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  1. Equally, you could say an employer who think their views should be imposed on the driver and the public at large.
  2. should never have been prosecuted in the first place. Correct outcome.
  3. Only half a dozen posts in and the Race card is out. Id rather die than go without meat .
  4. Not shocked at all by this. i wouldnt expect anything less from our PC obsessed council.
  5. THIS is what our lord mayor should look like. Suit and tie , not looking like a clown in baseball cap and Dockers. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/politics/meet-the-new-lord-mayor-of-sheffield-38295
  6. The kids will no doubt have heard worse ,and said worse themselves at school. Im well over 50 year old, and ive yet to hear any language that offends me. Maybe some people are too easily offended .
  7. He did right. The tree hugger could have been carrying a knife . Well done Mark Field .
  8. Some people in society really need to get a life and stop being " offended " every time someone says something controversial .
  9. Its a sad reflection on this country when the plod get involved over jokes made by people. its pathetic. Ive never seen anything offensive that was said by her. But i dont get offended by the slightest little thing. show me one thing she said that was out of order
  10. We need it to run our motors , so we have to make sure it keeps on flowing.
  11. Get away with what ? It was a JOKE ......... humour .
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