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  1. Hi guys if you a desperate to have them I'll do them for you for £5 a knife,been a a butcher for 21 years and sharpen my own on a weekly basis,if your intrested pm me and I'll arrange to pick them up and do them cheers
  2. An old man had been hit by the bus . I saw the paramedics trying to revive him . Apparently he was blind in one of his eyes so maybe he didn't see the bus . It didn't look good at the scene so many really hope he's ok . My heart goes out to his family
  3. Could anyone tell me if this place is open please,got group on voucher a few days ago and the Mrs has been trying to ring them to book a table but there is nobody answering the phone !! Thanks
  4. try billy clarkes they used to stock match rods anything shimano or daiwa you won't go wrong
  5. There's barbel around the whole of clay wheels lane,so yeah they should be further up river to,your probably better going for the dusk til dawn time specially with the don not being very deep
  6. Lidl bought them so the could extend there store and car park,but for some reason the planning permission has been held up,lidl own them but cure entry can't do anything with them
  7. I personally like the shirts from all saints and USC they both have quality gear
  8. Talk angling isn't bad also try match fishing banter and kinky pellet club on Facebook
  9. I got a set of brembo rear disc n pads for my vectra a few years ago,and think they worked out at about 70 quid,can't remember the site I just had a google or possibly off ebay
  10. Take the middle of the slice out and roll it like a cig then pull your hook up in to the bottom use around a size 12 or 10 if permitted
  11. It's probably to do with 4g network,give it a google you can ring up and get a device to sort it,I had to do the same
  12. Big Adams has a lot of big ide worm n caster can be deadly,fish it 6m start on the deck and loose feed your worm n caster to get them up in the water you will hit carp so gear up there is some right clonkers,never fished waggler on there but it works on the other lakes so imagine it should work don't forget there gunna start spawning very soon and the ide option can be very appealing
  13. If there is a lot of tow/movement then yes,if it's flat calm there's no need !!
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