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  1. It's no good comparing the concerns of knife crime today with the past, there is an existing problem that the authorities and some communities are struggling to deal with, London being the prime example: https://researchbriefings.parliament.uk/ResearchBriefing/Summary/SN04304 I'm not sure if the incident in Manchester is typical though, multiple random stabbings like that do tend to bear the hallmarks of terrorism or the actions of an extreme nutcase IMHO !
  2. The emotional outburst from the mp should have been made a little calmer, what happened to Jo Cox was disgusting but using it in a fit of anger to stifle debate and claim some moral superiority was unnecessary. Johnson should have chosen a wiser response, but the language used by both sides, particularly on social media is wrong, and most certainly should not be dished out if it can't be returned, to me it seems that currently one side is happy to label people as thick, uneducated, xenophobic, racist, fascist, Nazi etc and then gets upset when they hear politicians use the terms surrender, betrayal and traitor !
  3. The thing is just like every one and everything else, after 3 years of sticking their heads in the sand it should be ready !
  4. Wednesday put a mostly second string team out and gave a decent enough account of themselves after the 2 early goals, as for United beating them at Goodison last Saturday, yes a good result, but a smash and grab by all accounts.
  5. Choose what you believe in fella ……… You Gov though lol
  6. Can't trust the public can't trust the politicians, wait until some clown like Jezza the Red gives the vote to 16 year olds and the <removed> becomes complete with Thungbergesque drama queens getting in on the act !
  7. There has been threats and violence from both sides where opposing groups have on occasion come together in the street or abused each other online, don't try painting Remainers as whiter than white in that respect, that would be completely delusional, as for labelling, it is only widely accepted by those brainwashed by your own brand of Guardianista type ideology. I suggest you and some of your cohorts are just as guilty, if not more so, of that lazy stereotyping that you frequently, self righteously, accuse others of when you post on here.
  8. To be fair, every Brexit argument has been done to death, it's hardly at a point where people of either persuasion are looking to bring what you describe as 'debating opponents' onside, the Remainers have been using arguably more divisive, polarising language themselves, so it's not one sided ……. Gammon, Far Right Extremists, Xenophobes, Racists, Bigots, Fascists and Nazis being some of the most common slurs bandied around ! The irony is that most of mainland Europe has more of an issue with the aforementioned extremes than good old Blighty IMHO !
  9. Now there's a few words that you should also apply to people with your own views of Brexit and everything else politically, need I remind our Remainer posters to go back and look at the root cause of this situation and their own arrogant Blairite political bias that helped create the situation. Tony Blair and New Labour opened the door to mass immigration from the EU, companies all over the UK and many in this city thought they could make a killing by employing EU migrants on lower wages than many locals, this happened mostly in working class industries, and this influx had the effect of annoying many working class people. It was Farage and UKIP that picked up on that and grabbed the attention of those affected most, which in turn contributed greatly to the Referendum result to Leave. The mainstream politicians of Lib Lab Con, blinded by their own arrogance and ignorance around those concerns, particularly around EU immigration issues, even back then many were calling them xenophobic, bigoted and racist to put down and quieten their concerns, there was evidence of it all over this forum back then too, and it all backfired, so if and when we do Leave remember your own contribution.
  10. There are people of all ages who would disagree with you, your dinosaur comment speaks volumes about your own prejudices, you habitually make ageist comments on here, but jump right in when you think someone is being prejudiced themselves, your own narrow minded attitude came to the surface a while ago on this forum with your opinion on open relationships, I believe, so your own hypocrisy has shown itself on here to be equally outdated.
  11. The leftist clique on here are really desperate to use this platform to have a go at Boris Johnson and the Tories, ironically as bad as he is and they are, he is still a more credible option for many in this country than commie Corbyn and his cronies, it merely tells us all how bad the state of British politics is today, and no I'm not a Tory fan boy, I do despise Corbyn, though not as obsessively as most leftists on here despise those on the political right, my only hope is that the electorate turn on all these hypocritical clowns at the first opportunity.
  12. Seeing as you have your crystal ball out, I will have a look at mine, it's telling me that any Corbyn government will create a further shift to the right for many working class people, the man is seen as a complete and utter oaf, much like how the middle class socialists see Boris Johnson, it's all gonna end in tears I tell thee.
  13. Root is not aggressive enough or a strong enough character to be captain IMHO, in fact a problem in England's game often over the years has been the lack of aggressive players and their mentality, with the exception of players like Botham, Flintoff, Pietersen, those great Aussie fast bowlers over the years and now Ben Stokes today ….. aggression and determination to go with the ability and you get real match winners !
  14. Sheffield has never sold itself very well for some reason, a couple of things worth mentioning are, the football museum should have been here for obvious reasons, and not having any first class cricket facility in the city anymore is another travesty, considering the history Yorkshire County had here, and the fact that both Wednesday and United evolved from the game, and yet some claim us to be a city of sport ….. hmmmm really.
  15. He plays up to his Blades fan mates, and they are still obsessed with Wednesday, they could dominate for years, I still can't imagine the trophy cabinet dust needing to be shifted anytime soon though, as for the ground argument Bramall Lane was a cricket ground United all but inherited it, Wednesday built their own and moved away from the S2 area to give the little club a chance !
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