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  1. Thanks Jemson, Ive started it on ebay now and the bids are coming in - so just looking for places to promote it - please feel free to share anywhere you think may attract the Sheffield United supporters. Thanks for replying.
  2. One thing maybe worth mentioning here for first time female dog owners. Bitches are at their most fertile around day 14 which is often when they stop the first heavy flow of blood. So, don't go getting complacent about not letting her out or near any male dogs - she is scenting every time she walks down your street telling all the resident males "I'm Free - Come and get me". Keep her under wraps throughout the 21 days and you should be ok. Just for info - there are 3 main reasons for getting females neutered a) No blood on the carpet/floor/kids toys and everything else likely to be on the receiving end b) No unwanted puppies and males loitering around your garden gate. Some bitches will even climb out of gardens and run off themselves - neutering stops all of that c) No risk of pyometra which is a horridly painful often fatal and always expensive illness that affects un-neutered bitches.
  3. At Rain Rescue we take in 1 greyhound from the track constantly. They are the nicest and sweetest dogs imaginable and just such characters. Off the track they may take a week or two to get used to 'normal' life (comfy beds, warm houses, treats, constant attention, tv, hoover) all things that they won't have seen before in their lives no doubt - and the wonders of this particular breed are that they take it all in their stride (like the pun)!! A lot of people as they are getting older will often say to us, oh I only want a small dog as I'm getting on in years now, nothing too big. What I reply is, Greyhounds are just the right height to have their collars put on - no bending down of achy joints - and you don't fall over them like you do a terrier, (its usually because they are in bed but we will ignore that). Our resident greyhound at the moment is RALPH an ex racer that we have just taken off the tracks. He's lovely Here's some more info and photos of him. https://www.rainrescue.co.uk/ralph If you are interested, please feel free to fill in his 'Enquire about Me' form on the website and have a chat with one of the Rain Rescue girls.
  4. We have had donated a Joe Scarborough signed 'Day at the Lane print and looking to spread the word around Sheffield and Sheffield United supporters. There seems to be so many Sheffield United forums - just wondered where you recommended we could share it to attract interest for the Rain Rescue Charity Auction as we need to raise much needed funds. thank you
  5. A student at the Sheffield university is looking to do a photograph for an 1905 doctors table setting. In which to place his note book and stationary. Does anyone know where such a setting could be found please to create a photo for the scene. Thank you.
  6. We have recently rehomed a gorgeous big black cat to a lovely home in Dronfield where he happily stayed inside for almost a month. He then managed to wander out before he should have done. This was on 11th February and he's not been since since. Has a bald patch under his chin from a blood test. He's a cool dude but no doubt will now be scared and probably not be caught. We urgently want him back to his new home where they are all missing him. Bents Avenue area of dronfield. If you have sightings, message us here at Rain Rescue, he's up on the top of our Facebook too. Or take him to any of the vets if he needs treatment, or to scan him. He is microchipped. PANTHER GO HOME!!!!
  7. Have you tried RAW feeding - cats do love food like Natural Instinct - https://www.naturalinstinct.com/raw-cat-food?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjpvP8rrG2AIVDhHTCh2fawCcEAAYASAAEgL46_D_BwE feed just the right amount needed - and thats all you get - just good food - not fillers or sweeteners that so many processed feed is made up of. Then - start to make him really hunt for his food - feeding little and often. Try to get his exercise up - with intuitive things in the house - Always lots of info on the Cat Protection website https://www.cats.org.uk/cat-care/cat-care-faqs and International Cat Care site https://icatcare.org/advice/obesity-cats Remember not to let them loose weight too quickly though - these cats are sensitive souls.
