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  1. Meters are designed to automatically inform the supplier when a battery is nearing the end of life so they can arrange for it to be replaced before it dies completely. Apparently they beep when the battery is failing too. https://www.npower.com/faq/129
  2. They can, unless the person falls into a number of groups, such as them being vulnerable. As far as I know, the only supply that can't be disconnected is the water.
  3. Kids Company court case finally begins today.
  4. I live in an apartment and the meters are in a secure meter cupboard two floors and half the building away. I can't have a smart meter, as my wifi signal isn't strong enough to reach. It's not stopped me yet being limited to tariffs.
  5. To put some context on it, both Past Masters albums have never cracked the UK top 40 albums chart (or the top 100 US Billboard chart); so it is pretty niche IMO. Compare that to Anthology 1 which was a whole lot of outtakes and the dirge of Free As A Bird which reached number 2 in the album chart and has sold six times as many copies as Past Masters.
  6. Rain was only ever released as a B side to Paperback Writer and only appeared on compilation albums years after it was made; I think there is a certain amount of chin stroking smugness when people gush about it to be honest, as it's a track a lot of people don't even know exists.
  7. I think each of their albums has a few songs that in the modern era you just skip over. For me a lot of the stuff up to the Rubber Soul album is just light hearted pop that reflected the tastes of the time rather than it being anything meaningful, and it's just 3 minutes of throw away forgettable tat. Sgt Peppers for example; you can keep Fixing A Hole, When I'm Sixty Four they never did anything for me. Same as I Want To Tell You on Revolver, Don't Pass Me By on the White Album and loads of the earlier stuff.
  8. You can waste your own time and energy by taking an initial reading, switching the appliance off, recording how long it takes for the meter to change the smallest unit of measurement from n to n+1, then repeat with the appliance switched back on and compare the difference. Repeat for all your household items. Those that change to n+1 the quickest when on use the more energy. In the meantime, you've wasted at least a whole evening while everyone else in the house can't turn on or off any appliances and your wife thinks you are a headcase.
  9. Bless you. I thought this was a forum for debate, where instead of debating Boris Johnson's contempt for the electorate we get to see Labour supporters display contempt for anyone who dares to ask them a question.
  10. Why wouldn't I 'want to know about that'?
  11. I was thinking more the contempt for the electorate to be honest.
  12. Wasn't that Gordon Brown's election plan?
  13. I'm well aware of that; but for the sake of just getting some music, it's fine unless he's planning on playing it on some high end system. Considering it's to replace a song held on cassette, I doubt anyone would notice the difference.
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