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Does anyone recognise this dog?


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Oh poor honey :(


I really hope that the neighbours and acquaintances of this poor dog's owner recognise him and give the owner's details in to the RSPCA. They should never again be allowed to own an animal.

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Poor thing - just another statistic that goes on behind closed doors that rescue staff have to see every day. Thank god his picture got in the paper and hopefully the callous owners will get their rightful justice.


This did work on a campaign run by The Dogs Trust some years ago with a bullmastiff bitch left to die in a shed - in a horrendous condition and starved to death. The old owner, saw the photo, recognised the collar - told the Police who she had sold it to, and they tied it all together - he got his justice, but not as bad a justice as they will get on their judgement day.


Poor little one - thank got the RSPCA are there to help him recover and find him a new home.


Please donate to your local RSPCA branch so that they can be here tomorrow to help dogs like this - who else will do if they aren't?




Its a pity The Star didn't put them a donate option on their article too.

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Awww, His eyes tell a thousand stories. You can see the sadness in his face, But I can also visualise his trusting and loving nature,When he's all better he will be a beautiful little chappy. I sincerely hope he gets the happiest of doggy homes......


Good luck Bungle XXX

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