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  1. Brilliant things I always recommend them to customers not expensive either handy to have
  2. You should always ask to see insurance with any pet sitter or dog walker A home boarder should be licensed and show you the paperwork from local council. If your unsure ring the council environmental health and they will confirm if theres a license held at that address
  3. If I need to go I go between 9am-10am or leave my car round the back at the car wash and let them wash my car for £6 Agreed it's busy from roundabout up to Drake house I try and do my work at quieter times where I can
  4. Take a look at my website http://www.suescatsitting.co.uk
  5. Jennycakes I have a similar issue with Google other cat sitters have just Sheffield on there listing IV tried to edit mine on phone and laptop refuses to list as Sheffield I find it puts customers off if they see you live a distance away and don't bother to email you hence why I also asked for Sheffield.
  6. Any news? Have you popped into local cattery see if anyone's taken it there ?
  7. I had a crb done but have since remarried And they have now been replaced. Was asked today to show proof of ID and a dbs all I could show was my bank card What can I do what id etc can I get ?
  8. Just this morning I was out I'm fields walking our two dogs(both on leads) saw 2 small terriers owner shouted them no recall one approached my eldest I stood in front to shield our dogs as it barked and went for our dog I shouted no the owner still calling his dogs said sorry about that! I walked off Another route and time of day for me to avoid
  9. Can anyone tell me how much it costs to park at halfway park and ride and catch tram to Sheffield hallam uni stop ?
  10. Not sure where this belongs... We have old iron gates and I'm waiting to cover the back of them to stop stones etc coming through didn't want the willow screening, Is there anything I can buy online and do myself?
  11. Thanks I contacted them Told they only do restoration and very rudely
  12. Iv looked on Google and can only see hire comapnys I'd buy one if I knew what cleaners and polishes to use But I'd sooner have a company out if possible
  13. Looking for recommendations for a gas safe reliable boiler installer please. To remove and replace combi boiler Contact me via pm. Thankyou
  14. Apparently if you arrive before 9am and have a parkrun barcode then entry is free
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