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  1. It's all very well virtue signalling but your not trying to justify the actions of those burning, smashing up, looting of businesses, attacking property and people though surely, because that sort of anger is opportunistic, misdirected and wrong too, just as coppers killing black people is wrong !
  2. And you can prove that how exactly ? Unfortunately the government and leadership generally in this country is exactly what we deserve, incompetence is very much ingrained and has been encouraged for almost a generation now, and your flavour of 'hand holding' politics is at the very root of that issue, so is as much to blame for it too IMHO !
  3. Is correct, and to which it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand the fact that sadly there will be job losses as our Albert mentioned as an obvious point, to the governments credit, and I know people will hate me mentioning such positives on here, they stepped up to the plate with the furlough scheme etc .
  4. I think your thoughts are not as broad as you think they are, let us all know seeing as your such an expert when flights will resume and how that affects companies like Rolls making such decisions, and don't choke on your popcorn !
  5. Rubbish, the economical ramifications will be global, are you going to blame our government for that too ? People have stopped travelling ( I assume you have noticed), planes are grounded, so companies like Rolls Royce and their suppliers, some of which are local will be hit hard, there are parents who don't want to send their kids back to school, so I can't see them wanting to get on aircraft to holiday destinations either in a hurry on that basis, so regardless of the Mediterranean hotspots wanting to open up for business I can't see much of an uptake from here can you ?
  6. Seriously, can you validate that nonsense with any credible data ? Do you just like using similar parlance to oafs like Terry Christian ? If that's how you feel you need to point score politically, you need to give your head a wobble, typical leftist hypocrisy at it's finest !
  7. You may have been in the Premier league back when Warnock was manager but you got relegated after one season, it's all relative, I suppose there was the success of reaching the Premier League in the first place, but it ended in the failure of relegation, as i said in my original post there is a fine line between success and failure which is why I used the term 'luck', no matter how much we dress things up in Sheffield football circles, neither club has had much 'luck' or success, Wednesday arguably 'historically' fairing a bit better, a Rumbelows Cup win, Europe, a Play Off Final win in my lifetime , pitch that against Cup Final defeats against an Arsenal 'bogey' side, in a season where we could arguably have beaten any other team in the country, on our day, and then our recent Play Off failures .... you do generally need a bit of 'luck' and I will use the Play Off Final of 2005 penalty decision in our favour as an example !
  8. We won the second world with the help of others, particularly the US and Russia, the things this country now excels at are what ? Exporting music or entertainers ? Banking and Finance ? A handful of niche manufacturers ? I'm sure we have been slipping well down the table of relevance for a generation or two, it's all well and good our wonderful citizens expecting their hands being held, but it's become a way of life for many and it shows itself at a political level, and generally none of them of any persuasion are an exception, we have this government because the opposition is poor, let's not forget the old saying about getting the government you deserve. Personally I want to see and here from those who can stand up and have some confidence and the know-how to deal with things, not the media and the government puppets, where are the leaders of business, industry, education, the unions, small business owners who should be rallying and leading the way in advising the government how we get out of this economically and safely ? Are they are just hiding away afraid of sticking their necks out and waiting for the government to give them advice they can criticise when it's no good to them ?
  9. The thing is we can argue the toss on here all day, I don't see anybody with answers or solutions, just criticism, some of which is justified, as I alluded to in my first post, there are too many if's and but's for everyone and everything to be considered in a perfect way, the media jump on that but they can't really be praised for their repetitive, often agenda driven point scoring questioning every evening, they are as bad as the government at churning out nonsense, like I said incompetence is our default here in the UK unfortunately, we can all just keep sitting back and admiring the German efficiency and natural thoroughness, pretty much as we have been doing since the last world war.
  10. But are those companies capable of producing them to the required standard, you can't just knock stuff together in your garage without the necessary hygiene certification or approval, we do actually have strict standards. I'm not making excuses, the country as a whole is generally incompetent, we overburden our NHS at the best of times, oddly enough A&E is probably as quiet as it's ever been with the usual crap they have to put up with too. As for coming out of lockdown and guidance, I think many of us could guess at how that will pan out, but clearly the downturn will have a great impact too, no UK government could get through such a crisis with flying colours, so let's not pretend that they could, to push political agendas !
  11. Interesting to see all this criticism, some of which is deserved, but hardly surprising, very much like our country and typical as a whole, many of us find it so much easier to criticise but very few have any credible solutions either, I could also add the numbers of deaths are hardly surprising when you look closely at the make up of our population, our unhealthy eating, drinking and drug habits are higher than many other countries in Europe let alone the world, then there is the numbers of ageing people in care and on top of that the comparative numbers of BAME who seem to be affected badly in the UK. If we focus on lack of PPE as a cause, we clearly didn't/don't manufacture enough of our own at the required standard, and then the government goes and purchases supplies from abroad which are not of the required standard, but nobody cared much about our manufacturing capabilities until this happened, let's hope the lessons are learnt.
  12. Your not taking into consideration the 'agenda' created by the leftist algorithm ! On your first point I couldn't agree more, that applies in every political direction.
  13. Not bad for someone who describes the Tories as 'Extreme right', seriously ..... that's much more like what most would consider to be 'propaganda terms'.
  14. I'm going to take a wild guess that if that happens there will only be promotion/relegation between the Championship and the Premier League this season however that may yet be decided, the only clubs with the financial clout to perhaps take legal action against decisions they deem unfair are concerned in that scenario IMHO
  15. I think travel in general will change considerably for the foreseeable future, not just for UK citizens but for many others too, both in numbers and cost at a guess, I do reckon the Greek , Spanish, Portuguese etc, amongst many others too of course can't wait for UK citizens taking vacations to boost their economies again though eh ?
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