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  1. I'm looking for a team for my son, he's 10yr old, never had a club, he's been playing tennis but more interested in football. I want quite a relaxed club who let kids enjoy themselves and play games, teams in the Norton / Meadowhead area would be great.
  2. Flats apparently, which the current owners of the retail park have denied, but we all know it will happen as Pets at Home and Next have both relocated to St James Park.
  3. RIP to a great adopted son of the city, who not only helped put Sheffield on the map but also helped many, who might not have made it professional, but give them guidance and discipline in life.
  4. I've walked through the park most days for the last 5yrs and don't recognise the place you talk of not to allow 2 grown up kids to walk through it. I can go through anytime of the day, and have done, 5am or 10pm and ive never seen any trouble or incidents. I appreciate someone getting shot is a scary incident, Meersbrook Park however is still a lovely place.
  5. 3 shootings in the city within 24hrs, sounds scary to me & shooting some random over a packet of cigs and a bit of lose change doesn't seem right.
  6. Air Ambulance was in attendance and A61 was closed.
  7. Just seen on s24 a note it was 5yrs to the date, interacted on here with HH and always nice to keep the memory alive for a fellow Blade. RIP fellow Blade
  8. I went across Eccy Rd, via Hunters Bar but couldn't get back, this resulted in more emissions from my vehicle as I went down numerous blind allies while cyclists had a free run of the city. When are we having a cycle free day and closing the roads to those lot?
  9. The university are building a building multistorey car park with dual use with the Children's Hospital on Durham Rd which is due to open in December 2015.
  10. Returned to my car today after work (location in subject) and noticed my rear number plate was missing, maybe it's dropped off, out of curiosity I checked the front and that was missing. Has anyone else experienced this, quite common cloning of number plates for avoiding paying for petrol, speeding fines, parking fines and more serious crimes. Having reported it to the police no doubt the car will be getting pulled over every 5 minutes now.
  11. Was bought up near the Peggy Tub, used to go as a family every Sunday lunch and I believe my grandmother worked there as a cleaner at some point. It's a shame if they knock it down but not been in myself for Yeats, in its heyday they used to be packed to the rafters, Saturday night cabaret nights, race nights etc, Christmas Eve also used to be a cracking family night, shame from a nostalgia point of view but these things don't happen anymore so a sight of the times.
  12. I used to have the best job ever on £45k a year at Bassett's a few years ago.
  13. RIP Paul - great poster and 100% Blade. Sadly missed.
  14. Our cat had been missing since Thursday morning around the norton lees area. We live close to the top entrance to meersbrook park (not the bishops house entrance), we've put a few flyers up around the area, looked round the area and there is no sign. Can anyone in the area please check sheds and out buildings as he's a curious cat and I presume he's got locked in somewhere. If anyone sees a small white cat with a bit of tortoise patching please drop me a pm. ---------- Post added 01-12-2013 at 17:08 ---------- Now home, He's just returned after 4 days.
  15. Thanks to those who responded, it's greatly appreciated. Leeman came round today and sorted out the problem, many thanks to him for his professional approach, fair price and most of all for making my house warm once again.
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