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  1. Really dazzling as you drive towards wincobank past the post office. Its exact eye level as you reach the brow of the hill.
  2. Did they go on their holibobs in 2014 and 2016??
  3. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for intense stroke rehabilitation in Sheffield. Any ideas of cost and good outcomes?? Thankyou
  4. My Pa's just told me on his way home he passed B&Q and in his own words "has never seen so many police cars in one place at one time"
  5. ****Offensive post of the day**** Steven hawkins is a genius of our times. You clearly know the poster is suggesting the young lad could have genius inside him. People should not be defined by a disibility!!
  6. Horrifically loud explosions 1am-4am couldve warned local residents.
  7. Motorpoint are really good. Can get huge discounts on pre regs.
  8. My daughter was 12 weeks on neonatel unit and then 12 weeks in the childrens. The parking issues in those 6 months almost caused me to lose my mind. Jessops carpark is a nightmare but if you sit and wait you generally get one within half hour or so. You have to pick the front or back to stalk though and its frustrating whilst waiting and thinking one on the opposite side may have become free. The neonatel nurses used to take it in turns to go move each others cars around so it must be allowed to just change spaces. I spent hours everyday just flitting between Mushroom lane/Western bank/Northumberland. Its a nightmare and I feel your pain I dont know if its still the case...but there is Shearwood Road off of Glossop Road. Where the uni drama studio and Drs orders pub is. Back then in 2010 it was unrestricted free parking. Sometimes got lucky on there. They may have restricted it by now though worth a try.
  9. What do you use the KA for??? Shopping trips to Lidl??
  10. I noticed yesterday a whole huge poster for After dark had been hung outside western park in Chinese language.
  11. There is a small blue car at the side of the road thats clearly been in an accident but it didnt look as if its been on its side. Looked more like it had rear ended something. Where are you talking? This was on the junction of Meadowhall way/ Meadowhall Road where the Bridge goes over the River Don
  12. I'm currently sat in my front room unable to catch a breath of fresh air due to that blooming biomass chimney next to the M1 It's been going on for months now. The top of the chimney is about level with Wincobank Hill and so when the wind blows in our direction the smell of thick accrid burning is just unbearable. Is anyone else suffering as much as me with this??? Tonight it's so strong and putrid I could actually vomit. There has to be something done. It's got to be severely affecting our health!!!
  13. Even if I did stay until February it doesn't stop 12 phonecalls and 5 viewings a week. It's unbearable.
  14. I'm not ignoring all advice given. I've weighed over many options including sitting tight but the fact is this... I have 3 children one of whom is severely disabled. They are all settled in schools and an upheaval of schools as well as moving home might well be the straw that breaks the camels back. Big Houses in our area that would allow the kids to stay in their schools don't come up that often so what if I pass on this opportunity and then find us homeless in February when no suitable houses are available?? It would be beyond foolish. I need to do what is right for the kids. I'm guessing they will go for my bond as I'm ending the tenancy but I will argue tooth and nail for it. This is unbearable. A further 3 calls today from the letting agent and a viewing cancellation with 15 minutes notice. I can take no more. And you are correct I believe Cyclone. They are supposed to be targeting the sale towards buy to let landlords and selling with us as sitting tenants...However the first 2 viewings had no idea the house was tenanted. They thought I was the vendor. So I had to stand there and listen as they discussed what offer they wanted to make and then tell me that "there's no rush to move out, We don't want to move in for 2 months" Ooookay then.
  15. I find it hard to believe that a national letting agent would do anything other than what is required of them by law but in my previous lettings I've had personal correspondence from the deposit protection service however in this instance I've had nothing from the DPS so I'm even questioning Whether this has been carried out correctly xx
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