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London protests

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London protests.... why so lack of media coverage ?


What apart from this lot....
















Hardly anything eh?


They all need to grow up. Democracy has taken place. 11+ million people voted for the conservatives. That's 2 million more than labour and over 8 million more than Liberals. Even adding all the minority parties put together it still falls to around 3 million votes less than the Tories.


There is all this screaming about vote fixing and PR. But what rent a mob seem to forget is we had a chance to change it quite recently. The public said NO. Even if we did have a so called PR Tories would still be the lead party based on the sample conversion figures and so would still take a lead in things.


Its pure sore losers. They are protesting about things that "might" happen. Protesting about things that have not even been formally pledged. Protesting about things that have been stirred up by the media. Protesting for the sake of protesting.


Jesus Christ there are far more important things happening right now. Austerity is not the end of the world and those who scream the word "Poverty" in a country with a welfare state as generous as ours need to be dragged to see what REAL POVERTY looks like.


As to the NHS, quite frankly some of it needs to be sold off. Whilst essential services should remain just that, funded by taxes and free at source, why is nobody actually admitting there are far too many administrative departments, quangos, sub departments, joint partnerships, special projects, community services, cosmetic treatments, non practicing consultants, auditors, assessors, supply chains, maintenance, transportation, public relations, media, legal, compliance and even hospitality divisions all leaching millions from the health budget and all with their own layers and layers of management topped off with a handful of well paid Chiefs which personally I don't think would or should be classed as taxpayer funded necessities.


I think, like many civil service dinosaurs there is quite a lot of it which could quite well be sold off to private sector.


I am sick of the NHS being treated as this perfect and untouchable diamond that cant do a thing wrong and has an entitlement to a bottomless pit of funding.




Its all horse crap.

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Looks like the same usual suspects causing trouble because they didn't get the election result they wanted.


I'd have given them headline coverage showing them spraying war memorials with graffiti. And people say Torys are scum.

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Its not been on the News has it ..A wonder why


I don't know. Im not a news editor.


Sky news have reported it and its currently in the C block on on BBC News.


What's the editorial priority you seem to be demanding? Its the same May protests that we get every year. We had them in the G20 summit. We had them during summer 2013. Round and round it goes.


Maybe they feel that the anniversary of VE day is a bit more newsworthy than a load of cry-babies protesting about austerity (again!).

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Its about time water cannons were used on these vile lefty militants to clear them off the streets , with the added bonus of it will also give them a wesh.


Im hoping those arrested will receive long prison sentences.


In a week when VE Day was commemorated ,and the brave soldiers who fought for us remembered these animals should be ashamed of themselves.

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A large part of me wishes labour had won just to see how the unions and left in general would have coped with following through the cuts labour would have made. Would they make an effort? Put the placards down and try to make cuts workable? It's preprogrammed into too many people in the public sector to automatically kick back against any tory policy and not try make things work better.

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The protesters in the pictures I have seen appear to be the usual spoilt kids of middle class socialists, they are basically a bunch of clueless student toss pots, mingling with some brainwashed militant lefties !


It was quite interesting to see how every protester was white, so it's not exactly representative of the UK is it.

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London protests.... why so lack of media coverage ?


This is a very good question, and I'm so glad you've noticed enough to start this thread :)


The government is held together by sticky tape and string at the moment


God only knows who voted the conservatives in, but there is clearly a significant part of the British population who are really very unhappy about it.


Publicising riots would probably incite similar unrest across Britain.


Move along, there's nothing to see here...

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