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  1. Same, especially as most AV solutions slow the system down and get in the way. For normal users, you don't need a VPN; things like Nord VPN are marketed at paranoid computer users who don't understand what a VPN is. You don't need to it check your email and do an ASDA shop online. If you want to browse dodgy porn sites and download bomb making instructions then it's probably a good idea, but for most of us that isn't what we use our computers for.
  2. I went there the other day. The barrier forces everyone to use the external entrance to Sainsburys. I can only assume that the people making a fuss on this thread don't know how little extra distance that is, or the fact that if you actually used the many more disabled parking spaces (18? 20?) in the car park next to Sainsburys or McDonalds you'd have equal or less distance to walk than using the tiny amount (4) of disabled spaces on the top car park deck. If it's raining you'd get wet either way, so that's not much of an argument.
  3. Please explain why a deadline to complete a job would be removed in a non capitalist system? Automation involves mechanical, electrical and software engineering. If something isn't working properly, does the political system of the day negate the need to resolve it on time for the end user? Is this why communist governments famously made bad cars for decades?
  4. As someone who works in automation, I can assure you that there is a constant need from the client/customer (and in this scenario, the consumer) to have as much done as possible with a deadline of yesterday. The idea that all this automation just flowers up with little work and just needs some tinkering to keep people happy is bobbins. That's the same line of thought that people have when they see a headline that 'automation will replace 30% of manual work' and they think that equates to all those people being unemployed; there isn't any real world understanding of how automated systems are designed, created, maintained and evolve and the amount of work that goes into it. The more automation the more you need people to create it and maintain it, let alone refine it and push technology forward. Aaron Bastani is a journalist, not an engineer.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2015/mar/18/fully-automated-luxury-communism-robots-employment Seems to forget that these gadgets need to be created in the first place. Are the engineers of the future just going to spend their time 'optimising' existing technology rather than putting in the graft to push technology forward, whilst the rest of society sits around in a state of utopia/vegetation? The humans in Wall-E spring to mind.
  6. Ironically, the last PM to have never been to University of any description was a Conservative. I'm sure that still doesn't tick the 'man of the people' box though, because he didn't spend his education in a coal mine or on a council estate.
  7. A lot of people seem to think that if the PM resigns there should be a general election, that's why they get all excited. Liz Truss has the highest approval ratings of the party, so if Boris stepped down she'd be daft not to stand.
  8. The school offered to have him back at school during lockdown, so obviously had concerns before the school was shut based on his behaviour in class and what he'd said to the school SEN advisor about his father going to kill him. You can argue that the lockdown hid him away from the school so they didn't have the opportunity to report any new findings, but that doesn't detract from the fact they should already have reported their existing concerns. I think due to the delay in the case and convictions that people think he died this year, he didn't, he died in 2020 a few months after the first lockdown started. The opportunities were already missed by the start of lockdown, and lockdown sadly just accelerated his death due to him spending more time in the company of his abusers.
  9. Not sure what you want the DM to say there to be honest. Vote Labour? Come on, that's as serious as the Guardian or the Mirror telling readers to vote Conservative. Of course the media is biased. The media prints and shows things that people want. People who buy the DM don't like Labour, and like articles that don't paint Labour in a positive light, so they keep buying the DM. Labour voters don't buy the DM, they aren't the target audience. This has been explained many many many many many times.
  10. The irony is that in the 1980s people had access to 'supplementary benefit' payments from the DHSS to pay for their state run or private run nursing care. This was uncapped, which led to an explosion of people wanting to be in private care homes instead of famously grim state care homes (usually in old workhouses). This continued until 1993 when the measures in the NHS and Community Care Act 1990 kicked in and by then the old state run care homes had all closed as no one wanted to be in one. No one privatised care homes, there was always a proportion of care homes that were private for people with money. It was an interesting programme though. It reminded me of football clubs and debt, where owners take out loans and debts against a club as part of the purchase, and it seems to be the case with the firm they picked out in the programme.
  11. Beggars belief how social services were not already involved. Hughes gets sole custody in 2019 after the boy's real mother Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow, an alcoholic is jailed manslaughter after stabbing her partner to death in an alcohol induced rage, so would have been known to social services. This was after the boy had been identified by the school and the doctor as having massive anxiety and needed help, including the boy telling the school's SEN co-ordinator his Dad was going to kill him, so should have been raised with social services. March 2020 father, Thomas Hughes, moves in with Emma Tustin, mother of four. Tustin already had children removed from her care so would have been known to social services. May 2020 and the school offers to have the boy even though the school is closed to most children due to lockdown as the school spotted problems. Again, this information seems to have not been passed on to social services. June 2020, Tustin is pregnant, and if she told the doctor you would have thought this should have been raised with social services based on prior history. June 2020 the little boy is dead. Apparently the grandmother raised concerns with social services. The uncle tried to visit numerous times and was then threatened by the Police that he was breaking lockdown rules, but hhis reasons for trying to visit were ignored. Tustin's stepfather also made an anonymous call to social services to try and get something done. Catalogue of missed opportunities. 'We shall change our processes to make sure this doesn't happen again, we are sorry' - platitudes we've heard all before.
  12. So remove a car park and put a park in its place, where the heaviest users will be the spice heads and winos to relax after begging and fighting on the Moor and heading back to the Salvation Army building? Nice. That'll encourage the shoppers that the city centre so desperately needs.
  13. They don't, but for any sort of peripherals to the meter like an in home display it does. As the cupboard is locked and I can't access the meter, I can't verify what the meter might be sending to the electricity company without the home display and I'm in no different a situation than I am currently.
  14. I don't have a smart meter, as I don't even have a key for the meter cupboard for my half of the apartment building I live in. I'm not allowed a key to access my own meter due to 'health and safety' which is silly. Anyway, I gave up chasing the building management company to give me a monthly reading as it was a PITA, so I've not given a reading now for over three years. I get an email asking for me for a reading once a quarter, but they've never actually tried to physically take one. A smart meter would solve this nonsense, but I'm way too far away for any sort of wifi to reach the meter. Just thought I'd chip in for anyone who thinks you have some sort of requirement to give them a regular reading - you don't.
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