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  1. As our REPRESENTATIVE she is not representing our views. We voted leave up here ,.
  2. The Lib Dems have zero chance of winning up here , hence why Smith has done a runner . We voted leave up here , yet Angela Smith has stuck two fingers up to us and shown utter contempt for her constituents wishes and tried to block Brexit. She dosnt represent us up here what so ever.
  3. cant read the article because i refuse to pay , but i can guess its the same old issues in Page Hall that sheffield council created.
  4. She is my MP , and hell will freeze over before she got re- elected up here..she is hated even by Labour voters up here. Good riddence .
  5. The most important thing is Free Pizza is being provided at the meeting according to the wedsite. Happy Days
  6. The reason for leaving is so we dont have things like the four freedoms forced on us by the EU.
  7. When it suits then. Had to laugh today watching the news seeing these so called "Anti Capitalists" stood around drinking their Costa Coffee whilst filming the protests on their I Phones. Hypocrites, the lot of em.
  8. My solution to that is just cut them loose . we should not be held hostage in a corrupt European superstate run by the Germans .
  9. Expect to see more and more people using out of town shopping centres and retail parks then , where motorists are welcomed and given free parking. This is the 21st century , the car is the main mode of transport . Its about time councils realised this and catered for the majority ,ie Motorists .
  10. I agree , ive just seen on of those tree huggers protesting in London on the news and their ignorance is staggering.
  11. Personally , i dont care about scotland or wales . If they wish to lick the EU`s boots thats up to them. Id happily let them go their own way and stay in the EU.
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