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  1. Are you really so naive to believe that having qualifications make you worldly and wise ? Is it not a fact that sort of attitude particularly amongst arrogant middle class socialists has itself been the downfall of Labour with many working class voters in recent years ? That willingness to demonise everyone who voted for Brexit as uneducated, bigoted, racist, gammon etc is one of the main reasons why many working class people have turned against Labour, that narrative manifested itself amongst the Remainers in the political establishment, and Jeremy Corbyn could not put himself on any one side of the Brexit divide because many in his party had been responsible for that. Look at the socialist worker mob that demonstrated in London at every opportunity with the Remainers, how they constantly demonised and called those they disagreed with ..... is that divisive attitude any better than those they claim to oppose ? They have in fact created their own nemesis by being so divisive themselves IMHO !
  2. No but your political views are equally as divise as those that do, you and you cohorts in the Labour party have politicised those very issues as much as anyone in the last 20 years ...... oh BTW the word bobbar got dropped about 40 years ago !
  3. Constantly claiming your political opponents are extremists or that people are stupid and have been sucked in by media propaganda does you no favours whatsoever, I could claim that very narrow minded leftist narrative strengthens the reason why many working class people won't vote Labour anymore, that people like you have equally been duped by the patronising Guardianista, the middle class socialists, many of whom seem to be as brainwashed and indoctrinated by extreme leftism as those they demonise on the working class right. Corbyn and his momentum cronies are very cosy with their pals in the socialist worker movement, groups of whom demonstrate against and demonise everyone and everything they disagree with, their political viewpoints are as divisive and littered with as much if not more envy and hatred as those they claim to be against on the far right, and the vast majority of ordinary people can see that ! The bad loser syndrome seems to have carried on, the entitled generation have the excuse of being young naive and not knowing any better but someone your age mel ..... really ?
  4. And I repeat ...... No ! (seems my first response has disappeared)
  5. They have played identity politics for the last 15/20 years hunting for votes, then showed their own hypocrisy with the anti semitism stuff, look at the votes in London and the big cities still predominantly Labour, however they neglected and forgot about the large numbers of white working class up and down the country, some even called them priveleged, then called them bigoted and racist for voting for Brexit ..... I could go on but really I would probably be wasting my time on many, they clearly think their intentions are good some are evident on this forum ..... but this was predictable to some degree, I have said it on here many times, and no I'm not gloating, I'm a traditional ex Labour voter and ex trade union member for over 30 years of my working life, I also know the opinions I have about Corbyn, the left and the modern Labour party have been shared by many others like me for a while !
  6. I hope your waking up this morning able to see the bigger picture, however I doubt it, because coupled with the arrogance you and your ilks obsession with pc nonsense is essentially at the heart of the disastrous Corbynist mantra which people like me have voted against .... carry on calling people racist, sexist and whatever else because they don't agree with you though it really is getting you places !
  7. Ah yes the modern day self righteous, reactionary, morally superior bilge of the Labour left, which many ordinary and indeed working class people can't stand, couple that with Corbyn & Co and you can see why someone like Boris Johnson or even Nigel Farage appeal to them a bit more .... go figure !
  8. Relentless, like Owen Jones on speed, and of course typifies the biggest gripe most of us non 'pc obsessed' folk have with the left, the Guardianista, the Corbynista and the reactionary dullard snowflakes ..... if they can find anything racist, sexist, homophobic or indeed anything ist or phobic from someones background they set off on their mission .... therefore the retaliatory remarks about Commie Corbyn, Corbyn the terrorist sympathiser and the many claims of Labour antisemitism should be more gracefully accepted in return .... it's called tit for tat I believe. Any youngsters fancying a jolly into politics in the future, better hope they have had squeaky clean social media accounts eh !
  9. Without regurgitating the same old arguments, how much spending do we really need to create this socialist utopia where none of these issues exist ? I don't remember this country or the world ever being so, who and what's really going to change it ? Pandering to people who say all the right things won't make everything better, be it Jezza & Co, Greta, or the reincarnation of Mother Teresa, there's a whole world of reality out there which is working against it. Claims of everything being in crisis are not new, nothings going to collapse or get sold off, littering discussions with political propaganda and hyperbole is the new norm for everyone now though, yes there are issues and challenges, nobody can deny that, there always has been and always will be, people struggling and working hard in challenging roles and conditions is not exclusive to any sector of workers, all my direct family work in various parts of the public service sector, including front line, I have discussed many of these issues with them all and truth be known I have had little resistance to many of the reality checks I have put to them over the years.
  10. Never said I liked him did I ? What I don't like is patronising middle class socialists, those who talk about what they have fought for when they have fought for nowt ..... you'll know the sort I'm sure !
  11. Do you struggle to comprehend anything and everything, biased opinion would of course include your own bias, which of course you clearly have too, or are you going to deny that ? Counting up circulation figures is all well and good if it's relevant and unbiased itself, what about social media bias which tends to lean to the left, does that not count because the numbers it reaches are too many to count ?
  12. Interesting all this propaganda about the NHS, the Tory candidate in my area for the upcoming election is an NHS doctor and with that background I reckon that he is probably just as experienced in whats going on in reality than the labour candidate Ms Louise Haigh but because we still put red rosettes on donkey's in this city she will take some shifting.
  13. You forgot the Independant and the leftist social media stuff in your desperation to prove some point about bias, there has always been bias and there always will, even on here, you won't change certain peoples views and they won't change yours !
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