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  1. And the ones who indicate as they start the turn, or after, or not at all.
  2. That's worth an acknowledgement at the very least. Great observations 😀
  3. Try rebooting your router if you haven't already.
  4. Yes, been going on for the last week or two! Very loud and very annoying. The excessive revving seems deliberate, no doubt some idiot boosting his self-esteem in the only way he can.
  5. That head garb is called an anti-flash hood and is fire-retardant. It is worn along with fire retardant clothing** and gloves by everyone on a warship when there is a high threat of enemy action and the ship is at 'Action Stations'. The injured in this video have already been 'medivac'd' to one of the aircraft carriers (Hermes or Invincible, can't be sure which one from the video) and are being attended to by medics from that carrier. They were not on HMS Sheffield. ** Not very fire retardant in 1982 as it turned out. This was one of the lessons learnt from the Falklands War and proper fire retardant materials for uniform were gradually introduced over the following years.
  6. I use it every day both ways to and from work and agree that it does work very well. The filter area for the right turn into Beighton Road has also reduced the queues that used to build up towards the main roundabout by the police station. The only thing that you can't legislate for is the idiots who ignore or don't understand roundabout rules, and/or don't indicate!
  7. So it still costs a fair bit then? Thought those prices were remarkably cheap! I only really use Word and Excel so may be cheaper to get them individually before support ends for my Office 2010 Professional Plus later next year.
  8. How come Office is so cheap nowadays, especially the Professional editions? Doesn't seem that long ago that I recall seeing prices up in the £200-300+ range.
  9. Noticed that too. Possibly as a result of the car that ended up in the trees on the other side of the roundabout a week or so ago.
  10. Used to play a league with a few friends in the 70's. Remember laying the pitch on the living room carpet, ironing it then pinning it down tight to get the perfect playing surface! Usually bought teams from Redgates and Suggs and hand painted some of them when the team colours I wanted weren't available. Also had Test Match cricket and I've still got it in more or less perfect condition up in the loft. Last time I looked they were selling on eBay for up to 90 quid!
  11. I drive it every day to work and back and I can't say that I've seen any formal 'New Road Layout' signs. There are some roadworks signs on the side of the road but far too close to the roundabout IMO. The mini-roundabout signs are there but you can't see the one as you travel towards the police station because it's hidden in the trees! Shouldn't be a problem in a few few weeks or so though once the leaves have fallen
  12. Good advice I've been with them for nearly 25 years so I'll definitely be pushing for a deal of some kind.
  13. I'm in S20. Moved from BT to Sky broadband unlimited about 10 years ago and went from around 1-2Mbs to 15Mbs (it was advertised as up to 20 Mbs). As the years went by this gradually decreased to around 7-8 Mbs so I recently took up a Sky offer for an 18 month free upgrade to fibre unlimited and I'm now getting around 37Mbs. It's going to cost me another £14 a month when the offer ends but right now I'm more than happy that I can finally stream stuff at the same time as my daughter without it dropping out all the time
  14. I was the last car (no cars behind me) through a very green temporary traffic light in a Lincolnshire village a few years ago. Unfortunately I was right behind a lorry that very very slowly did a left turn into a tight side street right in the middle of the roadworks. Needless to say I got verbals and hand gestures aplenty as I passed the queue of cars waiting at a now green light at the other end
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