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  1. Just wondering if someone could tell me about how to take a caravan off a park. Our caravan is on a site and there's been a bit of a falling out with owner. If we wanted to take it off the site and put it on a new site, how do we go about it? thankyou in advance
  2. I got healthcare, I'm a carer 👍
  3. Thank you for all your comments and advice. Can't cope with all this! Yes I've changed my passwords, cancelled cards etc. Think I'll probably close my PayPal account down. One less way for people to scam......
  4. Help, looks like I've been scammed. I noticed two payments on my bank statement (that had happened via PAYPAL) that I didn't know who they were or what for. Two payments of £65.49 against 2 separate foreign names. PANIC!!! I set up a resolution with PayPal but they told me they were authorised transactions so they couldn't do anything about, CASE CLOSED. Anyway rung my bank to tell them I'd noticed unusual activity and they cancelled my card and will issue me with another one. They then put me through to fraud department (Yorkshire Bank). After explaining what had happened, they informed me it was my fault it had happened because the payments had been taken via direct debit so I must have authorised it. (I honestly didn't have any knowledge of these transactions or the names, the names being SImona Neila and Laima Solvita. They wouldn't budge! It's my fault, tough! Decided to go to my local branch where I again explained my predicament and they said the same as what fraud department did. Except she thought I might have had an email from PayPal and I'd pressed something (yes of course that's possible). anyway they've told me I've been scammed, they (Yorkshire Bank aren't interested in helping me), report it to police. To be honest, I've been really ill for last 6 weeks and this is doing me no good. The thought of "making a case to take to the police" is daunting and I can't bear the thought of that. It would tip me over the edge. Anyway, my question is am I being unfaiR expecting my bank to try and help me, I've been a customer for over 40 years 😢😢 Thankyou in advance
  5. Having booked a holiday to America (should have been going tomorrow 😢😢) and obviously now can't go, I have $650 to change back to pounds. Where can I change these back to Pounds? Can I pay it into my bank account? No travel agents open (having originally got them from TUI). HELP!!
  6. Don't watch him then, simple 😡
  7. Kelvin and Oti are doing cruise ships
  8. I didn't think it was coming to Sheffield!
  9. I'm just recovering now RoseP. I've Had it for about 3 weeks. It got worse before it got better. I did what was advised, paracetamol, drinking, rest and I'm finally recovering. The night times were awful, cough cough cough, coughing got that bad, I was making mYself sick. Went to pharmacy who gave me a cough medicine which is when I started feeling better, Chest pain, back pain, headache! Horrible, awful. Debilitating, very weak. Hope that's last I see of it
  10. Number of people driving without their lights on 😱😱😱
  11. Has anyone had the awful virus doing the rounds. I've got an awful hacking dry cough and that's all I do cough, cough, cough. A temperature, feel weak, aching etc.etc. Any recommendations for getting rid? Don't want to waste doctors time and take up an appointment someone else could need a lot more than me
  12. Rivelin valley road is HORRENDOUS! I'm not messing about. Please avoid if possible
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