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  1. Any idea of a rough price for a new clutch supplied and fitted for a 2012 Hyundai i10 please
  2. Useful for keeping in touch, don't think it's as much used as it was a few years ago. Think people are losing interest in it
  3. Turd factory? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ don't know what that is. I'm sure there is going to be a new road or is it the entrance to a housing estate or something
  4. If he's saying he's resigning in September, why can't they get rid now.Should never have been elected in first place, what were people thinking? All that money for doing nothing?
  5. Just in the process of buying a caravan. Just wondered how people pay their ground rent. Do you have to pay full amount straightaway or instalments. What part of the season do you have to pay. can get the information from office, but thought I'd ask how other people manage it thankyou in advance
  6. I had similar to this, my big toe was so painful. They (doctors) said it was gout......it was actually an ingrowing toenail!! It was agony to walk, not know pain like it
  7. Just seen this thread, I watched it before with fascination. How are they doing this year. How many eggs?
  8. I live at Stannington and about 2am this morning I heard a commotion and got up to have a look. Opened blinds and came face to face with a fox in garden!!! It was very big, glad I was inside lol
  9. Can someone please tell me which tram stop to get off for the above. thankyou
  10. I was referred by forge farm to a place on Pontefract road, cudworth at Barnsley. Had to take someone with me
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