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  1. Sheffield Online lost me when they Facebook live broadcasted a suicidel male on the roof of Atkinson’s last year
  2. Serious RTC on Park way Air ambulance in attendance Road will be closed for sometime
  3. I use the new pay by phone app that Sheffield council now use on pay and display zones and this morning it told me it was free Worth a down load to pay for parking with out admin charges etc
  4. On my street they have taken down 7 trees So far it's taken 4 visits and we still have the trunk of the trees ? A bit of path has been scraped up but little else The road notices end today so not sure what's going off
  5. A person has jumped from the tram bridge onto the carriageway. Thoughts with the person and the others involved x
  6. Due on ours tomorrow But road closed off this morning for work Seems they have stated the path before the trees have have been chopped Guess that's a different crew
  7. It's the one across from the peace gardens next to maplin
  8. RSPCA Came and rescued the bird. Thanks for all that offered help
  9. Any one lost a Kestrel or know how to catch one? We have one trapped in our shop on the Moor in Sheffield #billycasper
  10. We open at 9am this morning, £5 voucher for the first 100 customers See you there
  11. Actually not far off... First 100 customers on opening day will receive a £5 voucher
  12. Another message from them Seems there happy with turnout or are they? Offering 1k for 5 referrals UBER - Hi Andrew, Interest in Uber has been sensational, and it's looking like we're going to have a great launch! If you haven't yet come in and want to be a part of it, we've added some extra slots so you can still join! Just book at t.uber.com/shfbooking and make sure you bring all your docs. TOMORROW'S SESSIONS are @ 12PM & 4PM @ Uber, Blades Enterprise Centre, Bramall Lane, Sheffield, S2 4SU We're also doing a £150 referral reward PER driver, PLUS, if you've already been (or if you come tomorrow and return for a later session) and refer 5 people before Friday we'll give you £1000! See you tomorrow, David | Uber SHF
  13. Uber are on the way Got a text from them earlier: Hi Andrew, UBER is looking forward to launching in SHEFFIELD soon - we'd love to tell you more! If you're licensed from Sheffield City Council, please attend one of our information and on-boarding sessions: 12PM OR 4PM - MONDAY @ Uber, Blades Enterprise Ctr, Bramall Ln, S2 4SU (SUFC Stadium) There'll be drinks and refreshments and we'll be able to answer all your questions - please bring your driver and vehicle docs if you want to sign up on the day. You can book your slot here: t.uber.com/shfbooking Thanks, David | Uber SHF
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