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  1. Wanted to try this place on Friday tea time, turned up at 16.40 (opening time stated as 16.30) shutters still down and no sign of life, so went to Turners bottle shop for a couple of drinks and really enjoyed it, I will try the Two Thirds but arrive later than the stated opening time next time.
  2. Spot on, plus we also did a 40 hour week (at least) at work in between the matches lol.
  3. Parcel sent by Hermes to wife's brother tracking stated delivered and signed for, we contact him just to make sure as the parcel contained quite a few expensive presents etc he says I am still at work, on his return home a few hours later he found the parcel in the blue bin!!
  4. Also try the other restaurant on London road that is associated with them Café Indus, the food is constantly top quality with quite a good range of specials they will happily cook dishes that are not on the menu if asked and the staff are always cheerful and knowledgeable, its bring your own beer/wine as well.
  5. Give John a call at Elite 07849344736, we have used him for years they are always on time with pleasant drivers.
  6. Wood Farm in Stickney is lovely but I have only stayed in the caravan, they do have electric hook ups for camping and you can set up right next to the lake.
  7. X17 from Barnsley, get off at Arundel gate and five minutes walk to work
  8. Also try the other restaurant they own which is Café Indus on London road, the food is amazing and the staff are really nice.
  9. Brunch & lunch Matilda street or Lynn's pantry on Surrey street.
  10. It was on Botham street, as you said just off Petre street, my grandma worked in it and my granddad use to run a bookies for the horse racing from it
  11. Stick me down Doug, it will be nice to see everyone again
  12. In the Hillsborough area try Loxley fishery or Cow Gap at the top of Stannington, all you need is a pint of maggots and fish either top 3 if you have a pole or end of rod if that the method you use, Cow Gap is full of small silvers.
  13. Have a look at the Maver Abyss X never seen one but they retail between £38 - £50 and might be ok for what you are after, i have the Beastmaster 850B its very light but also strong you can pick them up for around £130.
  14. I order mine by phoning my surgery who then send them electronically to Boots pharmacy I do this on repeat dispensing getting six months scripts at a time, Boots then let me know when im down to my last one and I simply reorder.
  15. Went for my wife's birthday on Saturday, this was our fourth visit and unfortunately the quality was not as good as our previous 3 visits, steaks were the usual size but lacking in flavour and very undercooked, we both asked for medium rare but both steaks came very rare we are both able to eat rare steaks so did not send it back but mentioned this to a staff member after paying her response was to order medium if I was to visit again!! overall the staff were very attentive and I would go back in a couple of months.
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