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  1. It's important to make sure that as you fight for equality to be the same as everyone else in society, you need to announce your differences to everyone who will listen and wear them like labels so you stand out from those you claim you want to be equal with. I couldn't care less that Kelly Holmes is gay and I'm not sure what level of self importance she has to think anyone outside of her circle of friends actually cares.
  2. Worth posting this here: UK was ranked 51st in the world for excess deaths per 100,000 people. Remember when everyone was lauding the Germans for their handling of the virus?
  3. Deaths per million people, even with the odd way covid deaths have been recorded in the UK, shows that there are 20 other countries in Europe where the mortality rate was higher.
  4. Who likes Park Hill? At a guess, only Guardian readers in London and people in Sheffield who have forked out on an Urban Splash apartment and wouldn't admit to it being grim.
  5. Someone linked this to me after seeing this thread: https://www.thefreelibrary.com/MUM+OF+17+JAILED+FOR+KNIFE+ATTACK+ON+DAUGHTER.-a0202221264 I understand that is about 'big' Willy Collins' dear old Mum. What a lovely family hey?
  6. Two companies; The Leadmill Ltd - total equity £1.17m The Leadmill Holdings Ltd - total equity £1.8m Director of both Phillip Howard Mills
  7. Labour introduced those. Anyway, Clegg did very well for himself after leaving politics..
  8. The problem is the current 'woke' way of thinking that wants to combine two clearly understandable things into one, which no one seems capable of agreeing upon because they are quite different things. What you are physically and biologically is what determines your sex; the number of chromosomes dictates if you are male or female. What you identify with is a totally different thing and it's a personal thing dictated by your opinion of yourself. If people could just agree that someone can be a man that identifies as a woman, a woman that identifies as a man and a man that identifies as a neither than everyone would just get along. It's the current line of thinking that seems to want us to believe an individual has a different biological sex just because they say so which is causing the bother. If a man says he is a woman, then IMO he isn't unless he has gone through the entire physical process of turning from one to another, if that is even a process we can achieve. A man who claims he is a woman just because he wears women's clothes isn't a woman, they are a man identifying as a woman. If a man of 20 identifies as someone of 80, is he 80?
  9. So that is: First woman MP to take her seat in parliament First trans MP First ethnic minority MP First ethnic minority PM First woman party leader First woman PM No doubt Jamie Wallis will face hostility based on their physical characteristics in the same way those people listed above did.
  10. Actually if you spend a few minutes Googling 'Collins Court Sheffield' you'll see that other members of the Collins extended family were just like him. One got stabbed to death in Killamarsh last year after assaulting a woman, others have records for defrauding pensioners like 'king' himself.
  11. Yes, they are true. https://www.facebook.com/onlinesheffield/posts/2127596783935852
  12. Quite clearly they applied for permission to create something that fitted within the rules, which is why permission was granted. They then purposefully installed a laughable tasteless eyesore in the hope that they could hold the council to ransom to prevent it being removed. By ransom, if Facebook rumours are true, the council have been threatened with violence if any attempt is made to remove it. Why else would someone be guarding it night and day? It's not to protect it from the public, it's to protect it from the council. If it manages to stay in place, can you imagine the state of it in 30 years time, when no one in the traveller community can be bothered with it anymore?
  13. If Threads is still accurate almost 40 years later, I think I'd rather die in the initial blast than bother with life afterwards.
  14. I worked in a dessert factory as a summer job almost 30 years ago and the same dessert or yoghurt or whatever would be used for no end of different products. Just stop the line, swap out the lids and pots and carry on. St Michael dessert was the same as Kwik Save. The only one that was unique was Cadbury branded stuff that used Cadbury chocolate compared to the rest that has chocolate that came out of an unbranded sack.
  15. I think that's quite shrewd to be honest, with more people living in the city centre you need more supermarkets (not just little 'local' versions of chain supermarkets) to support them. Sainsburys on the Moor is always busy.
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