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  1. Can someone please tell me which tram stop to get off for the above. thankyou
  2. chocki

    Forum members employment

  3. chocki

    What is a luxury to you?

    My Gas bill!!
  4. I was referred by forge farm to a place on Pontefract road, cudworth at Barnsley. Had to take someone with me
  5. No. When someone rings it says "this number is temporarily unavailable, please try again later"
  6. Thank you for that. I've read it. Is there anything I can do now to get it back to normal now (sorry I'm not up on mobiles at all). I appreciate your advice. I can use the internet but can't ring or text message
  7. Help! I am in Iceland (country!) at the minute and my phone says emergency calls only. I'm with EE. When I was flying here I put it on airplane mode and it's only since then it's happening. Can anyone help please
  8. Looking for taxi prices as above, leaving Sheffield around 6-6.30pm I'm doing my nut in looking at trains/coaches etc.
  9. chocki

    Women who swear in public

    Cos they're keeping their brains warm!!
  10. Was on nodding and greeting terms with joe. He lived on Crookes road in Sheffield and he used to get off the circular bus at top of Crookesmoor road as I was walking home. Always a smile and a hello. He was dishy then lol
  11. What's happening on Goodison Crescent at Stannington?! It started off 2/3 weeks ago with a bit of digging up, now, the work seems to be getting more and more substantial with more and more lorises. I know it's something to do with gas. Any updates anyone?
  12. chocki

    Funeral costs

    It would be great if more people left their body to science, that'd pee funeral directors off
  13. chocki

    Funeral costs

    I'm definitely leaving my body to science. Thanks for the links. I'll get onto it next week
  14. chocki

    Funeral costs

    Itrytoplease, thanks for your comment. I have already researched this for myself. Although I didn't know you couldn't donate anything if you wanted to be left to science. i think it's a great idea and will further research it. I must get on with it cos you never know......
  15. chocki

    Funeral costs

    What happens if a person dies and they have no money for the funeral, I.e. No savings, family have no money. TIA

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