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  1. I just wonder how the dog is getting along? I have not stopped thinking about it since I read this, if the OP gets in touch I am sure that there are people that I can think of that will be able to give some good advice on this problem.
  2. Why not message Rainrescue then Janus? they need fosterers I am sure Basically the animal stays with you and you care for it until it is ready for a new home, it may need medication, trips to a vet, help with confidence or none of these things, basically it is giving the dog a home experience. All medical treatment will be covered by the rescue, probably food will be provided though obviously this is something that you need to discuss with the rescue. Message Rain and see where it goes if you cant get in touch let me know and I will for you if you're really interested, it is such a worthwhile thing to do, but can be hard and sad when they go.
  3. Dogs take things at their own speed, what kind of dog is she? it sounds to me that she is used to being around dogs but not so much people and she needs to learn to trust and to work out that people can do good things and be fun, she may have been punished for "having a personality" previously, and if a stray she has probably been beaten and chased away, some people just want dogs to be quiet and not bother them and in some countries dogs never come inside the house. Does she have places to hide away in the house? it might help, it might also help if she has a dog friend to help to show her to trust.
  4. Did you find out about this Janus?
  5. Letting it grow, but cutting my own fringe...so far so good
  6. I do believe its right that anyone going shopping at the moment should primarily be buying food, but if there are other things available to buy then if people are happy to stay in the shop for longer then I dont see why they shouldn't buy it, just my own personal opinion...I cannot see why shops would have things on sale then be surprised and complain when people buy it.
  7. Found yesterday 15th Jan, on the field of Beck rd school. Please contact me for details if it is yours.
  8. That is absolutely shocking, I hope that the police were informed?
  9. I always make the Family Christmas pudding, it is a days job and takes hours of steaming but so worth it, so much nicer than shop puddings, also make some mince pies and lemon tarts usually, they never last for long.
  10. Ferret found 2 weeks ago on St Johns Road Rotherham, now with me. If it might be yours proof of ownership is required.
  11. The first pet has to be the worst to lose I think, but your time together will always be special matter how many more you may have one day. I find some comfort from having the ashes of my dogs with me back home and safe where they belong, and next to my bed where they loved to sleep. Yogi will be back where he belongs soon x
  12. I am so sorry to hear about Yogi, it is such a sad and awful thing to go through, he was so lucky to have been so loved, hope that you are feeling just a little better today, it takes time but one day you will be able to smile when you think of him x
  13. I would just wait until you see him and ask what he has planned, I would then say that you wondered if he might like to come for dinner, that you always buy loads to much and throw it away and the more the merrier, then if he declines offer to take some over as Janus says, make it seem that he will be the one helping out
  14. I just heard one a few minutes ago, and several very loud ones from across the road the other night, my dogs were straight into their terrified state...I absolutely hate it for them. This year I bought them all a Thundershirt and going to try Rescue remedy, but I am not overly hopeful, the very worst thing is that it just goes on and on and you cannot really prepare or be ready because there is no real pattern. A very big thumsup for Sainsbury's I hope that this is the beginning of a bigger responsibility being taken by shops, I dont want to ban them I just want the loud ones to be stopped and for them to only be used on certain dates so that we can be ready, not too much to ask...you might think! Sadly the date is past for this, what a shame I would have done the survey if I had known.
  15. It sounds a lot more complicated than just the pooing issue, the breeding needs to be stopped at least or it will get out of control, contact cat protection to see if they will trap and neuter and as said Friends of ferals are very good.
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