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  1. I was on Tinder a couple of months back, but uninstalled after a week...it’s ****e. I did take a mates young-un to primary school week mornings to see if there are any decent mums, but my massive ‘Im single, come get me,’ badge made me come across as creepy.
  2. Certain companies like war, politicians just tow the line and pocket a few quid.
  3. Shame on them, but what do you expect these days.
  4. True. They notified me with great gusto that that Black Hawk Down is now available to watch. Jeez, and they want me to pay for a film that I watched a fair few years ago.
  5. Cancelled Netflix last night because their choice of films is shocking. Worse than Amazon prime films.
  6. Make it one way. They never go back. ---------- Post added 10-11-2017 at 23:38 ---------- I thought you are a bloke:confused: My daughter lives on Hackey...
  7. That’s a shame, unless it’s a personal choice to be a recluse out of work.
  8. I thought she is more north east Newcastle way. ---------- Post added 10-11-2017 at 18:18 ---------- The corrosive sliver from my exes trap would soon burn through a zippy mouth for sure. Good idea tho our ambs. ---------- Post added 10-11-2017 at 18:24 ---------- Agree. I would rather coat my exposed gonads in syrup and squat over a nest of fire ants than listen to him.
  9. No. Av fallen out with everyone and spit dummy out.
  10. I’m here! I should be a salesman according to friends who say im a charismatic and suave man. A social butterfly with many a good yarn in my armament.
  11. In General discussions for a bit of fun (which seems to bypass certain people). So, they chuck it where nobody bothers to come. No wonder very few people post these days. Seems ok to post health issues and such in general tho... YOU CAN REMOVE IT NOW MODS. ---------- Post added 10-11-2017 at 12:28 ---------- I know. I did a bit of a light hearted write up, but ya know flexibility and compromise seem to be missing by certain miserable peeps.
  12. Remove topic now its been moved to the abyss.
  13. Your new business is right there in your write-up...Rent nothing. Set up on E-bay and rent, or just sell nothing posted out in a nice decorative box. Think of the millions of drunken idiots who E-Bay late at night and bid silly money for err, example a single corn flake with Padders face etched on it. It’s money for nothing, or the price of a wee box.
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