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Trevor Francis in Hospital after heart attack.


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Just found out that the ex Wednesday player/manager is in hospital after suffering a heart attack!


Get well soon Tricky!



Former Birmingham City and England star Trevor Francis is in hospital after suffering a heart attack.


The striker, who also managed Blues, has had a stent fitted and is expected to be home after the weekend.


Free Radio Head of Sport Tom Ross said: “I have spoken to Trevor’s family and he is comfortable in Hospital.”


He added: “Trevor is one of the fittest men I know and trains three or four times a week so this is a big shock


Good luck to the man & speedy recovery :thumbsup:

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Just heard the news myself, thats a bit of a shock, a relatively fit bloke who played into the late 30's of his career, maybe even 40's actually when he was player manager at the Owls.


Bit of a dullard in his interviews but always came across as a decent enough bloke, good luck to him, I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

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Having had two heart attacks and two stents fitted three years ago, I wish him well.


I can remember when he burst on to the football scene as a youngster in the early seventies, about 1970 or 71 I think it was.

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Many years ago whilst watching Owls at Watford ball goes out, Tricky trev walks over says to me "how long before half time" ten mins i tell him "thank fxxk says Trev im knackard" class moment.

Hope he has a speedy recovery.


:hihi::hihi: All the best trev.

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