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  1. Penistone999

    No DSS when renting.

    Thats because its too much of a risk . Granted , most people pay their rent on time ,and dont spend their housing benefit on other things, but SOME do , so you can understand why landlords wont take the risk .
  2. Penistone999

    No DSS when renting.

    This is exactly why more and more private landlords refuse to accept DSS tenants, and you cant blame them. If a tenant decides not to bother paying the rent , the landlord still has to pay hte mortgage on that property. The rent payments should never have been changed to paying it to the tenants . Would you be happy if you had to pay the mortgage on a property you rented out because the tenant spent the rent money on other things ?
  3. Penistone999

    Ukraine elect a comedian.

    We already have 650 of them in the commons.
  4. Penistone999

    Alcohol On Public Transport.

    Im more concerned at the fact someone would use Peasant transport. Had she been trying to add up ?
  5. A few quid on my weekly shop is a small price to pay for getting the hell out of the EU.
  6. Labour will never be elected into power whilst they have a communist leader.
  7. Penistone999

    Climate change protests

    Ah , i remember them . Set up a tented camp outside sheffield cathedral , but no one was actually camping out there . Camp Casper it became known as. What happened to those scruffy herbert`s ?
  8. Penistone999

    Climate change protests

    He sums up these scruffy beggars
  9. Penistone999

    Climate Change thread

    spot on mate
  10. Penistone999

    Climate change protests

    Id say they are more your usual scruffy , lefty student types with a sprinkling of the usual professional trouble causers who turn up at every protest for a ruck with the police. The water cannons will give them a wesh in the process. Watching on the news today , it looks like some of them havnt seen a bar of soap for years.
  11. Penistone999

    Climate change protests

    Why havnt we got the Water Cannons out to get rid of these old Hippies ?
  12. Penistone999

    Climate change protests

    Over 100 of these militant, hard left , professional protesters already arrested in London for stopping people going about their lawful ,daily business. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-47945397 Criminal damage caused to Waterloo Bridge and to Shell `s HQ building. The book needs to be thrown at these people.
  13. Penistone999

    LGBT issues and morality

    But the Liberal`s are jumping on their soapbox because he aired his opinion , which he is entitled to hold. Its not for anyone to say he is wrong or right.
  14. Penistone999

    Julian Assange debacle

    correct .........

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