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  1. Been some good weights of Carp coming out of Harthill Reservoir on the matches before the lockdown, but I believe they are dropping the water levels to carry out some work.
  2. If you already have a suitable chair look at buying/hiring chair raisers, the Red Cross may supply these items and quite easy to fit as long as the chair is appropriate for them, the hospital should assess your mum and then ask for a occupational therapy assessment at home if she has any issues.
  3. If you mean a hand car wash the one at Burngreave heading towards the NGH was open last Friday when I went past.
  4. I must admit I have always enjoyed fishing the bottom pond at Carterhall, it did have plenty of Ide and Tench in originally but predominately smallish Carp, the pegs near the car park always produced well but the downside was having people walk behind you so not so tranquil that why I always went on the far bank, either pm Jef51 who I believe is/was the bailiff and Jill the owner is lovely and will give you plenty of info, all the best mate,
  5. Mr Hinks, I have just remembered another fishery which is out near Dinnington called Leger lakes, it has a café on site but im unsure what the access would be like for you, its on East Field Lane S25 1ZY
  6. Top of Meersbrook park near Bishops house has a good view across the city and only a short walk from the road
  7. Fusion ponds on the Sheepbridge industrial estate were quite nice and secluded and you could park quite close to the first pond or Barlow lakes
  8. Hi Craig, have a look at the post at the top of the main fishing page, its full of info but due to covid and some posts being quite old I would call the venues before you travel, most are on Facebook or have a website.
  9. Railway Hotel on Bramhall lane are not reopening, it was on Facebook yesterday
  10. Aston Park have a small pond/lake purely for children/novices with small fish and plenty of bites to keep him occupied, as Mr Hinks says have a word with Alex he will give you all the advice you need and has a well kitted out tackle shop on site.
  11. Two Thirds bar and Turners bottle shop on Abbeydale road deliver, Thornbridge Brewery, Brewdog also doing delivery's.
  12. Unfortunately they have to come out the week after to do the same repair again, then repeat!!!
  13. Had a lovely meal at the Greek Village on Abbeydale road last Saturday and the prices were very reasonable, like melv I would also recommend Café Indus been many times and the food is amazing so well worth a visit.
  14. Wanted to try this place on Friday tea time, turned up at 16.40 (opening time stated as 16.30) shutters still down and no sign of life, so went to Turners bottle shop for a couple of drinks and really enjoyed it, I will try the Two Thirds but arrive later than the stated opening time next time.
  15. Spot on, plus we also did a 40 hour week (at least) at work in between the matches lol.
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