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  1. Are you referring to the disappearance of Lewis Haines last seen leaving Uropa nightclub (next to Berlins) in June 1995? If so there is some information online including an old thread on this forum I believe.
  2. Italy were the best side throughout the tournament, England progressed through the easier side of the draw, technically we are still behind, not just Italians but France, Belgium and Spain too, I do think Gareth Southgate had no plan B and unfortunately sitting too deep after the early goal against opposition of that quality meant Italian possession and pressure built, and quietened the home crowd, everyone could see what was coming. Earlier positive substitutions and a braver approach would have been my way but the fear of changing things and losing seems to get in the way of Southgates approach I hope he can change that but not sure he will, taking a risk of losing the game in open play by being a bit more adventurous has to be worth a try, we have the players, and when you look at our record when it goes to penalties, it's a no brainer for me.
  3. Yes it is, and just as misspedantic has pointed out they sold the original copy for quite a large sum of money to pump into the club, maybe they want to sell them again, just a thought, personally I believe they belong in a museum !
  4. Oh sweet baby Jesus !!! I do hope Darren Moore can pull something special off with what he's been left with, but I will not be so bold with my predictions.
  5. Wearing masks might be more of an issue down at t'Lane where they will be cramming their 30,000 in every game, whereas us die hard Wednesday fans will probably be spreading ourselves out in the wonderful big rust bucket with our lowest crowds for about 40 years, be just like the 70's again, aye aye aye aye the East Bank Republican Army, we're barmy ......
  6. Just a quick reminder to the kids, Wednesday built their own ground, United were formed to make use of the cricket ground that existed on Bramall Lane ... UTO !
  7. This was always going to happen, the top end of the game has been in the hands of big money for years, there is no level playing field anymore and the FA , the EFL and Sky have all been implicit by allowing the monster to be created. I have gone to football since I was a young kid, I have a season ticket already purchased which will probably be valid now for next season, but will be watching my team play league 1 football for the third time in the last 21 years since relegation from the Premier League, and that is mostly because the club has been financially mismanaged chasing the Premier League 'dream'. But for the fact I go with my son and one of my grandsons I probably wouldn't bother anymore, it's just not the same as it used to be, the target audience has seen the emphasis on TV rights, coverage and viewing figures over the attraction of the traditional supporter, who is still more likely to be ignored and sometimes even demonised in that pursuit by the authorities running the game, most of them will be livid with these proposals because of the effect it will probably have on their brands rather than supporters of football clubs.
  8. The world will never be rid of out and out cranks and that is a fact, some would argue that as a society we are creating more, but what a lot of the usual commentators often fail to mention or maybe deliberately oversee, is that while ever as a society we seek to excuse, or allow bad behaviour and a general lack of respect to flourish amongst 'some' of our children, things will not improve. My better half has spent the last 20 years working as a classroom assistant in a Sheffield primary school, most of it with children with behavioral problems, some of the physical assaults and foul mouthed tirades she has endured, from children under the age of 10 and the stories she has told me, make me wonder what these kids are going to be like when they are adults. As an 'old school' member of society I was physically punished as a child by my parents and by my teachers when I did wrong, that was the way, I was taught to be respectful and to only use violence as a means of self defence, I grew up with brothers and we fought often and sometimes violently, but I have never gone out to insult, injure or assault anyone that I didn't know on the streets, unless it was in self defence and neither have they. I brought my own children up and disciplined them, I believe that when it is done in the right way at an a appropriate level it is an effective tool, but I would guess that many of those crying out for 'harsher' sentences today would probably excuse some of those ill disciplined children mentioned earlier, and I find that a little strange and hypocritical. I have now got grand children who can't and won't be disciplined the way we were, but I won't be around to see the results of the liberal modern day corrective methods, that are clearly making everything so much better than it used to be (cough cough). Allowing young people to grow up with little or no respect for others is at the heart of the problem, so just giving people harsher prison sentences will not necessarily lead to improvement in the future, we have seen it has not worked well in other areas already, nipping behavioral problems in the bud while they are young seems more of an appropriate 'long term' action to me, and yes I know there are no perfect solutions and I doubt there ever will be.
  9. This is what happens when 'someone' controls a football club, not all decisions the owner makes will be agreeable to the paying supporters or right in the long term for the club, I think they have made a big mistake letting Wilder go, he may well personally go on to manage a bigger and better club, but as a Wednesday fan who has seen dem Blades having a laugh at our expense this last couple of years, I will have a little chuckle to myself if this decision backfires when thinking of those
  10. ....... of course there would be no domestic violence under a Labour government eh, mental health issues have been recently exacerbated by a national lockdown, but have also become more prevalent by media induced paranoia, both online and in the mainstream, societies so called 'progress' over the last 30 years or so has been etched with the constant desire to claim some sort of victim hood, there has always been good and bad people and everything inbetween, but as a society we have lost perspective in a cult like self righteous pursuit, very little to do with your nonsensical claim about what people have been voting for, because people have generally just been voting against the alternatives, or have you not noticed ! Police work much like the work of many others these days is hindered by much of the modern day nonsense driven by so called progressives.
  11. Yes it is money that dictates the status of the game, has been for a long time now, calling for the season to be stopped or even cancelled has consequences for that very reason, no games = no sponsorship money, no live TV money etc because these things are all contracted in and are generally the only thing preventing the majority of clubs going under because they have no income but are paying their players, staff etc what they are contracted to. Anyone with any great ideas please step forward now, because if you are capable of resolving this issue and then maybe you can do the same with the wider economic damage caused by the virus and lockdown measures !
  12. An update or plug in can corrupt the site, sounds like your site is hosted so running anti virus or malware checks on your own computer is pointless, if your site has been maliciously removed then contacting the provider who you pay to host the site is your first move, if and when it is sorted make sure the site is backed up as Jomie wrote.
  13. Creepy Joe will get the muck raked on him and his policies dissed just as Trump's were, it's tit for tat now in politics and the media the world over, is there some common ground you can find that is suddenly going to change that ? It's the same here in the UK the opposites push each other further apart, but one side aided by the MSM and big tech wants to silence the other more !
  14. 4 people died, one of them a woman who was shot dead, but you won't see any outrage about that, what you see in the MSM is clearly deluding you, do you visit the US much or just an armchair expert ?
  15. Only turn up to see the blades lol Twenty years outside the top flight and Wednesday only twice dropped below the 20,000 average mark, in that same twenty years despite being in the Premier League twice, United averaged under 20,000 nine times, we won't even mention the previous twenty years because it's even worse and of course the banter is only valid if it's here and now, give me strength, dem 30,000 Blades !
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