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  1. I can't watch test cricket anymore, our performances are quite typical really, we have rarely matched the Aussies down under, England don't seem to ever produce enough players with the combination of ability, strength and determination.
  2. I had the misfortune to catch most of this, wow this country has produced some great entertainers over the years but most of them last night, jeez, I thought Ann Marie was OK as were the guys doing the balancing act, Alan Carr has never been funny, why people think having an annoying camp voice is entertaining I'll never know, I think he summed it up himself at one point, as for the likes of Rod Stewart and Elvis Costello, you would think they'd retire gracefully having had successful careers rather than stringing it out to an embarrassingly poor end, and the mainstream comedians now are just bloody awful.
  3. They can't keep shutting down large chunks of the economy, jobs, livelihoods and mental health need to be protected, keep everything open with social distancing measures rather than lockdown, the vaccination programme was supposed to prevent the need for such drastic measures, this nonsense could just go on and on otherwise, it's interesting that many of those shouting loudest about needing lockdowns seem generally safe in the knowledge that their income won't take a hit!
  4. Nothing functions without the engineer, they makes the tools that make the tools that make everything we manufacture or repair, be that for construction, transport and even surgical operations, so maybe they should be paid more than Gp's and electricians!
  5. No I didn't get any PMs from any other posters about the BBC stuff, I never got into any clique with other posters regardless of which team they supported or their political leanings whilst on here.
  6. I can't remember who 'they' were alex but if I'm going to be honest probably don't blame some of them because some of his pals on here back then did try to gang up and pile on some posters knowing that he could cover all angles for them with his knowledge and wit, but I matched him for both on many occasions without resorting to the same wind up techniques, a lot of people give themselves away as hypocrites with this 'banter' thing, and I have said it before, it's all been done to death really, some of it is humorous and witty and some of it's not. I lost interest with the football banter for a long time because the characters went and it was going round in circles so headed over to other parts of the forum and the same thing happened there, some can dish it out but can't take it and that's a FACT !
  7. Who were the dummy spitters and reporters then? not me I can assure you, not my style, I know who had profiles on BBC forum too but never spread that via any PM to anybody, I had several PMs with Bladebloke including one when I rumbled him once using a different username while suspended, I had a lot of respect for his knowledge even though his wind up techniques were poor I agree he was better than you, but your claims about people not being able to handle him are a tad exaggerated alex, so keep it real fella and enjoy the forum!
  8. Yeah whatever, he tried several, I can remember your username back then too, who couldn't handle him ? gi thee head a wobble!
  9. Thought he might have returned under one of his pseudonyms by now !
  10. There are plenty of educated people who tell lies and misinform ! The answer to the question of finding a solution to misinformation is , there isn't one, it can't be done, people have always told lies and always will, some tell more than others and some are more convincing than others, even claims of a fairer society and better education being an answer are often driven by misinformation by the misinformed.
  11. You forgot to mention the influence of the media both mainstream and social where fear is manipulated, perpetuated and exaggerated !
  12. I think they are brothers, always link to each others stuff, think one of them posts on here plugging his 'gimbal walk' style youtube videos occasionally.
  13. I think Wednesday thought they were going to have an easy night and got a shock when Hartlepool turned up wanting it, they deserved to win, poor from Wednesday but the priority was no more injuries and they can now concentrate on their league fixtures, hopefully that was partly contributing to that performance, because there has been recent signs of improvement until last night .... UTO !
  14. Got my mother to order me some George Best Stylo Matchmaker football boots from hers, It was either Grattan or Trafford, I remember having to sell all my Subbuteo collection in The Star £5 and under to get her to order me a pair of Oxford bags for £4.99 when I started getting my own clothes other than 'hand me downs', as for mucky mags 'sneakily' acquired a decent collection from our local paper shop and swapped them all for an air rifle, all while still at school, happy day's!
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