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  1. Thanks, it was an ad-block extension causing the problem . I've installed a different one uBlock Origin. Everything OK now.
  2. Can anyone help with this please. When I search on Google for a song title and artist, a YouTube link and lyrics appear but only for a split second. It then only shows basic results as in the two screenshots below. How can I make the YouTube link and lyrics stay visible in the results? Thanks for any help.
  3. I always enjoy taking part in the prediction league.
  4. Predictions: Aston Villa 2:0 Norwich City Rotherham 0:1 Middlesbrough Sheff Wed 0:0 QPR Stoke City 0:1 Sheff Utd Bristol Rovers 1:1 Barnsley Doncaster 2:2 Coventry City Predictions end:
  5. Thanks Mooks, appreciate your thoughts and hope you win the predictions league which is more than likely now! Don't know about Boro' making the play- offs, but Derby have WBA and Swansea to play, so still in with a chance. Blades can still be champions so anything is possible.
  6. Predictions: Middlesbrough 2:0 Reading Preston 3:1 Sheff Wed Sheff Utd 6:0 Ipswich Barnsley 2:1 Blackpool West Brom 1:1 Rotherham Oxford United 1:1 Doncaster Predictions end:
  7. Predictions: Hull City 0:1 Sheff Utd Rotherham 2:1 Birmingham City Sheff Wed 1:1 Bristol City Plymouth Argyle 1:1 Barnsley Chesterfield 2:0 Boreham Wood Doncaster 1:0 Accrington Stanley Predictions end:
  8. Predictions: Sheff Utd 2:0 Nottm Forest Swansea City 1:1 Rotherham Norwich City 6:1 Sheff Wed Barnsley 4:0 Shrewsbury Sunderland 2:0 Doncaster Gateshead 1:1 Chesterfield Predictions end:
  9. Predictions: Sheff Utd 3:0 Millwall Stoke City 1:1 Rotherham Leeds Utd 1:1 Sheff Wed Barnsley 2:1 Fleetwood Doncaster 2:1 Plymouth Argyle Chesterfield 1:0 Maidstone United Predictions end:
  10. Predictions: Sheff Wed 0:2 Nottm Forest Bolton 1:4 Middlesbrough Bristol City 2:1 West Brom Preston 2:0 Leeds Utd Birmingham City 0:1 Sheff Utd Rotherham 1:1 Aston Villa Predictions end:
  11. Predictions: Preston 1:1 Sheff Utd Rotherham 1:1 Nottm Forest Sheff Wed 1:1 Aston Villa Bradford City 1:1 Doncaster Burton Albion 1:1 Barnsley Dover Athletic 1:1 Chesterfield Predictions end:
  12. Predictions: Derby County 2:0 Rotherham Sheff Utd 2:0 Bristol City Stoke City 3:0 Sheff Wed Barnsley 2:1 Coventry City Doncaster 2:0 Walsall Chesterfield 1:0 Dagenham & Redbridge Predictions end:
  13. Happy to get the prediction bang on, but should have been two as you know. Relieved it's all over.
  14. Predictions: Doncaster 1:1 Barnsley Aston Villa 2:1 Middlesbrough Leeds Utd 0:1 Sheff Utd Rotherham 2:2 Norwich City Sheff Wed 0:0 Blackburn Rovers Havant & Waterlooville 1:2 Chesterfield Predictions end:
  15. I've come up with these totals. Goal difference to decide it. Blades 68 + 22 90 Norwich 72 + 18 90 Leeds 70 + 18 88
  16. Predictions: Sheff Utd 2:0 Brentford Bolton 1:0 Sheff Wed Barnsley 1:1 Sunderland Blackpool 1:1 Doncaster Bromley 1:1 Chesterfield QPR 2:1 Rotherham Predictions end:
  17. I was looking at your original predictions posted last Wednesday, almost a completely different list of scores.
  18. Hotmale 1954 scored 6 points (not 12) and barry-333 should be given 7 points
  19. Predictions: Sheff Utd 4:0 Rotherham Derby County 3:1 Sheff Wed Middlesbrough 2:0 Brentford Wimbledon 0:2 Doncaster Barnsley 1:1 Accrington Stanley Chesterfield 1:1 Eastleigh Predictions end:
  20. Sorry Sgt Dave, but I think your calculations have gone awry again . These are the correct totals for this week Mooks (11) BladeSteve (8) The Good Guy (9) SgtDave (9) barry-333 (2) stillf (11) I think all the others are ok.
  21. Predictions: Rotherham 1:0 Blackburn Rovers Wigan 1:1 Middlesbrough Southend Utd 1:1 Barnsley Doncaster 0:0 Charlton Athletic Wrexham 2:0 Chesterfield Sheff Wed 0:2 Sheff Utd Predictions end:
  22. Blades go 1-0 up but WBA get a late goal in the 96th minute.
  23. Predictions: Reading 1:1 Rotherham Sheff Wed 0:1 Swansea City West Brom 0:1 Sheff Utd Scunthorpe 1:1 Doncaster Portsmouth 2:0 Barnsley Chesterfield 1:1 Harrogate Town Predictions end:
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