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  1. Michael_W

    Man U's racist fans...

    The Kick it Out campaign is in football, but once again the platform is social media, and in this case Twitter, so while it's convenient to title the thread Man U's racist fans and maintain the lazy narrative that it's footballs problem, it's actually a problem that is much wider than that of 'football'. I have gone to football matches regularly for about 50 years and seen less instances of racism than I did in my few years at school back in the 60s and 70s, but it's so convenient these days to just label certain groups ….. like 'football supporters', but why not label these racists as 'Twitter users' instead and hold Twitter responsible rather than the club ?
  2. Michael_W

    Sex education in primary schools

    So if you don't mind me asking, what specifically do 'you' think should be emphasised to primary school age kids ? It's all very well wanting to change attitudes, but in my opinion, as a society(and we live in a very tolerant one actually), the more we have attempted to indoctrinate tolerance, the less people seem to be happy with the results (current issues seem to highlight this). The more diverse we have become, the more we find to be intolerant about, if social media particularly is anything to go by, is this not proving my earlier point about people finding prejudice in other ways ? It seems to me that people are reactionary and as a society we will never be happy no matter how much we preach about tolerance we will look for disagreement, about anything and everything, it's become a social obsession. I personally think we would be better focussing on mutual respect at primary school education level, and of course the required educational benefits of reading, writing , learning to work things out etc … rather than over emphasising what 'adults' recognise as differences !
  3. Michael_W

    Sex education in primary schools

    Surely it was the older generations, some of mine included maybe, that would have benefitted most from that sort of education, these day's however young kids grow up in such a diverse society, should what they see all around them on a daily basis mean they won't have the same attitudes of previous generations, or is the so called desire for this sort of education suggesting that our society is actually struggling to come to terms with the diversity and differences ? I think the speed at which society is changing, some of it forced in many ways, means no matter what you teach people at any particular time, those values are prone to change at some point in the future by the next generation that starts to think differently, is society trying too hard to create some sort of Utopia that can never be achieved because more changes will follow and people will find personal prejudices elsewhere ?
  4. Michael_W

    Hillsborough verdict

    The club did have a safety certificate, it had just not been updated, and work had been carried out on the Leppings Lane terrace after it's issue …. I believe, It was probably quite common back then for clubs to overlook such things, unfortunately it was an accident waiting to happen at a british football ground and it happened at Hillsborough. Looking back at those days, and over the years, as a well travelled football supporter, I can honestly say along with quite a few others, 'there but for the grace of god' !
  5. Michael_W

    Sex education in primary schools

    I think your actually missing the point, this thread is about what is taught to Primary school kids, much of what you posted about was not, in fact most of that stuff was and has been built on media campaigns aimed at adults ! So if you could rack your brains a little bit more, I would be interested to know a bit more specifically what 'you' think needs teaching to kids of primary school age. I am ( on here allegedly) a right wing, gammon, racist, sexist, homophobic dinosaur of a grandparent, my grandkids (two of which attend primary school), are, growing up with mixed race, same sex marriage and gay relatives, I am interested to know what you think they may or may not need teaching.
  6. Typical comment of the sneering middle class, maybe you should get out more, it might stop you spouting like an out of touch politician eh !
  7. Michael_W

    Sex education in primary schools

    I'm not quite sure what needs teaching, if kids are growing up in a diverse world then they will hardly need introducing to it ….. it's the norm surely ! Maybe times have changed but lots of people my age grew up quite rounded regardless of how we learnt things, neither my parents nor my school had to teach me specifics they simply taught me right from wrong, respect and how to think for myself, modern day nannying seems to have cause more problems than it solves IMHO !
  8. Without wanting to over simplify the issue, unfortunately we now have some people within our society who grow up having had zero amount of discipline, either at home or at school, they grow up giving zero F's for that very reason.
  9. This is the thing, these days as a society we do make a fuss, so you can't really play down knife crime while at the same time making a big deal out of sensitivity issues for example, go and tell the parents of a victim that it's nothing to make a fuss about. I noticed an earlier post again mentioning police numbers and knife crime, I personally think that correlating them is a ridiculously lazy assumption !
  10. Michael_W

