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  1. the_bloke

    Julian Assange debacle

    Assange's defence is that he has done nothing of the sort. He can only claim he is clean if he has not solicited or been involved in the capture of any of the leaked information hosted on servers for which he had overall control of. It's the job of the US to prove that he knows more than he has let on, which is why they think it's worth taking him to court.
  2. the_bloke

    LGBT issues and morality

    Do you not know?
  3. the_bloke

    LGBT issues and morality

    Is that why you make a new account every month?
  4. It says 16 MPs are doing this then names 6. Liam Fox (Tory) David Crausby (Labour) Philip Davies (Tory) Robert Goodwill (Tory) Owen Paterson (Tory) Chris Bryant (Labour) Who are the other 10?
  5. If that location you've given is right on Google Maps, then the surrounding businesses don't bother giving an area name, just the road and the city and postcode.
  6. the_bloke

    Debenhams goes into Administration

    Well it takes a certain level of bungling to be in the black one year then half a billion in the red the next. It's not exactly captain of industry material. They literally fell off a cliff edge.
  7. the_bloke

    Debenhams goes into Administration

    Rumour is that the store on the Moor has a yearly rent in the region of £2m. The good news is that the store is performing far better than 12 months ago, and better than most of the stores in the region - the regeneration of the Moor has been positive. So fingers crossed it won't be one of these 50 that get closed as whatever you think of the store, no one should be losing their job because of management politicking.
  8. Does John Mothersole have a company car or does he get the bus? If so, why? Then apply your answer to the same situation.
  9. the_bloke

    Dickensian diseases on the rise

    Romania recently had a measles epidemic with children and adults dying because they hadn't been vaccinated. Can we pin this on Thatcher too please? https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/aug/20/low-mmr-uptake-blamed-for-surge-in-measles-cases-across-europe
  10. the_bloke

    Sex education in primary schools

    That's odd, my primary school in the mid 1980s was happy to show us videos of naked men and women to explain puberty and the change in the human body, and animated drawings of men and women together to explain what happens when the bearded man and the woman with the hairy armpits want to 'lie close to make a baby'. I guess schools had more choice on what material to show children. Differences like that only highlights the need for everyone to be taught the same thing. Agree absolutely. My children spend two thirds of the time living with their mother, who is in a same sex relationship; for them to be taught in school that only men and women could have meaningful relationships because some religious fool has forced the curriculum to only teach what they see acceptable rather what society sees acceptable is abhorrent.
  11. the_bloke

    .../404/sitemap.xml - why?!

    This! Nothing to do with search engines, the site has a custom 404 page that will be shown when a user tries to go to a URL with an endpoint that doesn't exist. This 404 sounds like it has the sitemap code embedded in it, and the xml file is the XML needed to render the sitemap.
  12. the_bloke

    Free VPNs and are they worth it?

    Using a VPN to make email safer is a bit of an odd idea to be honest; all a VPN will do will hide the email content until you click Send. From that point on, it's out in the wild being transmitted with little or no encryption and there is nothing you can do about it. Example; I use Gmail. If I use a VPN, all I am actually doing is hiding the communication between Gmail's server and my device from my ISP. Who really really really doesn't care. When I click Send, that email is then out traversing X number of different gateways and servers until it reaches the recipient's mailbox and could be intercepted at any time without your knowledge. HTTPS means that anyone trying to sniff your data over Wifi, or even your ISP, can only tell that you have gone to the domain itself, i.e. https://email.server.com. From that point on, everything is encrypted and they can't read anything. As mentioned though, there is no certainty that your email is secure after you have sent it.
  13. It's amusing how we seem to lurch from people suggesting Corbyn was an important part of the peace process in Northern Ireland because he was having discussions with the IRA before the UK government did, to trying to prove that he never spoke to anyone from the IRA.
  14. the_bloke

    Climate change protests

    Is that because all the cyclists would just have cycled through the crossing on red, or gone around them on the pavement?
  15. Considering that there was no doubt a risk assessment taken beforehand and at least one other person watching them do it, it does make you wonder how a council or sub contractor manages to get the one thing they had to do wrong doesn't it. It suggests a certain level of incompetence that we as tax payers have every right of ridiculing. We all make mistakes at work but it takes a special level of dim-wittery to raise the wrong flag on a flag pole and stand back and think 'job well done, time for a tea break'. Or as you suggest, realise it's the wrong one and raise it anyway, because after all, who cares? They obviously work in an environment where public examples of stupidity have absolutely no negative repercussions.

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