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  1. Is that the row behind the shops?
  2. Have you seen the nonsense in the USA which is where this emanates from. Pet "aids" taken on planes that include goats and peacocks. GizzaBreak.
  3. Our family photobox has many pictures of my siblings and myself taken by my parents and friends. A wonderful treasure. Not one of them were taken by a relative/friend during any school activities or lessons. We are none the poorer for all that. The school did provide photos for us of major events and the local newspaper was also a recorder of suitable occasions. Conversations and vocal repetition provide longer lasting memories that get passed down the generations and will last longer than any digipic that will, most likely disappear with you.
  4. My understand of the regulations is that bridges under 16' 6" (5.03m) must display the safe height and that vehicles over 3m must have a clearly visible height indicator displayed in the cab. It is my understanding that both such displays must show heights in Feet & Inches, but they may also show metric heights (ft & in must always be there). The sign on the bridge at Crystal Peaks is only showing metric.
  5. They haven't named any stores yet. Some folk are just making inferences from the announced intent to move away from multi-storey, city-centre stores towards edge of town sites with parking. There will be exceptions ... e g. Oxford Street.
  6. Thanks. The proposal document does put forwards justifications of rationalisation of fee structure, and benefits that may mitigate climate change and I suppose that these would counter any legal claims. The document, however does contain: "Should Option 2 from this report not be adopted then that will create further budgetary pressure which may impact negatively on core council services." "The amended fees and charges proposal represents an opportunity to add considerable economic benefits for the council." If you are interested, the proposal document is HERE .
  7. I always value your input, "Planner 1". You may be interested to learn of at least one council that has recently raised city centre parking charges and hours covered, with a clearly stated intent that the increased revenue of approximately £2m per year is to try and help balance the overall budget. i.e. to try and avoid cuts to other services. It is not a "parking scheme" but is generating "surplus income from parking" to which you refer. Lancaster City Council, by the way.
  8. "Before and After" photos, please. 😜
  9. Let's hope that it generates surplus income to more than compensate for the funds spent on the four bids.
  10. When asked if they approved of Putin's activities, over 80% agreed. They would be fools not to in the current situation.
  11. In this instance, the Chief Constable of Police Scotland should carry the can.
  12. Do you think it is he who shall not be named?
  13. I would never expect individuals to be held financially responsible for all redress. I would like them to suffer some redress though. That year's bonus or increment would be a good start.
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