    May local elections

    Oh dear mel, you and your fellow leftists are just as intolerant as most on the right, I can assure you, most right wingers do not hate people any more than leftists do. Most right wingers I know are just ordinary working class people who are not sucked in by the right wing press, be it the DM or the Sun, they make judgements based on real life experiences, they go out to work, to the shops, to the football, to the pub, they take their kids to the park and go on holiday with their families etc etc …. they do not hate blacks , Muslims, disabled or LGBQT people or go on Brexit marches, EDL demonstrations or anything else, but are subject to the Fake News leftist media which perpetrates as much hyperbolic nonsense as the right does, if not more. The pathetic politicians and people like yourself are only interested in shutting down those who don't share their opinions, typically now we have the current Brexit farce and people and politicians who can't cope with the results of democratic process …. bad losers. I only hope that people show their feelings at any upcoming elections and rid politics of these self serving oafs of all persuasions who don't really have much of a clue about the real world and those who live in it.
  11. Michael_W

    Tommy Robinson thread - All discussion here.

    All very passionately written Halibut, however I'm not so sure about the fishbone diagram in your Root Cause Analysis. What you have failed to see (surprise, surprise) is how Islamic hate speech and terrorism across the globe, coupled of course with some issues around grooming gangs here in the UK has propagated far more 'hate' as you call it than anything Tommy Robinson has said. Focus on him of course as much as you want, go ahead and label everyone with a right wing opinion as an extremist, but you will fail if you think the way to go is silencing opinion, like your other 'no platform policy' buddies across the western world. I would also suggest there is blood on the hands of most people if we are going to use your kind of analogies btw ! I doubt very much that you have love for all people or that you actually treat all people with respect and dignity, because your own hatred and prejudices are often there for all to see on here, you and your extreme left ilk often despise anyone who does not share your opinions, your very biased, and your virtue signalling, white saviour, snowflakery on every current PC issue imaginable is very much flawed and riddled with your own brand of Guardianista type generalisations, but I doubt that you can see it. It is also of course noticeable that you have never written so passionately about the influence of, or the perpetrators of, incidents here in the UK over the years .... 7/7, Lee Rigby, Manchester Arena and Westminster Bridge spring to mind.
  12. Michael_W

    White supremacist attack in NZ

    That's a very poor comparison fella, if you seriously believe Tommy Robinson is on a par with ISIS and Brenton Tarrant your losing the plot, and you have certainly lost perspective. Your own obvious hatred coupled with your desperation to push your agenda on here is getting the better of you.
  13. There is no party in the UK that would make a decent government, none of them would or even could look after all the people, it was mostly working class people who voted to Leave, on the back of EU migration affecting their pay, conditions, communities, health and education services ( and yes, I am familiar and bored with all the for and against arguments on here and everywhere else so lets not go there again), so that is mostly why you have/had disenfranchised and angry people who rightly or wrongly, but non the less defiantly, stuck it to the political elite and the' I'm alright Jack' middle classes …. IMHO ! Forget the misguided accusations of xenophobia and racism which have constantly been thrown around, it was never about disliking foreigners, it was about class arrogance and ignorance within our society.
  14. Michael_W

    weekly pay

    There are lots of people who are paid weekly, yes even in big companies, they are usually non salaried, paid by the hour, get basic statutory sick pay and only have to give one weeks notice to leave, it may be that the company has given them such a contract, have they said their contracts have changed or anything ?
  15. Michael_W

    Shamima Begum

    Sad that the child has died but the mother is ultimately responsible for creating this situation, nobody else, shameful but typical that Dianne Abbot is trying to politically point score on this issue.

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