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  1. Michael_W

    Jo Brand - Hate Speech vs Free Speech

    Plenty of double standards around as usual, it seems those snowflakes who have whined and made out everything 'offensive' is 'hate' have now become the haters, the standards have been set, what goes around comes around, it's the same as the arguments on here, round and round we go. The left has demonised the right by labelling them Nazi, racist, fascist, homophobic, misogynistic and Islamophobic, they have pushed the establishment media to de-platform anyone with a right wing opinion, particularly noticeable on social media, but the media in general including the BBC, has become biased and is now revealing it's own double standards and hypocrisy on the Jo Brand issue, it's a joke when it suits eh …. imagine the outrage had it been a white middle aged man aiming that poorly timed bit of humour towards a female for starters !
  2. Michael_W

    Tommy Robinson thread - All discussion here.

    There does seem to be a lot of angry, violent people about these days, I really do wonder what lies ahead for such a badly divided society.
  3. Physical violence of any sort for whatever reason, unless in retaliation or self defence, are generally not traits of tolerant people …. IMHO !
  4. People do intervene in situations like this, often without caution for their own safety but of course some will choose not to. I may be criticised for saying this, but has London, for all it's claim of multiculturalism and tolerance, actually now become arguably the most intolerant place in the country, just a personal observation here, but violent crime there is frequently in the news.
  5. Michael_W

    Peterborough by-election

    When loser spin was invented there was no copyright or patent put on it, .
  6. Michael_W

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    When the left decided that anyone with an opinion to the political right, was a far right, white privileged, racist, homophobic, islamophobic, misogynist etc ... they likewise became the far left to those on the right. The political and social division in this country today is not just a construct of the political right, there is also an ever-growing, angry, delusional mob, of winey, self righteous, hatemongering leftists who see themselves(very much like the political elite), as being better than all others, most people generally regarded these days as being 'on the right' just simply can't abide that nonsense, and therefore you get people voting Farage, UKIP, Brexit Party when the ballot calls …. the same happened in the US when Trump was elected, wakey wakey !
  7. Sorry, been arguing with the middle class socialists in the political section, I must be picking bad habits up !
  8. Money has spoilt the game and although we could argue that there has never been a perfectly level playing field, that is the case now more than ever before, the bitter acrimony and squabbling will become more a part of the gamesmanship and fan banter than ever before too. Here are a couple of things to consider, the likes of Wednesday and United will be extremely fortunate to ever compete with the top end Premier League clubs in the future as things currently stand financially and on a more local theme regarding stadia Wednesday built their own ground while United inherited a cricket ground
  9. Michael_W

    Ex Black Footballers Denied Opportunities

    Yes really, if you have seen or witnessed such incidents did you speak up ? Please give us an example, I have been attending football matches regularly for 50 years and have hardly witnessed any incidents, I used to go as a kid with a mixed race school friend and did not witness anything in his presence that he himself would have complained about. I mentioned on here in a different thread some weeks ago that I witnessed more racism at school in the 70s and some of that was from the teachers !
  10. Michael_W

    The price of football tickets

    We did have two decent seasons until the wheels came off, I'm not disagreeing that the cost of tickets would be more appealing if they were lower, I'm pointing out that he delivered on spending to justify those price increases, unfortunately it did not pay off, like I said you can't guarantee success, but when the team has been on form ( and not so injury prone) the performances have been much better than for most of the last 20 years IMHO ! Oh and don't forget some of those goals we have seen eh
  11. Michael_W

    Ex Black Footballers Denied Opportunities

    Raheem Sterling (not Stirling), is actually advocating a 9 point deduction and playing games behind closed doors for clubs who's 'supporters' are racist, I don't agree personally, punishing clubs, all their employees and thousands of decent fans for the actions of one or two idiots would be ridiculous. How the hell can football clubs control to that sort of degree what comes out of the mouths of such people ? The football clubs in England and the British game in general has been pro-active for years in stamping out racism, there probably isn't a more diverse sport on the planet, Sterling himself has been fortunate enough to earn millions playing the game, and then comes out with suggestions like that, which arguably would and could effect the earnings potential of many others including his current, past and future colleagues , I suggest he comes up with something more reasoned or practical. There are laws already in place to deal with racist behaviour in this country, people at football matches like any other event or public place should be dealt with by the police, through the courts and punished according to the law of the land...… we don't punish public transport companies when such behaviour happens on a bus or a train !
  12. Michael_W

    British steel facing administration

    Your economical insight is wasted mel, lol
  13. Michael_W

    The price of football tickets

    We still have big earners at the club and challenging is not guaranteed, is it ? Chansiri said we can have cheaper tickets but the forfeit is big money players, take your choice, we were never going to challenge prior to him coming in and spending !
  14. Michael_W

    British steel facing administration

    Every manufacturer is looking at costs, if they can get cheap steel or cheap labour, that is what they do, providing it conforms to a certain spec, it's no different to how people generally often shop for food or clothes, we look for bargains, as a society we reap what we sow, so if you want to buy cheap you get cheap, and with it comes the consequences. I have worked in steel and engineering for over 40 years and it is run as badly now as it ever was, nothings going to change, our remaining niche manufacturing markets are still governed by cost, quantity over quality is still a factor and UK companies are more likely to set on highly paid graduates to trim production costs than to improve product.
  15. Michael_W

    The price of football tickets

    The wasting of millions was not intentional though was it, to be fair to Chansiri he asked the fans to buy into his plan with the ticket prices (which we can argue all day about), and he delivered in terms of signings like Bannan , Hooper, Fletcher, Forestieri, Reach. The fact that after two seasons of almost succeeding the team/club succumbed to bad form, a glut of injuries and some unsuccessful signings like Jones, Boyd, Rhodes, Abdi etc, we would all be singing his praises regardless of the cost. Comparing the good fortune of that lot at S2 doing it on a budget, is still not what most clubs in the Championship are going to do, many would love to spend what Wednesday did and the relegated Premier league clubs still can, but nobody is guaranteed success, the Wednesday supporters still want the better players to stay and that means the club paying their 'top end championship' wages, or selling them on and potentially stop challenging to get to where we all want to be, despite our concerns about the stupid money in football ruining the game.

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