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  1. Debenhams has closed all it's cafes and the cafe is no longer part of their business plan. As regards to the space, it's possibly going to be occupied a different cafe chain rather than it being converted into more Debenhams shop space, but don't quote me on that.
  2. Whilst true, modern browsers will only block embedded content if it's not secure, or if the page being embedded doesn't have the appropriate CSP settings. It's perfectly fine for something like a payment page from a third party to be embedded in a site if it's been configured correctly. I'd be very surprised if M&S hadn't tested their payment page on an iPad.
  3. http://panasonic.ae/en/manuals/HM-TA1.pdf It's to connect it to an external screen. I wouldn't say it's essential if you can't find the cable, as long as you have the USB you can charge it up and transfer data from it.
  4. One of the nuances that people forget about Love The Neighbour is that it's equally racist towards white people as well; the racial slurs are spread equally. However it's the black guy that always wins in the face of the opposition from his bigot neighbour.
  5. I look forward to the removal of any output that slurs non blacks too; asians, orientals, whites, hispanics etc, because that is how equality should work, else it's special treatment.
  6. So it's clear you think that Churchill was a racist. Should his statues and other commemorative installations be removed? Does his racism carry more weight than his accomplishments?
  7. We still don't know who should decide if a statue stays or goes. The statue of Colston for example; apparently he was a huge beneficiary to the city, which is why roads were named after him. Charities, hospitals, schools all received vast sums of money (70 grand in the late 1600s was a lot of money) all after he sold his shares in the Royal African Company in 1869 to William, Prince of Orange after only being involved with it for 9 years. There are charities and schools today that have links to his money. Going back to the comment I made about the Guardian and it's roots in pro-slavery, the consensus is that the newspaper changed it's viewpoint so it's forgiven. Like a politician saying 'sorry'. Did Colston redeem himself through his charitable works? Are people trying to destroy all statues of James II too? He headed the Royal African Company.
  8. That doesn't surprise me at all
  9. Exactly. At what point does achievements out trump their world views. I see earlier Orwell's 1984 was mentioned; Orwell was famously a massive homophobe. Does his contribution to literature outweigh his awful views of homosexuality, and is his contributions greater than that of Churchill, whose contributions it seems don't outweigh his negative views on race? Or is it, as I suspect, Marx and Orwell get away with being racist and/or homophobes because they were socialists.
  10. Indeed, see my reply just above. Who determines what is acceptable and what isn't. This is why I mentioned Karl Marx in an earlier post. If the criteria for destroying a statue or a memorial or anything that celebrates the life of someone is that they had views on race that are unacceptable in today's society, then why is there only a sub set of statues being targeted? Why should anyone celebrate Karl Marx (who did indeed have awful views on race) yet want to destroy the legacy of Churchill?
  11. There is a considerable art collection donated to Manchester University by the founder of the Guardian, but I'm not aware of statues or memorials. I'm sure no one will demand its destroyed though. Who determines if the wrongs of the past have been forgiven? What's to say that some of the subjects of these statues wouldn't have changed their viewpoint if they had managed to live long enough, like the Guardian changed it's viewpoint? We don't know.
  12. Erasing the past by banning films, books, hiding art and removing status does as much to save white people from embarrassment as it does to remove the offence from black people.
  13. Fun Fact: Karl Marx was a massive racist. Will the protesters smash up his memorial in London too?
  14. Fun fact; the Guardian supported slavery and opposed the Emancipation Act in the USA at the time, and called Lincoln abhorrent when reporting his death.
  15. Typing RP7 into Google has this as the first result: `RP7 is a multi-purpose lubricating and penetrating spray which displaces water and inhibits corrosion`
  16. Apparently the engineers severed a power cable and put most of Hackenthorpe in the dark this morning.
  17. I based my figures on the latest figures, from 2018 (if that's what you are trying to say, it's hard to tell) as that's the figures used in the two links I gave.
  18. I see people are trying to compare treatment of black people in police custody in the UK with those of the USA, to try and point out that there is a disproportionate amount of black people dying by the UK police. Here is the headline: Black people are twice as likely to die in police custody in UK - according to statistics https://www.donsidepiper.co.uk/read-this/black-people-are-twice-likely-die-police-custody-uk-according-statistics-2876490 Here is the reality: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_and_crime_in_the_United_Kingdom Black people make up 8% of the arrests of the population. (wiki) 8% of those people who died in police custody were black. (donsidepiper) White people make up 79% of the arrests of the population. (wiki) 75% of those people who died in police custody were white. (donsidepiper) You are not more likely to die in police custody in the UK because you are black. I'd like to point out that anyone dying in police custody is wrong, even if they are doped on fentanyl with a previous criminal record. It shouldn't matter what their skin colour is, everyone should be treated equally.
  19. I'm not just a centrist, I'm also a believer in free choice. If grammar schools are available then people should have the freedom to send their children to one, and if the government policy is to increase the number of schools then so be it. More choice is better for all. My only caveat is that the alternative of a grammar school should be a school tailored for the needs of the pupils who may excel in different academic areas and it actually encourage learning and not be a dumping ground like secondary moderns were in the 1960s. Not sure why the Lib Dems matter here. Or anywhere really. I also don't agree with banning private schools either (or 'redistributing' them to the state as Labour voted on at the 2019 conference). If parents want to send their children to a fee paying school, like Keir Starmer's parents did, then it's their choice. Big deal. Get over it etc. Just don't reap the benefit of it then prevent others from doing so, which goes back to my original post in this discussion. It smacks of the politics of envy especially when coming out the mouth of Angela Rayner. Your feelings on that last point is if you believe that people get a better start in life by going to grammar or fee paying schools or not. I believe they do, you presumably do not.
  20. The conclusion is in the link. Overall, attending a grammar school does seem to be good for your educational attainment and earnings later in life, according to the IFS. It cites two academic studies on children born in the 1950s as evidence that “attending a grammar school is good for the attainment and later earnings of those who get in”. But it goes on to say “there is equally good evidence that those in selective areas who don’t pass the eleven plus do worse than they would have done in a comprehensive system”. That’s the same for Northern Ireland, according to the IFS. It examined the evidence from the expansion of grammar schools in Northern Ireland in the late 1980s. Average performance in Northern Ireland improved, it said, but the gap between the top performers and the low performers widened, with pupils not going to grammar schools doing worse.
  21. With all due respect, you didn't go on to have a glittering career at the bar and are now a Sir. Or maybe you did. It's documented that grammar schools have a better chance on increased social mobility and future earnings; https://fullfact.org/education/grammar-schools-and-social-mobility-whats-evidence/
  22. Ah yes, my mistake. Of course, Labour members voted to abolish private schools (of which K-e-i-r (Sir) went to one) at their party conference but it never made it to the manifesto. It was back in the 90's they wanted to scrap grammar schools wasn't it. https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/labour-manifesto-private-schools-free-movement-immigration-tax-1318962 Keir seems keen to hide the fact he went to a fee paying school. https://schoolsweek.co.uk/labour-leadership-qa-sir-keir-starmer/ You are obviously a big fan. Do you think he can overturn an 80 odd seat majority in 4 years time?
  23. Discount on what exactly? Primark has tiny margins, it's how they operate; buy it cheap and stack it high. They probably can't afford a fire sale considering they are the only major retailer I can think of that doesn't sell anything online so have made no money whatsoever during lockdown.
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