper than last year but I thought I'd just check to see what others would quote. I didn't expect it but Aviva near enough halved what Admiral wanted for an equivalent policy so I went with them.


I'm not naïve enough to think that it won't go up considerably next year so I'll be shopping around again.

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He chose "Churchill" ... Oh Yes!


Churchill have a policy of dragging their heels in dealing with claims against their customers.


Other insurance companies don't do enough to get the matter sorted so third party solicitors are employed. No doubt with Churchill premiums going up to cover their losses.

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