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  1. The SNP tabled an amendment o extend article 50 which have heavily defeated by over 300 to 39.
  2. Dont know Galloways view on Jews, but i can have a good guess seeing he is a supporter of the Palestine terrorists Hamas.
  3. Galloway and Corbin are two peas in a pod , both terrorist sympathisers .
  4. Penistone999

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    He did the right thing. Still , at least she has that well known Terrorist sympathiser Corbin on her side .
  5. Simples solution ....... use the Irish sea as the border.
  6. Penistone999

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    So Commie Corbyn shows his true colours by saying he wants the terrorist bird to be allowed back into the UK and given help and support. The man is a disgrace. She is a terrorist and deserves to rot in Syria with the rest of her Islamic terrorist friends.
  7. Penistone999

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    She willingly went to Syria to help a bunch of Islamic fruitcakes kill people , including women. Let her rot where she is.
  8. The 11 Rats who have fled their two sinking ships should be called "The Traitor Party" seeing as all of them are trying to sabotage Brexit and go against the wishes of the people. Both Labour and The tories are a disgrace who couldnt organise a drinking session in a brewery between them . In all my 50 odd years, ive never known the two main political parties in the UK to be such an embarrassing shambles.
  9. Penistone999

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Probably be some terrorist apologists who will start a crowd funding appeal to pay for her terrorist sympathising lawyer to try and make out she had a troubled childhood and came from a broken home and we should all feel sorry for her.
  10. Im 100% confident i wont be poorer after we leave the EU.
  11. Penistone999

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Good , about time
  12. But he is still a terrorist sympathiser .
  13. What Racism ? Saddam`s best mate . Galloway is the terrorists official apologist .
  14. Never. I want a No Deal Brexit. Always have and always will.

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