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  1. Sheffield has never sold itself very well for some reason, a couple of things worth mentioning are, the football museum should have been here for obvious reasons, and not having any first class cricket facility in the city anymore is another travesty, considering the history Yorkshire County had here, and the fact that both Wednesday and United evolved from the game, and yet some claim us to be a city of sport ….. hmmmm really.
  2. He plays up to his Blades fan mates, and they are still obsessed with Wednesday, they could dominate for years, I still can't imagine the trophy cabinet dust needing to be shifted anytime soon though, as for the ground argument Bramall Lane was a cricket ground United all but inherited it, Wednesday built their own and moved away from the S2 area to give the little club a chance !
  3. Just pinched and quoted a small part of your link, the first sentence sums it up nicely for me ….. fake news fail, we can argue all day but your own point about your own scenario makes it clear, so until there are like for like examples, it's quite obvious that if it's true, it's probably true that it would be the case in every other EU country also ! Wrong argument for/and detracting from this thread though IMHO.
  4. Seriously, I thought you were a bit smarter, complete logic fail, come on tell me how EU migrants contribute more as a sub group of taxpayers ? It's clearly not a like for like comparison, even a fool could figure that out, how on earth can EU migrants contribute more unless EU migrants are earning more, which generally a great many of them aren't. Show me a like for like comparison, for example full time working EU migrants v full time working British !
  5. The problem with that data is it is intended to mislead, EU migrant workers v British workers would give different figures, the average British citizen v the average EU migrant also generate completely different figures, but of course the average British citizen contribution drops because there are many non working British citizens in education, unemployed and retired !
  6. The mere fact that it was filmed live on sky sports meant he did not even have to brag on facebook to get nicked.
  7. Wow, what wonderful country would you prefer to reside in where the people are so different to the little Englanders your so paranoid about ? I have been to many different countries and plenty of them can't stand the English never mind any other Johnny foreigner ! My advice would be to get out and understand why different people have different opinions, live and learn.
  8. Why would it ? our country is run by people who are out of touch, as I said before.
  9. Who said it ever was, as a country we merely created a situation that those who should have known better didn't see coming.
  10. Yeah whatever, we get what we deserve politically, you, me and everybody else, that was coming, I could see it why couldn't the arrogant politicians and their lemmings ?
  11. Without turning this into a Brexit thread, the whole political system is awash in this country with out of touch politicians many with their own personal agendas and pet projects.
  12. We were a joke before Brexit that's partly why it happened. Yeah we knew that but the Ruskies were not so sure.
  13. Truth be told, part of me thinks the Russians are watching this situation develop and would love to have a go at the UK even if it was just to humiliate us, they see us politically and militarily weak at the moment, they have sailed ships through our waters and flown fighter jets into our airspace in recent years while laughing, they even encouraged their hooligans to give the English football supporters a good hiding in Marseille several years ago, I fully expect our political oafs to fall straight into the trap !
  14. Fine lines between success and failure, the game was tight all the way through and either side could have won, England had that bit of luck on the day just as the football team did back in 66, it would be nice to see England win something more comfortably at some point in the future.
  15. Fawning over the women's game will do it no favours long term, while I personally found the recent women's world cup moderately entertaining, I have watched enough football over the years to know exactly where it stands in comparison to the men's game. One or two female pundits, in my opinion, were right in saying, that for the women's game to improve then there has to be criticism where needed, and to be honest some of the mistakes made in some of the games I watched, were what you would expect to see at a schoolboy level ….. sorry !
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