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  1. BBC news reporting that over 2.7 million EU people have applied for settled status so far. Wasn't the consensus of the armchair experts that people would be leaving en masse?
  2. You'll get considerable raw power/performance increases with the new model, which will be offset by the heavier slower OS. It'll be quicker yes, but don't expect it to boot up in seconds. Plus, get ready to be annoyed with the lack of physical connections on it compared to your old machine. I've got a mid 2011 iMac sat on my desk with an i5 in it running High Sierra; in day to day use it's no slower than the latest spec model sat on my colleague's desk until you start doing something like video encoding.
  3. Because that's the important bit right? I'm sure the victims have better descriptions for their abusers.
  4. Skinner clearly benefited from his grammar school education, like most Labour MPs have over the years.
  5. Python is great. You have to use something like Pythonista or PyMob to get Python code to work on iOS though and you'll still need a Mac and XCode to actually compile the ported code into an app to copy to the iPad using iTunes. Unless you really really need your little app on an iPad, I wouldn't bother with the hassle.
  6. Drop the www from the address. https://u3asites.org.uk/rotherham Nothing to do with Android, iPhone or anything. The address doesn't have www in it.
  7. Do you think people who have resorted to begging in the street to feed a habit don't commit other crimes as well? Some of the long term beggars in the city centre - the ones we see day in day out for years - are notorious shoplifters and banned from virtually every shop in the city. It's a fallacy to think that begging for money means said beggar isn't already illegally obtaining money for their habit in other ways.
  8. Sounds good until the store turns around and says because other shoppers are in the footage they can't release it to you as they can't get the consent of those other people. There is no such limit in law. It's down to the person or organisation who has the recordings as to how long they keep them. Storage (and number of tapes available if they still use tapes) and a vague duration they think the footage needs to be kept for review purposes are the constraints rather than a legal requirement.
  9. When the ECML was brought temporarily into public ownership no money was spent in the five(?) years actually upgrading anything; they inherited recently refurbished rolling stock from NXEC and then drove it into the ground. Anyone can make a profit when your outgoings are deliberately kept to nothing much more than staff costs. They even charged for WiFi when previously it was free.
  10. Security and some normal shop staff on the Moor have radios covering the city centre for reporting issues and warning about thieves in the area.
  11. Good. Give the franchise to someone who can run it properly.
  12. If you were offered a pay cut of 6% to not do evening and weekend work, would you take it? Most GP's did back in 2004, which is why it takes so long to see one today. The GP system is broken.
  13. https://wwwmedia.supplychain.nhs.uk/media/Toilet-Paper-FAQs-FINAL.pdf is from the supply chain link above. If you read it, you'll see it took the NHS 2 YEARS to create a Paper Hygiene Products Framework to determine the specification for toilet paper. Going back to my earlier post, this is not efficient or value for money. Ultimately, after the meetings and collective tea drinking, it turns out they can save 13% on loo roll by buying as a collective. Does this mean that before 2016 no one did this? Obviously not, if this is to go by: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/nhs-flushes-25m-down-toilet-4029928 'One trust spent £32 on a 100-pack of toilet rolls while another paid more than double – £66 – for the same item.' Seriously? Who signed off on that decision? I'm amazed it takes a committee 2 years to come up with a scheme for toilet paper.
  14. It's known as selective abstraction. The refusal to acknowledge that you are replying to a post which actually contains a valid point of view in case you have to refute it or give an opinion. Common technique for Internet debate when all you want to do is wind people up rather than actually debate anything yet still want to appear like you've 'won'. If people are so sure that private healthcare is so terrible compared to 'pure NHS' - whatever that is - then let's have some stats and examples.
  15. Would you have spent £65 a month on leasing the battery if it was a ten year old car?
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