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  1. Used to visit my grandparents on Foxglove back in the 60's and early 70's, I remember me and one of my brothers used to watch the football on the sports ground across from Concord from an upstairs window, it was that or watch the wrestling on World of Sport after eating chips, scraps and vinegar from the Paragon chippy on Sicey Ave.
  2. I remember having an MSN discussion with Geoff back in the early day's of the forum, I even moderated for a short while back then, he asked me my opinion on a few ideas, which I gave him, and over time they were incorporated into the forum structure, the forum grew quite well and had a lot going on within a few years, but I do think that boom has subsided and user participation has lessened with the growth of other media. Let's see what the new owner/s can bring to the party to liven it back up.
  3. Ayup, your not 'just a bloke', your a 'blade bloke' I would settle for a point tomorrow UTO !
  4. Aye it's 'Glory Pink', not Forged in Steel red, but the promo video spouts about 'our steel, coal, grit, graft, history, culture', with images of Park Hill and Forgemasters BS it's quite cringe worthy in a 'think they own it' sort of way, even some of the blades fans are a bit hmmmmm about it !
  5. With regards to the Lakes named roads, your not far from the Dale named roads and the Glen named roads in S7, there is also the flower estate in S5, as other examples of clustered themed street names in Sheffield. I suppose the naming of roads in certain areas was the responsibility of the council.
  6. It might have been the same night, I'm taking an estimate at 93 it could have been 94, it started in the restaurant and continued into the street, a female sat in the restaurant and started ranting about one of the staff being an arms dealer, a guy came in from outside who she knew and joined in, one of the staff held a knife to this guy's face at the door, the guy didn't back down but actually challenged him to stab him, more staff came from the kitchen area and a fight was taken out into the street with the guy and a couple of his mates, one of them used an iron bar from a temporary barrier around some road/paving work outside .... does it sound familiar ?
  7. I'm not sure what it was called but I think it was pre El Paso, it was on Cumberland St, went in several times with some friends around 1993 ish, it was Mediterranean or South American themed if I remember right, with a small dance floor and music upstairs, it kicked off one Saturday night between some customers (who frequented the pubs of London Road) and a gang of their associates who barged in and confronted some of the restaurant staff, some serious accusations and threats were made, knives were brandished and iron bars were used, needless to say it got quite messy.
  8. Whitehouse was located in what is now the Dunelm Mills car park on Chesterfield road according to this map Whitehouse, there are a few areas of Sheffield with street names associated with various themes, the history to which I'm not sure, if you venture to the Sheffield History forum which I believe is run by someone who posts Sheffield videos on this forum, someone will probably have the answer.
  9. The golf course is fenced off but I reckon Gleadly is referring to a small area in the woods just below Newfield school.
  10. A Go Pro would suffice, very small and more affordable than a professional camera and a gimbal.
  11. There is nothing showing on any old maps, I know the area have walked through those woods a few times, nearest thing that used to be there was an old farm, a few remnants are evident, then there was the old Lees Hall but that's further towards Blackstock not in the area fenced off.
  12. Sheffield United cricket club were formed as an amalgamation of several Sheffield cricket clubs (united), Bramall Lane was a 'cricket ground' that occasionally was used as a venue for football matches, The Wednesday cricket club leased a wicket there as did a few other cricket clubs, The Wednesday Football club played at various venues around the S2 area including Bramall lane and Sheaf House before they made Olive Grove their home. United were not born they were formed, to make use of Bramall Lane in the winter months and generate revenue because The Wednesday had gone permanently to Olive Grove, and The Wednesday chairman and president Mr Charles Clegg proposed that Sheffield United be formed.
  13. So now the words Eskimo and Siamese are deemed offensive, really ? There won't be much left that's not deemed offensive at this rate, I honestly believe the worlds gone mad, all this nonsense will improve nothing, quite the opposite I believe, and NASA like many others appear to be bandwagon jumping, maybe they just feel guilty for lacking diversity, that seems to be a trend too !
  14. Because I am not a racist ..... simple enough for ya ?
  15. You made stuff up that I have not said about BLM and out to get white people, so who's fault is that ? You wrote it ! Who is everyone else ?
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