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  1. I believe that they have been around in the UK for quite a few years now, obviously escapees that have bred, they are actually very successful...there are loads nationwide and now flocks of them, they are here all year round 🙂
  2. Well done for helping the ferret, lovely to hear that he went home 😀
  3. There are loads of wild parakeets in the area is it them perhaps?
  4. So sorry to hear this, sad times x
  5. If anyone can pick up this ferret it sounds like a very tame and much loved pet that is missing from Stannington.
  6. I'm surprised that no one is looking for this one, its a lovely ferret, please ask about if you live in Gleadless area.
  7. Lovely ferret found yesterday morning on Gleadless road S12, must be someones pet as well cared for and handled, please message for details.
  8. There are some beautiful flats at Roman ridge Wincobank, 2 bedrooms and a very good size, they are a complex with door security so no one can just walk in, some have balconies and the back ones have a lovely view of the back garden and woodland where there are squirrels and foxes etc to watch if you like that sort of thing. They are for independent living, but when its needed there carers/cleaners there to help, there are clubs and a restaurant, buses just round the corner...some are rented some are privately owned.
  9. Just had a look and yes at least some may well be Larch, I guess the new trees will take hold well in their place and the variety will be better in the long run, its a sad sight though.
  10. This does sound right to be fair, its just so sad to see all the stumps where trees once were, I can't help but wonder where the animals and birds have gone, and like Taxman think its not the best time of year to be felling them...just a bit sad.
  11. I have noticed that large areas of pine woods are being cleared at Bradfield and wondered if anyone knows why? It seems such a shame for the birds and animals that live in the woods there .
  12. I think generally scratching posts etc are very poor quality, under the rope all it is made from is cardboard tubes which tend to collapse, why not recycle the rope from your old one and make your own, get a small tree stump and fix a platform on top will probably last an awful lot longer, it will be much stronger, and she can really get her claws into it.
  13. What a horror story, thank goodness that you realised that no one was coming to the animals, disgusting behaviour of the pet sitter, barring something terrible happening to her I just cannot think of an acceptable excuse for what she did. Would you please message e with who this was? I wouldn't like anyone else to go through this.
  14. Well a 2nd opinion can do no harm at all and might set your mind at rest, I hope that it goes the right way x
  15. If they did an ultra sound then the diagnosis is probably correct, I know well what you mean about how they made you feel though things got better there before but now it seems very pressurised, in the end the animals will suffer when people cant face taking them.
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