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  1. My vote would go to Diane " two left shoes " Abott purely for the comedy value.
  2. The fist thing the government need to do is outlaw unions. They have the numbers in the commons to do what they want, so it needs to happen .
  3. Its about time we cracked down on militant unions who try to cause disruption and chaos .
  4. Even if corbyn offered free beer I wouldn't vote Labour.
  5. It's just a sad reflection on society that ome people find offence where none exists. They prey on anyone who doesn't believe in political correctness . They are pathetic.
  6. Again, why are we allowing convicted murderers out of prison at all ?
  7. It would definitely have stopped this muppet doing what he did on friday .
  8. Terrorist identified as 28 year old Usman Khan.
  9. Martin Hague has friends in high places in the planning department.
  10. Just posting what witness's said on BBC news this afternoon.
  11. Confirmed as terrorist attack. Witness 's say he was man in dark clothes with a long beard.
  12. Andrew Marr has just torn labour's Angela Raynor to bits over Labour's high earners tax policy . He pointed out to her that Labours figures just don't add up and she just couldn't answer the question. She was like a rabbit in the headlights .
  13. Who lives in the real world , not blinded by any old socialist cobblers Corbin comes out with. The hatred and jealousy in this thread towards anyone who earns money is staggering.
  14. Motorists have always been an easy target for the plod .
  15. Its been going on over THREE years , how much time do you want ?
  16. And whatever bits dont burn , like the springs , the scrappy will take. Everyones a winner
  17. That apply`s to the majority of MP`s mate, mine especially.
  18. The only thing that has changed is we now know what a lying, deceitful , spineless , sly group our MP`s really are. They disgust me, every single one of the snakes in the commons.
  19. Its true https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7585993/Jeremy-Corbyn-rejects-PMs-sell-deal-26-minutes-published.html ( The BBC have also reported on this before anyone starts banging on about it being in the Daily Mail )
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