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  1. I just heard one a few minutes ago, and several very loud ones from across the road the other night, my dogs were straight into their terrified state...I absolutely hate it for them. This year I bought them all a Thundershirt and going to try Rescue remedy, but I am not overly hopeful, the very worst thing is that it just goes on and on and you cannot really prepare or be ready because there is no real pattern. A very big thumsup for Sainsbury's I hope that this is the beginning of a bigger responsibility being taken by shops, I dont want to ban them I just want the loud ones to be stopped and for them to only be used on certain dates so that we can be ready, not too much to ask...you might think! Sadly the date is past for this, what a shame I would have done the survey if I had known.
  2. It sounds a lot more complicated than just the pooing issue, the breeding needs to be stopped at least or it will get out of control, contact cat protection to see if they will trap and neuter and as said Friends of ferals are very good.
  3. I'm sorry to hear this it makes a hard time worse for everyone ❤️ The way that I see it my first thought is to try to persuade your ex to let you keep the other dog or you let him take yours, a hard thing to do I know but putting the animals happiness first... Second thought is to get your dog a new friend, but using very careful thought as to what dog as it has to be used to being left, so nothing very young or needy, a confident quiet older dog, a lot of ex racing Greyhounds will settle in this kind of set up as they are not used to constant Human input anyway and used to kennel life with other dogs. One last thought, do you know anyone that might enjoy the company of your dog for at least part of the time? that might make some difference to him. I hope that you and your dog soon feel a lot happier x
  4. Found on Bawtry Road S60. This ferret is now with me so if it might be yours please get in touch.
  5. I believe that they have been around in the UK for quite a few years now, obviously escapees that have bred, they are actually very successful...there are loads nationwide and now flocks of them, they are here all year round 🙂
  6. Well done for helping the ferret, lovely to hear that he went home 😀
  7. There are loads of wild parakeets in the area is it them perhaps?
  8. So sorry to hear this, sad times x
  9. If anyone can pick up this ferret it sounds like a very tame and much loved pet that is missing from Stannington.
  10. I'm surprised that no one is looking for this one, its a lovely ferret, please ask about if you live in Gleadless area.
  11. Lovely ferret found yesterday morning on Gleadless road S12, must be someones pet as well cared for and handled, please message for details.
  12. There are some beautiful flats at Roman ridge Wincobank, 2 bedrooms and a very good size, they are a complex with door security so no one can just walk in, some have balconies and the back ones have a lovely view of the back garden and woodland where there are squirrels and foxes etc to watch if you like that sort of thing. They are for independent living, but when its needed there carers/cleaners there to help, there are clubs and a restaurant, buses just round the corner...some are rented some are privately owned.
  13. Just had a look and yes at least some may well be Larch, I guess the new trees will take hold well in their place and the variety will be better in the long run, its a sad sight though.
  14. This does sound right to be fair, its just so sad to see all the stumps where trees once were, I can't help but wonder where the animals and birds have gone, and like Taxman think its not the best time of year to be felling them...just a bit sad.
  15. I have noticed that large areas of pine woods are being cleared at Bradfield and wondered if anyone knows why? It seems such a shame for the birds and animals that live in the woods there .
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