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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52829348 Nissan closes it's Barcelona plant amid rumours Renault's will also be built in Sunderland. This isn't going in line with the anti-Brexit narrative is it?
  2. You can also use Chrome Remote Desktop to view the desktops on the other machines. It's free and is excellent and cross platform. Can even use it on a mobile device to a desktop PC. Avoid VNC if connecting from Windows to a Mac, it's desperately slow. Syrnergy is great too until it stops working, which is at least once a week in my experience. Normally it hangs when you try and login to the server when a client is already running.
  3. The managers of the medical centre obviously make more money 4 miles away. GP practices are not run by the NHS, just paid for by the NHS.
  4. No, this isn't normal behaviour. Sounds like you've some sort of malware on your system or you are going to a site that seems like Google but isn't. What's the URL? Plain old www.google.com?
  5. I did three months non meat this year, so enjoyed myself trying out a lot of veggie recipies and some of the meat substitute products. However, they really do need to stop marketing things as 'tasting just like meat' as it plainly isn't. This is why people think it's going to be like meat; they are told it is like meat from the marketing machine, plus vegetarians of 20 years eating these new veggie and vegan foods and thinking it's what meat tastes like because it's been so long since they had any they've forgotten so just believe what they are told. Quorn pieces work well as substitute for chicken in mild creamy curries by the way. Plus they don't really need marinating unlike meat.
  6. CPS case against Vote Leave dropped. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-52588149
  7. You'll need a free account on Family Search, and the link should be this: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:QPHZ-VQZ4 His death record is here: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:QPTF-4D4T I've noticed on the scanned copy of the death certificate there are no parents listed either. Depending on what data is shared on other family tree sites, you might find it elsewhere too. In my own indirect tree I only knew someone was a bigamist because he returned to England with his new wife after ten years in India in the late 1880s and got arrested and charged for it and it was reported in an archived newspaper; I'd be none the wiser otherwise.
  8. For a comparison, read this before you think that a low death rate in Germany means that the country doesn't have the same issues with PPE and people dying in care homes as the UK. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/04/10/care-a10.html
  9. You can buy electric scooters off the shelf that are capable of more than 50 MPH.
  10. This is an interesting one. FamilySearch only brought back those records from SA; his marriage and his death. It didn't bring back any other records for his name including birth, marriage and census records. I noticed he put his age as 45 on the marriage certificate when he got married in 1910. Considering the war started in 1899, he would already have been 34/35 when he left England. In my experience and my own branches of trees, for a man to be this age and not already be married is extremely rare. If you haven't considered it yet, and please don't be offended, it was far more common a thing 100+ years ago - there is a chance that he never wanted to return to England and because he already had a wife, gave himself a new name in SA and married again. I've at least one person who did something similar in my own indirect tree.
  11. Not it isn't. It's also indicitive of the attitude in councils in general. 'We don't need to worry because everyone else is rubbish too.' Sorry planner1, while I respect your views and information regarding traffic planning, I don't when it comes to your views on network security. Your somewhat blase attitude suggests you are as out of your depth with this as I would be with the technical details of running a street parking scheme.
  12. I second this. You can encrypt it too, so only you have the passkey and Backblaze have no knowledge of what the files are. Like any cloud based backup, uploading the initial set takes an age but subsequent incremental updates happen automatically.
  13. As an update: https://techbeacon.com/security/86m-pii-leaked-uk-citys-cctv-db-neology-denies-responsibility Lawyers representing Neology deny they were responsible for the management of the system, which means SCC was. Even if they shipped it out to a subcontractor, it's still SCC's responsibility. https://securityboulevard.com/2020/04/lack-of-basic-security-measures-on-sheffields-anpr-system-exposes-8-6-million-records-of-vehicle-movements-and-license-plate-numbers/ If the lack of protection for private information is not enough to fill up your plate, the IT publication also revealed that the servers hosting the ANPR dashboard were home to a storage drive address. It featured millions of snapshots taken from the county’s 100 surveillance cameras that provide a constant feed to the system, including license plates, faces of drivers or passengers and nearby pedestrians.
  14. Sorry, no. IT security is part of my job. What was exposed was a rudimentary UI to a database of millions of records. It should have been firewalled, password protected and the data should have disposed of after the period of time it was deemed useful and anonymised where possible. This isn't a 'security vulnerability' it's a total loss of security. This isn't a mistake, it's a total failure from beginning to end. I hope that right now, someone is going through every public facing domain, IP address and port to make sure nothing else is exposed. I work with data hosted in the cloud; we have strict policies on how it is controlled, who can access it, what level of protection it has and everything is tested before being populated with customer data. Either SCC have a similar process that hasn't been followed - a failure - or they have no process at all - a failure. Assuming that it's okay because only a journalist found it is naive; just because SCC say no one else accessed it, doesn't mean they didn't. I'm not convinced they have the technical ability to be sure of a claim.
  15. This. Exactly this. Security by obscurity is not security and if anyone at SCC thought it was they should be sacked. It's the first thing any network admin is taught.
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