  8. As a charity, we promote PetPlan insurance and give out 4 weeks free with any dog or cat we rehome. PetPlan will continue the cover of animals over 8 years of age that are adopted from rescue - which is good as many insurance companies won't take on animals over 8 years. We have found that whilst their policies do seem expensive, they are specialists in animal insurance. Some companies offer pet insurance as a 'bolt on' but don't understand the special nuances needed. Some will pull out of the industry as their companies decide its too risky or not profitable enough for them (Remember Lloyds) and your then left with an animal that other insurance companies won't take on if you have had a claim. Petplan have been in the animal insurance market for many years and are not fickle as so many others are just looking to make the money from the premiums. If anyone is going to use PetPlan - please email us, (admin@rainrescue.co.uk) if we issue the form for you - Petplan will give Rain Rescue commission back which is great for us. If you take it out from your vets - your vets also will get the commission so much better to donate it to charity in my view. Others on the market we've seen are Agria https://www.agriapet.co.uk Personally I was insured with https://www.vetsmedicover.co.uk and whilst they did pay out thousands for my poorly Dogue de Bordeaux, I just got a letter one day saying they were pulling out of insuring dogs. Leaving me totally uninsurable. They have since started up again, but its whats made me cautious about going with other than Petplan now. I think the big thing like you are asking for is check that they do lifetime cover, the rest leave you lost with some of the big claims you can end up with. Another thing to consider is membership with Dogs Trust will also give you 3rd party insurance for £25.00 per year per dog. https://www.dogstrust.org.uk/get-involved/membership/ ---------- Post added 07-01-2018 at 18:04 ---------- additional text
  9. Thanks all The smaller side rooms are a must - not just the larger function room, but I will contact all suggestions and check out.
  10. Does anyone know of a venue to hold some training classes around the Archer Road, Tescos or South Sheffield. Hold a minimum of 50 people. Hopefully having some smaller rooms to hold smaller training venues in. Reasonably priced for a local charity.
  11. CATSMART SHEFFIELD project is providing FREE SNIP & CHIP for people who can't afford to neuter their cats in Sheffield. Its well under way and has neutered lots already, so please - SHARE the news if you know of people who genuinely can't afford to get their cats neutered, or can't be bothered and with a free NUDGE - would pick up on this offer. Its also available to help cats dumped in the community or feral cats, but it will need people to trap/care/take these cats to their operations. CATSMART is funded by RSPCA National, and is supported by Sheffield RSPCA, Rain Rescue, Cat Protection and Sheffield Cat Shelter. Cat Protection are working with RAIN RESCU and providing DISCOUNTED neutering for cats in ROTHERHAM & DONCASTER. Again, another area massively swamped with unwanted cats. This project has already issued 50 vouchers, and thankfully we have received support for 2018. This is for owned cats where the people genuinely can't afford it to be done, community cats, and feral cats. Where the people genuinely can't afford the small amount needed, Rain Rescue will cover the additional cost in Rotherham. Cat Protection are working with RSPCA Doncaster & Rotherham branch to address the issue in Doncaster - another area of overpopulated and unwanted cats. Contacts are:- Sheffield - Catsmart https://www.facebook.com/CatSmartSheffield/ Rotherham - Rain Rescue Email: enquiries@rainrescue.co.uk (state name/address/sex, age, colour of cat) Doncaster - RSPCA Rotherham & Doncaster branch (Email: doncpcats@gmail.com phone: 07718 424 777) Make 2018 a year to proudly REDUCE THE VOLUME OF UNWANTED CATS.
  12. Anybody know what happened with these cats? Or if they got help?
  13. Great that people are still rallying round and getting bedding down there to Shalesmoor. They SO NEED IT at this time of year - so dig deep - fleecy blankets, sleeping bags, flannelette sheet, towels - make sure a difference because they go through bedding a lot when the weather is this bad. Its pretty easy to drop things off for them too if people can get down - so come on Sheffielders, spread the word - warmth needed. !
  14. I have heard the project regarding the vets and helping homeless, but thought that was a project only working in London- it would be fabulous if it was happening up around here too. Dogs Trust do support a wonderful project helping the homeless and their dogs - called HOPE project. Sheffield is included because they know of the problems around our area. (great we are supported but sad that its so bad here it needs it). https://www.moretodogstrust.org.uk/hope-project/hope-project If anyone knows anyone that needs dog coats - please pm me where we could take them to and I will gladly take in something that will fit. I would also be able to find blankets and duvet's if people need them, but also wanted to be able to help the people out in this horrendous weather too if its needed.
  15. Having seen the sad states of people living on the streets. It’s heartbreaking Many have thin coated dogs and both of them freezing I was wondering where I could take any donations of warm clothes, shoes, coats or blankets. We have some excess dog coats and thought they would help too Any pointers where I could take things?
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