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  1. Ah facts, where do you get yours from yougov or the Guardian ? Plenty of working class people I know of various ages voted leave, what I will tell you is most of them were probably male and working class, sticking their two fingers up to the educated, I'm alright jack, self righteous, me me me, middle class socialists and ignorant politicians alike, which group do you belong to ….. let me guess ! As for threats of rioting, just more project fear aka the main theme of politicians and business people both Leavers and Remainers alike, I must admit though that the Poll tax riots only got as bad as they did because the working class turned up too, the working class will always enjoy a good old street fight !
  2. Michael_W

    How much is Bannan worth again?

    I would rather keep Barry Bannan at Wednesday over Adam Reach any day, and I watch them both on a regular basis.
  3. Michael_W

    Sheffield then and now

    I see the thread has turned into a Thatcher bashing exercise, well I'm no Thatcher fan, but seriously as a steel and engineering worker myself since 1977, to keep blaming her is absolute cobblers. I have lost my job several times over my working life through factory closures and restructuring under various Labour governments too, and as an ex union member of over 30 years and ex union representative, I can vouch for the fact that power mad commie cronies in the unions were often as bad as any public school Tory twit. what happened to industry around here and everywhere else has happened pretty much worldwide and is as much a consequence of globalisation and capitalist economics and that won't change much anytime soon.
  4. Interesting, if a similar mob had harassed Margaret Thatcher or in more recent times maybe someone like Katie Hopkins, all you leftists would no doubt be on here singing a different hypocritical tune !
  5. Michael_W

    Second referendum time? SF Poll

    Interesting how you always try and play the racist/xenophobe card and are not fully being honest yourself, don't you know that immigrants bring their families which use health and education services, these do have an impact, there is a certain school in Sheffield which had issues highlighted on the news lately, and have you sat for several hours in A&E lately ? It's 2018 now by the way and the reason the country is in a political quagmire is purely because people like you and likeminded arrogant, self righteous politicians ignored ordinary peoples concerns about immigration, it's not all rosy in the garden so spread less of your own fake news, it's not down to people reading the Sun or the DM either, you and your ilk constantly try and put down the opinions of those who disagree with your views, yet they are probably just as knowledgeable, informed and most likely more familiar with the reality than the likes of you !
  6. Michael_W

    France is in chaos .

    You need to get out more fella, the obsession is exclusively from people like you, your postings on here are a dead give away, do you think everyone right of the oaf that is Corbyn is an extremist ? The far right as you call them has a lot of sympathisers who I would label as normal people, people who would not consider for one moment of going on a march with UKIP, Tommy Robinson or anyone else because they just get on with their everyday lives ….. do you struggle to understand that concept from behind your keyboard ?
  7. Michael_W

    France is in chaos .

    The chances of anything happening on British streets in the near future will be centred around Brexit, who do you think would potentially cause the most problems for you and the Guardianista to be disgusted, the right wing working class Leavers or the middle class socialist Remainers ?
  8. Yes really, what's so difficult to understand ? Society does pander to that sort of nonsense, we have people like that jumping on this sort of thing all the time, some of it causes enough outrage for the thought police, the media and the bandwagon jumpers, who sometimes put together petitions or bring it to the attention of their MP's to trigger laws to be changed, are you going to refute that sort of thing doesn't happen ?
  9. The sad reality is society seems to pander to this sort of nonsense all the time.
  10. Michael_W

    Sheffield wednesday v rotherham united

    Aye dem Blades couldn't beat their 'nervy' underperforming neighbours a few weeks back either !
  11. Michael_W

    Suspended councillor

    Sadly the benchmarks are constantly being set by the self righteous, some of the self righteous will no doubt fall on their own swords …. mistakes will always happen, modern technology like moving parts on machinery can be very unforgiving, it will pull you in and spit you out.
  12. Michael_W

    Save our owls

    That 'Save Our Owls' campaign still irks some of dem older Blades, just another thing that has made them so bitter about Wednesday over the years, it has given some of them a proper greasy chip on their shoulders !
  13. Michael_W

    Parking on pavements

    Errrmmm, your missing the point with your partial quote, that, and you have got the wrong thread fella, public transport and exercise apart, what do you reckon to people parking on pavements, any reasonable solutions ?
  14. Michael_W

    Parking on pavements

    How wonderful life would be if people didn't have to park on pavements, sadly however a great many of our residential streets were not made wide enough for two way traffic or for the amount of cars currently needing to park on them, make everyone park legally on the roadside and watch the place grind to halt !
  15. Michael_W

    £10k fine for football violence

    It's not that absurd actually, it happens a lot on the continent and Eastern Europe, has been going on for many years and in some cases has spawned fight clubs and mma training amongst young men who may arguably have been drawn to more criminal activity, go and do a bit of googling and youtubing it's all there.

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